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Once the craft room is cough cough unpacked and sorted, I have grand plans to do a bit of sewing and knitting this winter. I always have grand plans at the start of a new season but since I’ve just unpacked and put away clothes for 4 little people I know what they need this winter. First up are some little dresses for church. I find it really hard to find nice dresses for winter, we have a lot of denim dresses and a couple of country road ones but I love this little dress from girly style wardrobe
If you’re after a great winter dress pattern I really love this simple one that I made for keira a couple of years ago. It’s now in Tillie’s wardrobe and very simple and pretty. The pattern is Simplicity 3510 and it’s a great pattern to have in your stash.
I really love the little detailing on it.
all the little pintuck details
I’m also rather taken with this little jacket and skirt. I don’t know if I have time to squeeze the jacket in but it’s definitely something I’d love to make down the track.
Also for my big girls I’d love to whip up this little tunic for them from Jennifer Paganelli’s Girl’s World, a gorgeous book if you have girly girls like I do. The yellow is a bit too much for me and I’d probably do something a little more classic in red, navy or aqua but this would be great to get through winter and it’s an easy pattern too. I love that.
I’m working my through another baby kina for Elodie (it will be her 3rd) and the 5th I’ve made so far. I do get a little obsessed by a good pattern when I find one and the Kina never disappoints. Knit all in one piece it’s perfect in summer or winter and I can’t wait to finish it off. Um, I’m only up to row 11 but I’ll get there. The pattern page on ravelry is here. You won’t be disappointed AND it’s great for beginners. I don’t lie.
still big squishy cheeks
for the new little man who is coming into our life in July I’d love some little stripey knits. These are from Millamia’s Wonderland, their latest book so kindly given to me by Suzy Hausfrau. It’s a gorgeous book and these little tops and pants would be adorable. I’ll aim for a top. In the smallest size. Keep it simple and small.
And if I had the time I’d love to do a big hoodie for Elodie too. I love Debbie Bliss patterns and this one has been on my wish list for years. I love that’s a cardigan hoodie and being knit up in an aran means it would be fairly quick on the needles. This is from Debbie Bliss Simply Baby, one of my favourites.
And that’s about it. Let’s see how much I can achieve but it’s good to dream big!


  1. It all sounds great! I would love to learn to sew and knit (well I can knit but woollen things in Darwin don’t make much sense) – I guess the best way is to just get in there and do it 😉 I hope your craft room is unpacked and ready to go as soon as possible. I still don’t know where you get all that energy. Have a great day!

  2. Beatiful images….

    Maria Filomena

  3. Going through my sewing room while packing I came across a beautiful little liberty dress that I had started for caitlin my eldest girl. All it needs to finish it is some buttonholes and buttons, there is also an almost finished pin tucked pinafore that goes with it. Not too bad you might think, but cait is 34 this year! I kid you not! there have been three other daughters and three granddaughters after her!

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  5. I too love the dress on the cover of Girly Style Wardrobe and have made it several times for my girls and as gifts for others- it’s so quick and easy! I’ve done the most delightful modification on it as well where I shirred the top front bodice down to the bottom of the arm hole and it gives the dress such a lovely shape and interest. I did it in a lightweight dark denim look cotton with beautiful drape and then used a contrasting fabric for the sleeves. It is, without a doubt, my most favourite dress I’ve sewn for my girls- simple and stylish is my favourite and that fit the bill! The good thing about this dress is it’s trans-seasonal- great on it’s own in summer and layered over a long sleeve tee, tights and boots for winter. And so comfy to wear so there are never any little people complaints!! Looking forward to seeing what you do create for you little lovelies!!
    Regards, Kylie

  6. Corrie the Debbie bliss hoody is on my list for this winter also. Actually heading into Bendigo Woolen Mills today and think I might pick up some yarn for the Kina knit – you have me convinced! Spotlight has some lovely pinwheel cord at the moment which I have teamed with fabric for fabulous 10 minute skirts – makes for easy injections into my girls wardrobes!

  7. I’m just about to finish the striped cardigan from MillaMia in very girly pinks and greens…will share when I’m done. I NEED to do a to do list otherwise I just go from whim to whim – too much temptation around here and more to arrive soon.

  8. Uma das minhas frustrações é não saber costurar roupas bem feitas,sempre acho um erro ou outro.Tricô é uma coisa como rir e coçar…é só começar.Parabéns por fazer e planejar peças tão lindas para as crianças.Beijos em todos e muitas bençãos para vocês, FAMÍLIA LINDA.

  9. I LOVE that hoodie knit. My girls are way to big for that sort of thing now, but it is still adorable. Would love to see it on your babies.

  10. I’m up to about the 15th row in size 2 kina for my littlest. Just finished a 4 seasons jacket for her (blogged this morning). I must check out that book with the knits. They do look gorgeous.

  11. I just got some more alpaca for a scarf for my middle daughter. None of my family can tolerate wool which was a real nasty surprise – I made my husband a gorgeous Lopi sweater – he promptly filled up with mucous and had to remove it. It went to the Sally Ann. So I work with alpaca or synthetics… And like Raralee – I have a half finished dress size 18 mos for my 22 year old… I love the way you FINISH projects Corrie. I need more of your discipline…

  12. The Milla Mia books are fantastic arent they and I love their use of colors too. I cant wait to see what you knit up for the new wee baby. The hooded jacket looks just perfect for Elodie and I am sure it will be a quick knit. Have fun organising your craft room Corrie.

  13. I would so love a craft room. At the minute my modest collection is boxed and bagged in various corners of our house. Once the Littlest Livesey is bigger the boys will share a room so I will get a craft corner in the box room. That is until we cab afford to move :-) love the boys bits. Think Im definitely gonna learn to crochet them beanies for the winter x

  14. All lovely patterns Corrie, you’re so talented. I would love a little room to do my own thing in, we have NO space here, so I’ve got a tiny sewing corner set up on the dining room table, terrible!
    Elodie is SO cute, those cheeks are amazing! xo

  15. I have just purchased Debbi Bliss baby cashmerino and the baby kina pattern, haven’t started yet, but am determined to knit it. I have no babies my youngest grandchild being 11!!! Looking forward to seeing your beautful children in those gorgeous clothes.

  16. OK I love sewing but really I don’t know how you find the time to actually complete all of these projects Now we have 5 children I find I’m just really good at buying material Maybe this is the winter to finish projects ! Thanks for the inspiration

  17. One day I will learn how to sew clothes. They’re scary!

    Love that photo of Elodie. Squishy cheeks :-)

  18. Love the patterns for the children you have chosen, hope your energy keeps up so as you can get some of them and the craft room done. Don’t make yourself too tired.

  19. Te ha quedado genial, preciosas fotos, saludos

  20. Can you really trust the ‘gluten free’ label on a product? From what I understand these things are not that heavily regulated, especially with foods produce outside of the country. I’ve picked up quite a few products only to later find traces of gluten.

  21. Can you really trust the ‘gluten free’ label on a product? From what I understand these things are not that heavily regulated, especially with foods produce outside of the country. I’ve picked up quite a few products only to later find traces of gluten.

  22. Your images of crafts are so pretty, spacial y for children..

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