a few crochet questions answered

I’ve received a couple of crochet questions by email and have been a little tardy replying so thought I’d put them into one blog post! Kill 2 birds and all that.
my knitting basket!
First up the lovely Michelle asked me what is worsted weight yarn? I call it a 10 or 12 ply. I like to use Bendigo (no surprises there) Luxury 10 ply or Rustic 12 ply when I need a worsted weight yarn. Another lovely one is Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran which is also lovely, more expensive, but lovely too. I found this very useful website here which had a great chart with all the yarns and weights.
Michelle also asked about crochet hook sizes and what do all the letters mean. In Australia we use metric measurements for our hooks and needles and I found this simple conversion chart which I hope helps.

Then last week I received a lovely email from Betty. She’s a grandma betty like my grandma betty! And she wanted to crochet hats for children and teenagers with leukemia and wanted to know where she could find some free patterns. I have a cute and easy pattern here which I wrote for Samaritans Purse. Ravelry is also an amazing search engine in itself. I found a couple of lovely free ones here, here, here and here. And I couldn’t go past this baby one here. Seriously cute.
I hope that helps! As for me I’ve cast on another baby kina for elodie and about to cast on the placket knit from last minute knitted gifts for her too. She’s really short of little knits at the moment so thought I’d do two at once to beat the boredom!
keeping themselves busy
and this is monday morning at our house! I’m blogging from just near the window, they are playing, the washing machine is working hard and I can hang it out while they play! It’s a great little set up but took almost an hour before I could sit down for a bit as someone wanted something then something else and so on! Oh and we’re still waiting for foxtel, they’ve rescheduled on me for this morning after cancelling yesterday and ringing the wrong number to tell me. Then they rescheduled again for late this afternoon. So not a happy customer and hoping nothing goes wrong this afternnoon! Please foxtel, 4 small children and an exhausted mummy.


  1. Thanks so much for the yarn conversion chart!

  2. Hi just started following your blog. Mummy of 2 boys the youngest is 14 weeks so I just finished a night feed over here in the UK. Just wanted to say your children are gorgeous and I love the honesty of your blog. Great info in crocheting too. Do you know of any decent “teach yourself guides” so I can learn? Thanks x

  3. I’ve been following for awhile. I can’t believe how big Elodie is getting!

  4. That worsted weight thing always gets me, thanks for your links to help out! Your new set up at home is terrific and it looks like the kids are settling in well :) I hope the Foxtel man comes today…….

  5. Thanks Corrie, I’ve just started learning to crochet so any tips most welcome! I am doing single crochet blocks (to make into a baby blanket) fine but having trouble doing ‘in the round’ things like granny squares/beanies. Driving me slightly insane!

  6. Lovely colors of the yarn and happy kids playing. Nice post.

  7. I hope that lonely ol house is “opening up” with the chatter and play of your delightful children. Houses need people …..and it is gorgeous to see your photos of kiddies, washing, toys and FUN.

  8. Great to see you all settling in Corrie. The house won’t know what’s hit it, after all those negative people vibes are now gone! Happy days :)

  9. Want to run a learn to crochet class? Or even a link etc to good tutorials on it?

    Hope your making your lively new retro space your own!

  10. Thank you thank you. I am a beginner crotcher but home to be an expert one day lol.

  11. Hi can you about crochet cotton equivalent sizes. I am having trouble sourcing them. A pattern I have is for No. 3 cotton and I have no clue what to buy here in Melbourne. Thank you for helping me. I love Bendigo Woolen Mills too and I hope that Foxtel hurry up quickly for you

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