Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: Feel the difference

In case you haven’t noticed the big button to the right of my blog lately, yes that one over there, I’m a Kidspot Top 50 Blogger this year. Very exciting. Even more exciting since they pick you and it’s a lovely surprise to find out that you’ve made the cut. I don’t think of myself as a top blogger. I don’t do the big blog events, the PR launches or lunches or that kind of stuff. Life for me is at home with four little ones and a big pregnant belly. And a laptop.

off to the hospital
walking out the door to hospital to have Keira
But next month marks 6 years of blogging for this mummy so it’s rather timely to look back on my journey as a blogger and how I got here. I’ve gone from a first time mummy-to-be to now expecting my 5th baby. In 6 years. Those are crazy numbers but true. And my readership has grown from about 3 to thousands from around the world. I started out as a craft blogger just talking about my knitting and my new baby. Then I started to sew and became more addicted to craft. And all the while my family was growing at a much faster rate than expected. Even when it was mentioned to me a few years ago that I was a mummy blogger, I insisted I was a craft blogger. It’s how I had always viewed myself and my blog. But now I’m a mummy blogger and proud of it! 

 family portrait!
our little family of 3!
Over time this blog has become more about family and less about craft as our family has grown so quickly (and time for craft has shrunk). And one of the reasons I love my blog so much is that it’s the one place where I can totally embrace my life at home with a larger than average family. It’s where I can just be me and be proud of the life I’m living. No one judges me here on my blog and I don’t receive the stares or comments that I tend to attract when I’m out in public with four little ones and another on the way.  Plus no one thinks I’m a nana because I love to knit, bake and craft in my spare time.
bathing the babies
then the twins came along
My blog has been a journey of how we went from 2 people to almost 7. I’ve shared each pregnancy announcement well before the 12 week mark, the pregnancy losses and the announcement and first photos of each of my babies. Family and friends know that if they want to find a photo of the baby to come to my blog first because this is where I share everything.
my kids
growing up

I think I realised I had ‘made’ it when I started to receive personal emails and questions from readers asking for advice. Emails that started out with ‘I love your blog so much’. And then I started to meet my readers out or people would recognise me when I was shopping. Not always looking my best I should add. How could I forget when at a market a husband came up and introduced his wife, she had to give me a hug because reading my blog every day had cheered her up when she went through a hard time living in a flat in australia with a new baby and other things going on in her life. It was a huge deal to her and it was a huge thing to me as I’d just had the call that my mum wasn’t going to make it through the weekend. That hug meant so much to me and those words at a time when I needed it. And my blog had been there for her when she needed it.

morning cuddles
and Elodie makes 6

And when I did lose my mum last year, I didn’t have to tell you all that I was having a hard time because you already knew. It was like I received hundreds of condolence cards in the mail when I read through all of the comments I received.

happy family

That’s when you realise that your blog and your readers mean so much more than numbers and statistics. In fact I’ve always been honest in saying that I don’t give much time to my blog traffic. Some weeks it’s up and some it’s down. Some posts get  lots of comments and others don’t. But I still know that you’re reading and want to know what I’m up to. I’m certainly not perfect and never make out that I am. Once a reader came up to me and said ‘oh I had to meet you because your kids and house are always so neat in your photos’. Oh no I assured her that I take photos in the same spot or a tidy spot free of toys and stuff and make sure everyone looks tidy. 
And so what would it mean to me to win the coveted Kidspot Top 50 Blogger position for 2012 as well as a trip to BlogHer12 in New York City and then to drive around the gorgeous new Ford Territory for a year? Well what an honour that would be for this little stay at home mummy who just dreamed of staying at home and raising a family. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do and I’m doing it and sharing it with the world. Plus I’d be the yummiest mummy on the northern beaches as well as demonstrating the Ford Territory’s 7 seater capability. People stare at me driving my big bus so imagine what great things people would be saying to see the new Ford Territory with ‘all those kids in the back’. 

So please don’t forget to go and vote for me here – it’s win – win because I get a vote and you go in the draw to win $5,000 for yourself. So thank you to my  lovely readers for always supporting me and thank you to Kidspot for including me this year. It means so much to me.


  1. I placed my vote! Good Luck!

  2. Great post! Best of luck!

  3. Just voted for you.Good luck Corrie.

  4. I do love your blog. I am a new reader. I grew up in a big family(8 kids), and have four of my own. It is inspiring to see what you are doing. How you love being a mother. And you are vulnerable. You don’t present everything as perfect. You just present everything real-joys and sorrows. Thanks!

  5. I just voted for you!

  6. Very inspiring! Love it.. im a new young mummy blogger and hope to make it like you have on the internet ! It’s so great! I’ll go and vote for you now!

  7. I am also a new reader! and I love you to bits!!

  8. voted!! fingers crossed for both of us!

  9. Oh Corrie, it’s fair to say I fell in love with your story the moment I started reading it… a little over a year ago now. To me, you are the perfect Mama… and whether you’re in a mess behind the scenes or not, I still think you do an amazing job with everything you undertake, whether that be, craft or blogging or baking or Mamahood. I am so pleased you are receiving the recognition you deserve for your blog, for all that it is to so many. You truly do have a lovely story to tell. You received my vote xoxo

  10. Good luck with the arrivial of your newest little one! :) Very exciting! xo

  11. Just voted. Love your blog! Adorable kids!

  12. No problem voting for you Retromummy!!! I’m just starting my family/crafting blog and I love to read yours. Best of luck!!!

  13. I voted for you retro mummy. I love your blog. Best of luck!

  14. Good Luck Voted, hope you win! Anne

  15. Beautiful story Corrie. I know that people often say that we’re making a difference with our words, but I wonder if people realise how much of a difference they’re making in our worlds with their comments and emails. Quite often they’ve made me cry or turned my frown upside down.

    Thanks for sharing this. x

  16. I have been and voted…Goodluck! I always enjoy visiting your blog!

  17. Você é o que há de melhor nesse mundo de meu DEUS,como já dizia a minha avó.Eu realmente amo e recomendo seu blogger.Você tem o que de mais precioso existe:Uma família linda,filhos meigos com o coração nos olhos.Não é a toa que na Bíblia católica está escrito mais de 800 vezes a palavra coração,para que possamos ver através dê.Quando chego aqui e vejo fotos como as de hoje,gravidez,pai olhando carinhosamente para seus filhos,palavras tão docemente escrita por você para nós,que te seguimos,que gostamos de você,de seus trabalhos e acima de tudo você é uma mega mãe.Não pela quantidade de filhos,mas pela mãe que sei que quer o melhor para sua família.Sempre peço a DEUS para que te ABENÇOE.Então lá vai:DEUS TE ABENÇOE E A TODA SUA FAMÍLIA.Muitos beijos nas crianças.Eu votei em você e consegui com isso 12 votos.Tenha Fé.

  18. Oh Corrie, I just love your honestly and humility, and I really hope you are recognised for your contribution to your many reader’s worlds. You have been my ‘friend’ with whom I regularly ‘catch up with over a cuppa’, and I have shared my journey to rediscovering the gentle arts of sewing, crochet and knitting with you. Sure I learnt to knit at age 8, and sewing in high school, but it has been fun rediscovering these skills in my 30’s. I thank you for being a gentle and kind friend, and fellow Mummy, and I look forward to our regular catch up each time you post to your blog. Much love xx

  19. Hi Corrie, here’s another one of those ‘I LOVE! I voted as soon as saw the button, you would be a deserving winner of such an amazing prize. Keep blogging and I’ll keep reading!

  20. Corrie, just voted. Best wishes. I love your blog and am proud to vote for you, Belinda

  21. DONE! We are so lucky that you share your world with us. Blogging seems to make life feel more real even when we get the edited versions of living fiascos.Reading your blog is like having a cuppa with a girlfreind…you certainly deserve to be driving around in the new Territory….then let them stare 😉

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  24. Love your blog. Good Luck. Toes crossed!

  25. Hi Corrie
    It is a pleasure to vote for you – you have inspired me to start my own blog, get back into patchwork and knitting and be proud to be a stay at home mum again for a while (my daughter is in year 12 and I’ve taken 12 months off work so I have more time to hang out with her before she heads off to uni next year!!!)
    Really hope you win!

  26. Voted for you Corrie – I want to see you in that Car = )

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  28. How wonderful that you get to live your dream of being a stay at home mum. That is so special.
    Good Luck Corrie.

    Beautiful photos too!

  29. What a lovely post, I always enjoy reading your writing! Good luck :)

  30. I love your blog and how you share your life with us all :) Good luck and I hope you win! You deserve every piece of goodness Corrie! x

  31. I voted for you because I think you would really make the most of being the winner. You are generous with your blog and with your giveaways.
    best of luck.

  32. Hi Corrie,
    Carol here, this will probably say Keith says, but it is me, not my hubby!! :)
    I love your post, hope its not too late to vote, you do make a difference to our lives. I too grab a cup of coffee, and check your blog. It makes me feel like I am sitting having a coffee with a friend, especially when I am in Sydney and don’t know many people here. Thankyou so much for sharing with us and being a friend to all of us! Good luck! Carol xxx

  33. I’ve been voting at every opportunity…good luck Corrie! I don’t know what I’d do without reading your blog each day, lol.

  34. My Vote is in, I can’t believe that I have been reading your blog for so long. I found it one day when you were pregnant with your twins. Still love it. Good luck.

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