you can take the girl out of her suburb…..

Well you can take the girl out of her suburb but you can’t keep her away from her old local shops. I tried, I really did. I tried to like my new shopping centre but not being able to park underground because the VW is too high and missing my lovely shops meant I was back there today. It’s only been 2 weeks in the new house but I was really missing my old haunts. And I can never find anything in my new Coles. All over the place. And I’m walking back and forth – retro daddy knows it better than I do.
So today I indulged in a little retail therapy…….for the kids at Okaidi (each got a new outfit for church) and it does wonderful things for the spirit. Shhhhh don’t tell retro daddy….I like to sneak them in and then suddenly they are wearing new clothes and I wait for the compliments from him. Works for me too. No one gets hurt. I mean would you look at elodie’s little outfit. Matching stripey tights. So frenchy. Hopefully she starts walking so I can buy her some mary janes to complete the look.
And a little less expensive were some treats for myself. The latest Family Circle which some great knits including Debbie Bliss and Paton’s including some for baby boys which I almost bought the pattern book for this week. A block of the latest Cadbury’s chocolate I hadn’t seen before which is full of jelly crunchie bits. Say no more. I’m pregnant. I deserve it. And a number 1 mum cookie just because……I’m obviously the number 1 mum in this house!  
I also ran into 3 mum’s I knew which I loved because I never run into anyone I know at our new shops. I’ll try, I’ll keep trying to like my local shops…………..but don’t make me stay away from my old shops forever.


  1. Oooh, I love Okaidi! I was so upset when they closed in Hornsby! Is the store you go to at Balgowlah? I’ve been trying to find the new (not that new anymore, it’s been few years now) store, but it shows on the White Pages only Balgowlah, but I don’t trust it, as it still shows Hornsby as a store…

  2. Good on you for treating yourself. What are the knitting patterns for? I have a new baby boy and I’d really love to knit a jumper. But im an absolute beginner. All I’ve ever knitted is a scarf and a beanie.

  3. That little outfit you bought is gorgeous! love it! and that new chocolate looks awesome! think i will need to go and get me some of that!!!

  4. I’m feeling your pain. I’ve moved and moved and moved. Everytime I have to rediscover the shops. It takes time.

    Good luck.

  5. I may just need to visit the supermarket for both the magazine and the chocolate! Ask your new Coles for a store map, mine was even kind enough to give me a laminated copy! At least then you can get your list in the right order for the store and not be all back and forth.

  6. And now I want chocolate… and I dont even normally eat chocolate but it looks good!

  7. Oh Corrie! Now I will need to buy the new family circle and check it out! I just came home from doing my weekly shopping and treated myself to the UK editions of Countey Living and Country Homes and Interiors (and I’m supposed to be weaningyself off magazines!!). Don’t even starte on that new Cadbury’s… I’m hooked on the one with jelly bits, smarties and popping candy in it… Yum!!!!

  8. Corrie, I adore that little outfit. Elodie will look even more gorgeous in it.

    It takes 2 years to feel “at home” in a new suburb. Keep going back to where you are comfortable.

  9. I can understand this Corrie, it is so hard to get used to a whole new shopping centre. It took me years to get used to the shops around where we live. But I think I’m ok now, with both Eastgardens and Bondi Junction nearby. I do however, still slip over the Chatswood and Macquarie Centre every so often. Maybe I just love shops too much!
    Lovely purchases by the way and that new Cadbury choc looks amazing, I saw it the other day and resisted… but I won’t be able to resist forever! xo

  10. Lovely!

  11. Oh yes, the only way i can drag myself away from my old favourite shopping haunts is to physically leave the state!! Even when we move to the country, i’ll still shop at my local (kind of on the way to the city) as it’s just so easy & i’m programmed, plus running into old friends just makes for a fun trip. Love Posie

  12. Adjustment takes time and you are right – you do have to keep going back. Gradually you get it all figured out. Our local grocery store did renovations for six months. And stuff kept migrating around. One day I found the butter in with the fresh cut fruit. Drove me crazy but the staff were great as I am sure yours are. I could look lost and ask them anything. Gradually the new one will become familiar and you will start to meet school moms and folks that look familiar. Don’t worry about it…. Love the new clothes.

  13. We tried the very same chocolate block this week. I dont think I liked the jelly bits very much but the chocolate part was nice. I am tempted to try the other 2 too. I love Elodie’s outfit and why shop somewhere when you know other shops sell what you want anyways. I am sure after you have the other baby you will feel like checking out the other shops!

  14. Super cute dress!!!! We are new bloggers (mother/daugher duo) and we are thrilled to have foun your blog this evening! You have so many fun photographs. Having two Asian girls in our family, we love everything related to their crafts and home decor.

    We’ll definitely be back to visit…

    Until then,
    ~Sampson & Lorrie

  15. Some nice buys there Corrie.
    We don’t have a lot of great shops nearby, so we make do with what’s around. Every time I go back to Sydney though I find myself at my old favourites stocking up. Old habits are hard to break.

  16. very cute outfit for elodie! must be a really nice shop.

  17. Haha I loved that post title!

  18. Shop where you feel happy is what I say! It takes time to get used to new supermarkets! In Tassie we don’t have Okaidi :( Love the new outfit!

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