welcome to craftaholics anonymous

When I think of fabric and my love of it, well I prefer pictures like this. All pretty bolts of fabric being cut and organised. Such a pretty picture. No one needs to know the tubs and boxes and excessive fabric hoarding that goes on behind the scenes.

I also love this pic of my craft room totally decluttered and made to look like a guest room/sewing room. Like it ever stays this tidy!

sewing room all ready for the open house

So now I say, welcome to reality or craftaholics anonymous. I know I’m amongst friends with my readers and craft stashes. I’ve got 3 sewing machines in the doorway, 1 overlocker and lots and lots of stuff. At least I can say I ran an online fabric store and still have a lot of fabric to clear out. But still.

Yesterday we had everything delivered from storage and a lot of my stash had to be put into storage in order to make the house look uncluttered when we sold it. I’ve done a quick count of over 20 tubs/boxes and today we’ll bring them inside and into the new craft room. And hope that eventually I get to it. 

Before the baby gets here would be good!


  1. Love the size of your new craft room. Lucky girl! What a mess you will be able to make when creating. Enjoy, enjoy! Rebecca Peterson

  2. woah that is one big sewing room!! i’m so jealous!

  3. When I grow up I too want to have a craft room! I currently have a corner of the kids’ play room 😉

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  5. Corrie, you do realise that both mess and stash expand to fill the space available, don’t you? LOL

    Have fun getting things sorted. When I moved out of my home I packed a whole heap of stuff, too upset to think discerningly about what to pitch. When I moved in here 13 months go it took me months to get sorted and a lot of stuff went. I found after 3.5 years of having it packed away that it wasn’t me, I didn’t need it and didn’t want it.

  6. Oh my goodness that room is HUGE! Love it!!

  7. Oh but look at the glorious sunlight streaming into your new sewing room. What a lovely space it will be to create in…

  8. OMG Fabric lovers heaven lol!!!!!

  9. Another fabric hoarder here. Mine had to be cleared away too when the house was put up for sale. Now it is sitting in plastic tubs in the garage, waiting for me to find it – but it will be awhile before i can lovingly put it away. Our rental is a postage stamp and there is no room for fabric. Hopefully building our house wont take too long before i can get into my sewing room.

  10. Oh Corrie, you crack me up! As one who is just about to tip my toe into the swimming pool of sewing, I’m eyeing off your pretty fabric most admiringly! J x

  11. Your new craft room is enormous! My husband always carries on about my ‘craft stuff’, so I’m glad I’m not alone. Hey, we don’t have a stash problem we have a storage problem, right!

  12. What a lovely big room to have your stash in. I am sure it will look great in no time.

  13. Nothing wrong with a bit of craft. My problem is that I forgot the “a bit.” And for me – I never have the right thing to match so – it adds up and adds up. The problem with fabric is that it packs into small amounts – 2 or 3 meters fits into a small bag… And I can happily shove it into my fabric cupboards. But nothing makes me happier and calms my nerves than piecing something or cutting some fabric. So since I don’t drink or smoke… I craft.

  14. Sigh! I could cope with the mess if i ended up with a lovely large Craft room like yours will be – enjoy!

  15. Wow Corrie! You’ve got a great sized room there!! Reccon it will look fantastic once you’ve got it all sorted and organised!!! Have fun getting it into the shape you envision!!!

  16. I’m sure you’ve got a few crafty people you’ve made friends with over the years that wouldn’t mind helping you get your craft room sorted? Unpacking is such a daunting & huge task that it can be quite overwhelming. I’m sure no one would mind you asking, particularly since you’re on a deadline … C-Day!

  17. Eu gosto muito mais assim.Por algum tempo…algumas vezes por mês eu faço arrumações e organizo tudo.Não me lembro de ter arrumado igual ao seu desta foto…Sei que é um trabalhão mas sei também que você é animada .Cuidado com o peso destas caixas não vá abusar…Beijos.

  18. Ohhhh LOVE the size of your sewing room. Looks bigger than my bedroom. Imagine having the space to stash even MORE fabric, yarn & felt. That’s certainly close to heaven for me, just missing the Big Guy :)

  19. Lovely! Are you going to set your sewing machine up over by that bay window? Nothing beats sewing in the natural light of sunshine :)

  20. What a great room! You are going to have lots of fun making things in there and I spy plenty of space for little ones to play while you are sewing. Love it!

  21. It looks as though you are going to have plenty to do during the cooler winter months.

  22. It’s what dreams are made of! Have fun with the sort out, I really enjoy a good sort out.

  23. That room looks awesome, so much space. Labels on Tubs are great, and I am sure you will soon have it all organised. Good luck.

  24. You’ll have the best and most spacious craft room ever!

  25. Oh just noticed the chandelier in the craft room – nice touch!

  26. Oh WOW Corrie, makes my tiny little stash look like nothing at all… mind you, I can only occupy a small space in the dining room for mine, so not really ideal.
    Your new craft room looks fabulous, so much potential there xo

  27. Love the “real” photos!

  28. Your new craft room looks amazing. Good luck in getting it unpacked and tidied.

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