holy fashion

I love when my little ones accessorise…………..today tillie was head to toe pink so she decided to wear pink rosary beads around her neck all day! To the physio, to the shops, school pick up……..they stayed on all day!

my aunty who was a nun would be very proud!


  1. Love it! Too cute

  2. Love it. My Sarah (now 22) would be mortified but she went through a stage wearing pig ear and wolf ear headbands that she got along with the Red Riding Hood book. I have photos to prove it!! And she would NOT be dissuaded!

  3. lovely

  4. What a sweetie! It all would have looked good together :)

  5. That is soooooo cute! And she’s wearing her gorgeous new skirt . . . love it!

  6. Fashion is all about the accessories, they cap off her outfit beautifully!

  7. She is just delightful Corrie, what a fashionista in the making xo

  8. So cute and very pretty :-)

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