crewelwork can be cruel work

I think it might have been just a tad ambitious to bring posie gets cozy’s crewelwork alphabet sampler away with me and give it a go while in the apartment. Ummmmmm it’s proving to be a little tricky. It’s called Daisychain ABC’s and looks like this……….
image source and buy the pattern here!
First stitch was chain stitch – I had no idea what I was doing so had to buy a little embroidery book and tried to follow the book. It didn’t go so well. Next day I got onto youtube and found this tutorial which set me on the right track. But it does take time to get the right stitch length and have it looking right. I’m also finding using the wool makes it a little trickier than if I was stitching with a regular embroidery floss.

I’m looking forward to doing this lazy daisy stitch too!

Now I don’t give up easily! I’ve pulled out my work twice and this is all I have to show for 2 nights work!!!!! Um it looks quite good form a distance but not so hot close up (as in this picture). Think I’ll pull this out and go for 3rd time lucky! BUT we all have to start somewhere so I think I might just do some practice stitches for a while before I hit the sampler again!
My Progress
I do have my knitting for when I get frustrated and need to put it down for a while.


  1. The project looks engrossing and cool.

  2. id be going cross eyed …goodluck, it’ll look gorgeous when its done
    :-)…Happy Easter to you and your family Corrie xo

  3. You have cute little angels in your blog title pictures!

  4. You’ll be right, once you get the hang of it.

  5. Have a look at – she is doing this sampler with embroidery thread, and it is very nice!

  6. Cool I love embroidery,have a couple of talented friends and cousins who are simple amasing,might book mark this for my self too!

  7. That is a very sweet sampler. I am sure you will make it beautifully!

  8. I have heard about ‘take a stitch tuesday’ which is running again this year. You may be interested in joining in. They have a different embroidery stitch each week to practice. Could be a good sideline project. I signed up for it this year, but haven’t had the time to do it….maybe next year.

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  10. Looks like a long journey! I’d love t try some embroidery – the Tuesday thing that Fiona T mentioned sounds cool :)
    It’ll be fab when it’s finished though!

  11. Impressed. I’m totally impressed. I can’t even darn a sock so this looks like an Easter miracle to me…

  12. I really wanted to give this sampler a try but felt a tad bit unconfident in my stitching knowledge to try. I will follow yours with keen interest and I think you are doing a great job so far :)

  13. Imagine what it must have been like to embroider during the days of Henry VIII, etc? How on earth did they ever see what they were doing??? My eyesight isn’t the best for close up work anymore so I suppose I would have had to sit in a corner as my stitching days would have been done!

  14. Have you seen Helen from Hugs n Kisses work? she has great tutorials for embriodery stitches…
    You’ll get the hang of it though! And it will look awesome when it is finished!

  15. I think your work thus far is great. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Embroidery floss does sound better – Cosmo threads fr Japan are fantastic!

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  17. Looking for inspiration check out Kristyne at Pretty By Hand. I have been following her Daisy Chain Sampler and it is so pretty. Here is a link to all of her posts on it.

  18. Corrie, you may have inspired me to give this one a go. I do love Posies work.
    Good luck, and stop being so hard on yourself :-)

  19. Não seja dura com você.Está bonito,este ponto aqui no Brasil é chamado de ponto correntinha.Dê uma passadinha pelo EL BLOG DE GEORGINA.Um beijo.

  20. I believe you posted this embroidery another time and I bought the PDF for it. I whipped it out in no time. I don’t have 4 little ones at home(in your case a small apartment), nor was I expecting:) I think you can do it. Do a letter a day and before you know it, you will be making a home out of that Brady Bunch house! Best wishes.

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