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If there is one place my little ones love to visit it’s Taronga Zoo. I’m a little sad that we live so close and only visit once a year. And so when Yoplait asked me to plan a family day out I knew exactly where everyone in my little family would want to go. The zoo. And we had a lot of fun singing our favourite zoo song in the lead up – Daddy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow and so it goes on…and on and then on some more. Until then I suggested we start singing a different song!


Keira visited the zoo last year for school and became our self appointed zoo guide telling us what we had to see, where she went last time, who in the class got lost (boys of course) and so on.  This visit we spiced things up a little by taking a different route and finally visiting the seals and penguins. I know. Living dangerously.

Finn reminded me of one of the characters from Little Britain. He’d ask again and again to see the seals, then we’d get there and no sooner had I put the pram brake on than he wanted to go and see the next thing………before he’d even seen what we’d stopped to see. It went on the whole zoo trip but of course he hasn’t stopped talking about everything he saw. He just wanted the express zoo visit.
We hadn’t even been at the zoo for more than 30 minutes before someone got hungry and we realised it was lunch time – see just getting out of the house is an event in itself.


And since this was about taking some Yoplait yoghurt with us it was the perfect snack for Elodie. And Yoplait has been reformulated and the entire range is free from artificial colours or flavourings. Perfect for a snack to give to little ones.


that girl loves yoghurt! no more baby packs for her, she can eat a regular tub on her own.


And when she wasn’t eating yoghurt, Elodie’s favourite part of the zoo was sitting down (or bottom shuffling in her case) to the big glass viewing area. I decided that was my favourite part too until retro daddy went off in search of the toilets with finn and left us there for 20 minutes. Suddenly the novely wore off and I was stuck with 2 prams, keira couldn’t push either of them straight and 3 kids. But Elodie loved it

elodie finds her favourite spot
elodie smeared up against the glass!
We did a lot of walking and also a lot of calling out to daddy to wait for mummy! Hello! Pregnant lady pushing a pram up some pretty steep hills to get out of the zoo!

about half way back up the walk back to the top we decided to stop for another break – yoghurt time! Luckily this is a sponsored post so we had plenty of yoghurt on us for a little snack. And I don’t find the food at the zoo to be that healthy (or inexpensive) so taking the yoghurt along actually came in pretty handy. And I was supposed to tell you that Yoplait yoghurt is now lid lickingly good – but look keira did it for me. No script required.

Now elodie was not impressed that we were having yoghurt without her so she had some more too.  
until there was no more yoghurt left! what a face, Elodie!

Now be sure to look out for the new Yoplait packaging at the shops and especially the big clear tubs which the kids are going to love since they can see the yoghurt and fruit pieces inside. And thank you to Yoplait for a great day out at the zoo. We had so much fun and I love that when I asked each person what their favourite part of the day was – well Finn decided that the ‘seal shortcut’ (as in taking the lift instead of walking the long way) was the best bit!

And if you love family days out then Yoplait are holding a Blogger Day Out  event in Sydney this weekend which will be lots of fun for the whole family. You just have to be a Nuffnang blogger to come along with your family and can book here.


  1. Taronga Zoo is awesome, we have lots of great family memories from there. Was the Sky bus not working? It would have saved you a walk up the hill!

  2. Lindo post e crianças no zoológico sempre é tudo de bom,e muuiito cansaço.Bençãos.

  3. Great pics. You can never take children often enough to the zoo. I even took my teenagers and they always loved it. Yoghurt and those little fruit packs are great for hungry times. Cherrie

  4. What a lovely day out for the family.

    I will be sure to pick up some yoplait yoghurt for the little twin girls I mind. they have a tub each every day so I am always looking for one that is suitable for toddlers. Thanks.

  5. Now I know why you are having another baby, you have such beautiful children, why not. Hope you enjpyed your day out and have a lovely relaxing time. Best of luck with the house. Your Dad must be a darling, buying the one thing that every house needs, coffee.

  6. Oh we love the Zoo too Corrie! You’re so brave taking all four children at once though, it’s a looooong day. Gorgeous photos, loving the yoghurt shots… my boys are yoghurt fanatics, we go through so much of the stuff… but we mainly buy Ski, which I probably shouldn’t mention. The yoplait pouches are good though.
    And I appreciated the Little Britain reference, haha, Andy & Lou, they’re hilarious! xo

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