30 weeks today

I’m not a big fan of photos of myself on my blog. My little ones are oh so much cuter but this pregnancy is flying by and I don’t think I’ve shared any belly shots. And it’s a big belly. So in case you were wondering how it was going, well here it is. This is what  being pregnant with baby 5 looks like….. like I’m ready to have a baby any day now.
The reality is that I still have 9 weeks to go to the big day! The reality that we’re going to be a family of 7, well that hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m sure that will come when we bring our latest addition home with us or take all 5 out with us on our first outing. Just getting 4 out the door is a challenge some mornings…………….this morning a sweet friend I hadn’t seen in ages asked how I get them out the door looking so nice. I had to reassure her that this was their sunday best……
winter dressing for church
and if you look closely we couldn’t find socks for finn or tillie’s winter shoes so she did the stocking/sandal look – something you can get away with when you’re 3 – and the packaging of the new washing machine (9.5kgs ladies, it has changed my life) is in the background. Standards might be slipping a little so be prepared for that.


  1. OMG,they are so cute!:)

  2. Oh corrie you look so beautiful and your bump is so lovely. I am looking forward to a 39 week picture x x x

  3. Oh corrie you look so beautiful and your bump is so lovely. I am looking forward to a 39 week picture x x x

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  5. You are looking fantastic Corrie :) and your kids are so adorable! I can’t believe you only have 9 weeks left…..time is flying, but you don’t need me to remind you of that!! If I were any younger I would have had more than my 3 but alas age is not on my side so I will have to live through you for that!!

  6. You look beautiful & the kids look happy – the rest is just details. Tracee xx

  7. Corrie, you look beautiful xx

  8. I’m glad you also have sock issues on your house hehehe

    I love the expression on your eldest girlies face….reminds me of my little big girl!!

  9. Awww you have such a gorgeous family xxx

  10. Lol we would’ve never of notice until u mentioned the no socks and than the sandals. Funny. But just normal
    Pen :)

  11. Oh Corrie, you’re amazing, my standards would have slipped along time ago if I had as much going on as you do. LOVE the photos. You look gorgeous!
    The children are SO cute, love the way Elodie is looking at Tillie, such admiration.
    Not long to go now, how exciting! xo

  12. 9.5kg & never looking back either, even when the children are all grown & gone, i’ll just wash once a week!!
    Oh boy, every pregnancy, your body just goes “i know how to fill this space quickly”. I bet walking around with that belly & all those children screams ‘my husband can’t keep his hands off me’ tee hee, good for you, so much for small families in the city!! Looking fabulous honey bee, miss you. Love Posie

  13. LOVE Posie’s comment and I too thought Elodie looking at Tillie is so gorgeous. She has such a look of “hey everyone, I’m just like them now” with how she is sitting there amongst it all. And yes, love the supermodel look from Keira. Those big girls always like to remind everyone they’re the first!

  14. beautiful beautiful beautiful mumma to beautiful children…and you are such a generous and caring mum…always room for one more! Love the new sitting place for pics too. Denyse XXXX

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  16. You all look so happy!!! You have a beautiful belly and the kids look great! I hope you have all enjoyed this Sunday.

  17. The kids are so cute!

    And you look very happy! :-)

    I’m looking forward to photos of baby number 5! :-)

  18. Stockings and sandals are cute. I congratulate you getting 4 good looking, well dressed kids out the door any morning.

  19. Wow cannot believe it is already 30 weeks. Every baby past #1 seems to expand the belly faster. For me I only had 3 and felt 9 months for the last six. Ughhh. I never could decide whether I wanted my waist back so I can bend over again or my bladder control. Oh forget that – it really never does return.
    You know Corrie – I would never have noticed the sandals and tights (I would have figured it was her preference for the day…) and Mr. no socks… Well you told him to look for them and he (like many males) could not find them in the drawer. Nice post.

  20. Congratulations! You look amazing, and as a mother of twins I have no idea how you can get 4 out of the house. I struggle somedays with two! Looking forward to reading about your journey.


  21. I’m only pregnant with my 3rd – 31 weeks and I also look like I’m due any day. The “best” part is when people ask you when you are due, you tell them the 6th July and this look of horror crosses their face… Both my boys were a bit early (38 weeks and 39 weeks) – I’m hoping for similar this time!

  22. Been through the big belly thing too.=) I was huge with number 4. I think it is funny though that I think other pregnant woman’s bellies look cute. Mine just looks huge. Your kids are adorable. And they look like little stinkers. I think the most important thing in getting off to church is making sure they have something on, and have relatively clean faces.=) Everything else is peripheral.=)

  23. I can’t believe you’re 30 weeks already!

  24. Beautiful Baby belly!! and enjoy your last days as a mom of 4!

  25. You look amazing! I had no idea you were so far along already. Beautiful photos of your beautiful kids, as always – but I have to say it was great to see a photo of you as well! xxx

  26. To have just moved and cleaned cupboards with a belly like that – well, I salute you. Definitely not my ideal days. Don’t worry too much about the standards. Your love is more important. Cherrie

  27. Time has certainly flown…for us at least! LOL. You are indeed a Wonder-Mom! Hugs

  28. Wow – I didn’t realise you were 30 weeks already!! You look fabulous. Like Farmers Wifey I am also glad that my home is not the only one to have sock issues!

  29. hahaha, I have 2 x LG 10 kg washer dryers in the laundry at my house and then another big top loader on the verandah for doggie blankets and cow poo hubby clothes. I have always had 2 washers since baby number 2 came along and I changed to a ting narrow sink so 2 would fit (who does heaps of handwashing anyway?) I don’t ever want to be a slave to laundry again! THe bigger the better for sure!

    Oh yeah, I just have a big basket full of the school socks, would probably work for other socks too- good for the kiddos to find matching pairs!

  30. They’re gorgeous, as are you and I LOVE Elodie’s new outfit!

  31. Wow, time is flying…you look gorgeous with that bump! Best wishes for the remaining weeks, they’ll be gone in a blink! Such a beautiful family…it’s so precious!

  32. You look lovely with a big tummy Corrie :) Also Tillie’s red sandals are so special they just needed those dark stockings to set them off! Just super Corrie. From JettsX

  33. Beautiful. a huge congrats. Your children are just perfect x

  34. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! Your bump is looking wonderful, and yes, a little bigger than mine is at 35 weeks, but I’ve only had one previous tenant – you’ve had 4!!!!! You look great and well and I don’t know how you manage to do all that you do and half that time with Elodie on your hip! You’re amazing Corrie!!!! Plus, those 4 little monkeys sitting on the step . . . . perfect : ))

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