we have moved

Well I told you I was moving on! And I did! Literally! One house totally packed up and put into 3 huge containers….just waiting till we get into the new house.

We Have Moved

One house was cleaned top to bottom (thankfully I didn’t have to do too much) and when I did start to help, well retro daddy was at me for running around the house with the sugar soap and a cloth getting rid of little marks here and there. And I’m amazed at how many little toys, odd socks, shoes and hair things were found under beds, behind wardrobes and so on in all of the bedrooms.

Last Dinner In The House

We settled today and met the new owners beforehand who are just lovely! My only piece of advice to the new owners- now this will sound silly! Any stain will come out of the caesarstone with gumption and I’ve left you some under the sink and then clean over it with window/glass cleaner which leaves it streak free. Me obsessed with my big caesarstone island? Oh no, I don’t know what you’re all talking about!
Packed For 3 Weeks
this is what packing for a family of 6 for 3 weeks looks like!  retro daddy had words with me!
The last few days have well and truly flown by. Today was just a huge relief hearing that settlement had gone through but only to discover that our house purchase has just got messier (I know! as if it could get messier, well it just did!)…like Elodie’s face when I had to give her some chocolate as I had no other food to hand and the pizza I had ordered for dinner was late! She’s back on the fruit, yoghurt and plain rice crackers now we’re settled in.


And so for the next few weeks we’re just trying to live a normal family life in a serviced apartment. There are benefits. The door to the shopping mall is directly opposite the building. The downside is driving an oversized vehicle that requires you to get out of the car and run into reception, collect a key, get back in the car and drive to spot (if there is one, tonight we are parked in a loading bay while 2 small hatchbacks park where we normally do), get out of car in front of main gate to carpark, unlock bollard and put it down, get back in the car, drive into spot, return key and car keys to reception. Do it all over again the next time you come home. At the moment it’s ok because retro daddy is here but I’m not looking forward to adding 4 kids to that routine

Missing You
But you know what, the kids are loving it! Didn’t you all tell me that? In fact, finnie boy was asking all day when we were going back to the hotel. They are all sleeping on the sofa bed in the lounge and loving the whole experience! Me and retro daddy not so much but someone does come and clean the room and change the towels each day so I can’t complain too much.
let the countdown to the new house begin………………


  1. One day at a time Corrie, one day at a time!

  2. Oh Sweetheart, you did it! Brilliant. You are so much in my thoughts. J x

  3. Let’s put it down to experience. Deep breathes, lots of chocolate and your ‘forever house’ at the end of it (if you ever tell us you are selling again I will personally come and talk some sence into you:)
    Hoping that this nightmare move is all in the past soon for you.

  4. You are half way there ….. deep breath and one day at a time :o)

  5. HOORAY…on to bigger and better things ;-)… xo thinking of you all..

  6. I think you need to have words with retro daddy about the realities of packing for 6 . lol. Good that you are half way through. Not so good that you let us know almost exact details about where the apartments are. All the best. Cherrie

  7. Wow Corrie, you’re just amazing, plain and simple. I seriously don’t know how you’re doing all of this. You are made of the tough stuff my friend. Hope you can try and relax a bit better now. And I think it’s every child’s dream to be doing what your little ones are doing right now. Enjoy! xo

  8. TUDO VALE A PENA QUANDO A FÉ NÃO É PEQUENA.Passei para te desejar uma FELIZ PÁSCOA.E me deparo com um post lindo(apesar de saber o quanto está sendo trabalhoso)os gêmeos com poses de divertimento,essa boquinha de chocolate é tudo de melhor que Deus te deu.Esta dieta das crianças é o que as deixam felizes, mas eu sei que os pediatras e MÃES como você ficam preocupados com a saúde dos baixinhos.Fico me perguntado se aqui no Brasil existe biscoito de (arroz???).Que tudo de melhor aconteça para vocês.Um beijo GRAAAANDE em todos.DEUS TE ABENÇOE.

  9. No worries re: Elodie. Chocolate is a food group. I have more than a few sins re: my kids – just no blog exposing it to the world. Hang in there and just watch things evolve… Take a break. And yes – the stuff that hides behind dressors and couches is amazing.

  10. yes enjoy the kids enjoying the fun of the apartment I bet they will talk about it in years to come. Oh and I agree with Nancy chocolate is a food group, when i turned coeliac i just kept reminding my self chocolate and wine !!! you have the wine give Elodie the chocolate “

  11. congratulations on working through one of the most maniacal times in your life so with so much class!

  12. I love gumption, how lovely to leave them some with your instructions. It looks like you left flowers too, what a gorgeous welcome for the new family plus all those happy memories and good feelings you have imbued your old house with. Good luck with the second part of your move! x

  13. Corrie. I have enjoyed your blog So much the passed many months. I’ve empathized with the challenges and admired your ‘spunk’ as each major milestone was achieved. You write in such an engaging way. I wish you only smooth sailing for the house purchase, and hope the hiccup you refer to passes. These vendors have not garnered any positive karma from the universe through this process. What the heck is the real estate agent doing?? He/she should be dealing with issues before you even hear about them. Enjoy your imposed serviced apartment ‘break’.

  14. Corrie, I hope things settle properly for you soon, in more ways than one. I don’t know what the vendors’ problem is but what are your solicitor and agent doing? Notice to complete, I think.

    The day before I was due to settle here I was told the vendor’s bank wasn’t ready. I had removalists, friends etc all organised and paid for. My guess was that the bank had mislaid the mortgage documents for vendor. I protested loud and long and said who ever heard of a bank that would not take money? I said I was moving regardless. I did have a key although I had not moved anything else in. It was to get an early delivery of washer and fridge. Suddenly bank found everything after my solicitor jumped up and down on my behalf. He did say that further action could be taken to make them complete. This is Sydney, not overseas where laws may be different.

  15. Phew! You did it!! Enjoy not having to do much cleaning before moving into the new place!

  16. You are such a lucky lady, gorgeous husband, children and moving into your dream home, take the next few days/weeks as a bit of a rest/holiday etc. and dream of what your plans are for the new house.

  17. You are such a lucky lady, gorgeous husband, children and moving into your dream home, take the next few days/weeks as a bit of a rest/holiday etc. and dream of what your plans are for the new house.

  18. Now that everything is all nice and packed up I hope you can relax and enjoy the next 3 weeks. Have a lovely Easter and having Retrodaddy around for a few days :)

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