finding our routine

Moving house, changing school and all of keira’s activities means that we are trying to fall into our new routine. Add to that a house that is too big for one person to clean and I’ve decided to divide up the cleaning over a few days just to get through it. And after baby is here get a cleaner in to help out for a while. This morning I put elodie into her high chair so I could vac and mop the floors around her. I might be missing my old kitchen but I do love that we can fit a nice big dining table in the kitchen – and there is no tv- so we sit and eat together (minus retro daddy) each night which I’m loving.
eat in kitchen
I then vacced all of downstairs, cleaned all of the big glass windows that were covered in little people’s fingermarks (well mostly Elodie), put toys and things away and put all of the clean clothes away. A load of washing on and I’m exhausted. Pooped. Can’t move. I had grand plans to vac the house top to bottom but just doing downstairs is like doing the floors of our entire old house. Even retro daddy has suggested we might need to upgrade the vacuum to a larger model. And I still haven’t finished unpacking a few rooms.
late breakfast after school drop off
But it’s definitely starting to feel like home and I know we’ll be all unpacked and sorted in no time. On Saturday I even baked 3 different things in the oven to and am happy to report that they all turned out great (ok, except for one tray of cookies which I burnt the bottoms of).
the retro oven
But so far so good…………


  1. HI Corrie – I’ve heard people RAVE and I mean RAVE about the iRobot – they are expesnsive but completely worth it, apparently. Might be good for part of the house?

  2. I just have to share this, hope you don’t find it creapy.
    I actually dreamt about you guys last night.
    I dreamt that you built your own house and that the kids lounge, play area and your craft area (had a section for the kids) was as big as my typical 3 bedroom house!
    Was just one massive rectangle but huge!!!!

  3. My house hasn’t had a full one day clean since my housekeeper died 2 years ago. I am only just getting the heart to get another one, but I want my house great as they start so they will keep it that way, and it is far, far from it at the moment!! I just do bits when I feel like it. I have the Irobot and I set it to do our huge kitchen and family room areas every day. It does a great job of keeping it looking spiffy, I absolutely love it! but you do have to make sure that any long cordy things like iphone cords and knitting wools are all picked up otherwise it jams it. Plus I do feel that every couple of weeks you should go over the floors with a deep clean from the dyson.

  4. Hi Corrie,
    Love those windows in your dining area. My suggestion is to buy a new vacuum cleaner – keep one upstairs, one downstairs. That way you don’t have to carry the one around. We got a great, compact Miele one which I would recommend. You’ve inspired me to go and put another load of laundry on.

  5. I am loving the glimpses of your new house. I adore the size, totally amazing and definitely something you don’t see in more modern houses. The view out the dining area is beautiful!

    You are doing an amazing job…..(and thanks to your blog, Hubby has bought me a copy of Pioneer Woman’s cookbook which hopefully will be here in time for mother’s day, yippee!!).

  6. Oh we had a very similar oven in our house when we moved in. Gone now – but it worked well.

  7. the oven looks great, so retro! I would not envy you having to vac carpeted stairs. Def get some help there with a cleaner.

  8. i agree Leah, the oven is great i even think that is the one my mum got new when she upgraded her kitchen in the late 80’s it worked a treat ! they dont make em like they used to !! I too love your view from the window near the table, i reckon a nice view is full of serenity, its so easy to see something different in each day just looking out the window xx

  9. Since I have had three kids I have NEVER had the entire house clean at any one time. I can only ever do it in bits – don’t worry. It will still get messy within an hour of cleaning anyway!

  10. Love that gorgeous window near your kitchen dining table! Beautiful.

  11. Hi Corrie, I once lived in a huge double story house that had a ducted vacuuming system. It was much quicker I found than lugging a vacc around. Or a friend of mine is in a double story and has an upstairs vac cleaner and downstairs one. Best of all you can’t go past a cleaner! Bring that on :)

  12. I don’t know about the iRobot but the Roomba is great. It also has a control which omits a beam so you can set the area it cleans. That way it doesn’t go near the edge of stairs etc. I don’t have one here as I had a vac cleaner when I moved in but Son and DIL have had two. Works really well and picks up cat fur etc, then returns to base, hooks itself up and charges.

  13. oooh, love that groovy oven! glad you are all settling in Corrie, it’s such a huge thing this moving business.


  14. I bet when you get your new oven you will feel nostalgic about the oven you have now :-)

    So I am new to being a stay at home Mummy. Do you have any top tips for making cooking less stressful? I really want to have dinner with my boys every night and like retrodaddy, my husband works late a lot and is only home 2 nights per week. My kitchen is teeny (we are saving to knock through the wall to make a kitchen diner) so it is too dangerous to have my toddler in there when the oven is on. I do use the slow cooker a lot but thought I would ask for some ideas/advice. Thank you x

  15. Since we moved to a bigger house, we have a second vacuum cleaner. And believe me, it helps a lot if you don’t have to drag it up the stairs but just pull it out of a closet! In our case it means a lot more cleaning (and believe me, I do not clean a lot, I prefer quilting!)

  16. I am totally off hoovering and mopping duties. Ever since I slipped a disc in my lower back late last year when I was 5 weeks pregnant. Since then, it’s been hubbies job. I’m grateful he does it, I just wish it would happen a little more often than it does!!!!! I just have to add that your gorgeous little Finny looks like a mini Retro Daddy in that photo! Amazing!!

  17. Our previous house was a much bigger 2 storey house and I had a vacuum cleaner upstairs and one downstairs. I also delegated jobs to various days of the week and now in a smaller house still do the same :) I do love those beautiful windows in your dining room…..and is your lovely round table going to be in another room now?

  18. Oh I live the oven, reminds me of my mum’s when I was a kid.
    You need one of those robot vacuums, you can set it to do upstairs while all the kids are out, then you don’t even have to think about it.

  19. Jan, I just checked the roomba is an Irobot. It says Irobot and under it -roomba. Mine has invisible walls and what i think they call towers, these emit a beam and allow it to get back to the home base and not get lost around corners. One of the best purchases I’ve made!

  20. Corrie, you’re a wonder woman. How on earth you’re burning around doing all of that at 30 weeks pregnant I’ll never know. But I think a cleaner is a great idea for once bubs arrives.
    The oven is fabulous, looks like a real retro oven, haha!
    And your gorgeous windows, now they are special.
    Take care of yourself and try to rest if you can xo

  21. A cleaner sounds like a very wise idea. I highly recommend Dyson, though the iRobot would be ideal (would love one myself – might Google ‘Win an iRobot’!)What a beautiful window you have near the dining table!

  22. Hi Corrie,Take it steady as you go.
    The oven looks great .I have a new oven and have been in our new house 3 yrs and still having trouble working it out.Those lovely big Kitchen windows and lovely trees to look at are wonderful.Take care .

  23. I love your oven! So retro, which is fitting. :)

    – Esther

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