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Last night I had a little bit of a scare and a lot of reality check. I’m pretty careful on this blog about what I share and keeping some privacy. And I do that for the safety of my family. People have asked on facebook for links to our new house and for the auction of furniture. I’ve said several times that I don’t share my address out. So someone took it into their own hands and shared the link on facebook with my new address all over it. So not cool.
I wonder did that person think for a moment how many people read my blog (a lot! about to hit 1.5m hits) or put themselves in my shoes as a mum to a growing family. Would they want strangers or readers walking through their house before they got to. I’m not going to the onsite auction so it would be weird for people to be going just to check out my house. It’s all a bit weird and unsettling.
Moving Time
so retro daddy has made me delete all references to and pictures of the brady bunch house, we’ll have the address removed from the sale listing and it’s just a real shame that someone decided to share that on the web and put my safety at risk! Thankfully I have some gorgeous online friends who deleted the link before too many people could see it and I’m so grateful. I am dying to show you each and every bit of the Brady Bunch house when we move in but I’m going to have to think very carefully about what I do because of people who think it’s fine to share my address out in public.
Lesson learnt. If you want to go and hunt down where I live, well fine. But keep it to yourself. Don’t go putting it out on the web for everyone with my name on it. Thankfully, I know that 99% of my readers are gorgeous genuine people who I consider dear friends and wouldn’t do this to me but I thought this all deserved an explanation!
So moving on………….because we’re moving tomorrow! All pictures of how my house is looking less than 24 hours before the removalists arrive!


  1. super hugs to you. there is enough stress in moving house let alone having to deal with crap like this….big breath!!

  2. Good luck with the move tmrw. Hv plenty of chocs for end of the day

  3. I can’t believe that someone would be so insensitive and ignorant of basic internet security and personal safety. So sorry you have had to deal with this!

  4. Good luck with uplift day. Have a rest and a soak after (and a big block of chocolate)
    Maybe they just didn’t think:(

  5. Some people just have the brain the size of a pea and the commmon sense to match it! How stupid and insensitive for someone to think it’s ok to put your addy out for everyone to see :(
    Hope the move goes ok and things have settled down a bit ((((HUGS)))) to you and yours :) Barb.

  6. Vá com Deus minha linda,e cuide-se.Final de gravidez e muito serviço é cansativo,procure ajuda e descanse.Achei um abuso,mas você já tomou providência segura.Beijos nas crianças e DEUS abençoe a todos.

  7. I really don’t think it is wrong to be so careful… I think it is too easy to forget exactly how public a forum the internet is… I am sorry someone didn’t respect your privacy.

    I hope the move goes well.

  8. Oh Corrie, I’m so sorry to hear someone was so inconsiderate! And glad that your friends were able to take swift action :) Sometimes people just don’t think about boundaries, but that’s no excuse to publish something as private as your home address!! I hope the move goes well and you can have some well deserved down time soon x

  9. Oh no!! That would really freak me out! Good luck with the move.

  10. Onwards and upwards. Your blog is my first port of call each morning and gets me on a fabulous start to the day. for letting us into your heart and home. I hope everything is smooth sailing from here on and into the Brady Bunch home.

  11. Ooh that’s creepy and scary!! People just don’t think about their actions.

  12. Some people are just too thick to think of the consequences. Good luck with the move tomorrow, I know it is a stressful day all in itself. It is sad saying goodbye to a home that you have been happy in too, and know your new home will bring you joy, happiness and a whole bunch of new memories.

  13. Am so sorry to hear that. There some real mean people out there. Good luck with the move i hope it goes a bit smoother from now on.send you some hugs and a smile.

  14. Oh dear. That would be my biggest dread. I invite people into my home via the blog and so am very coy giving out too much info…but most people can put two and two together… And if they want to find you they will…but hopefully not by someone so thoughtless. Good luck with your move. xx

  15. I personally think it is disrespectful of anyone to take the liberty of sharing others personal details. I too love reading your blog and posts daily and for someone to take it upon themselves to risk the safety of your family is appalling. I hope your move goes smooth Corrie and that this experience puts an end to all the hassles you have had with the acquisition of this house. Big hugs xx

  16. Hey Corrie, that’s just stupid. People can be dumb. On the other hand, I think you’ve officially reached celebrity status. You had better put locks on your bins too, because soon enough gossip sites/mags will be going through your garbage too :)
    I hope the removal is as smooth as it can be and you’re all safely ensconced in your new home soon.

  17. Corrie, we all have to be careful on the net. Sorry you learnt this the hard way.

    good luck for the move.

  18. OH No I hope your precautions have yeilded results,we being stalked ourselves,not pleasent and having your phone tapped isnt either,good luck with the move,such an exciting time,stay well!!

  19. PS I hope you have worked out who did and blocked them!!

  20. Shame, some people really need a good smack to the back of the head.

  21. Oh I also thought Id add I work in the Government Ed System and wonder if I should delete that from my blog description,one can never be too careful

  22. That’s awful, how rude! I am often amazed when people put the names of schools on their blogs but I have noticed that you are careful about not-too-much detail, good luck with the move!

  23. I am so sorry that people were not sensitive to your privacy. I hope everything with your move goes smoothly.

  24. Take care Corrie. You are right to take these precautions. Good luck with the move.

  25. Oh Corrie, how unnecessary and scary for you. I hope they feel bad :(

  26. Wow that is so rude :o( STALKER MUCH???

  27. So absolutely sorry that you have been treated like this by someone. What a low down, dirty thing to do. Your little ones are of paramount importance. Hugs to you. Cherrie

  28. That is so awful, glad you managed to delete the link. You look very organised with all your packing. Good Luck with your move, and enjoy your school holidays

  29. Holy cow…I think your amaze balls corrie, but I don’t need to know where you live…I’d be horrified if my readers knew where I lived….seriously horrified…I wish you all the luck in the world with the move tomorrow.. :-)))))))) xoxox….

  30. geez, i duuno some people do not have a brain! best of luck for your big move :)

  31. Oh Corrie, how awful! The more you become loved by readers, the more chance there will be creepy and unthinking weirdos lurking in the shadows. Take care of yourself and your family, good call from Retrodaddy to delete it all. Wishing you a very smooth move day, hope there aren’t too many tears. I think moving is a strange and heady mix of emotions, the sentimental goodbye to a place that has been the foundation of many beautiful memories, whilst the excitement builds for amazing new beginnings in your new home. Take lots of moments to yourself and breathe deeply lovely lady! xxx

  32. That is terrible! How could anyone be so stupid and insensitive to other people’s feelings and the safety of their family!! I guess it is a reality check to us all that we really do have to be so careful with what we choose to share on our blogs.
    All the best for your move!!

  33. I hope your move went well, and how insensitive that someone did put your details up.
    I won’t even give out a phone number to someone until I have checked with that person first.

    I do hope that you have safeguarded all your pictures on your blog also so that no one can copy and paste them.
    There is nothing worse than going to someone else’s website/blog/social site and finding your pic up there or words you wrote stolen from you and no reference back.
    Bit like all this copyright stuff and Pinterest.
    Take care and happy new life in your new home

  34. Hi Corrie, what a shame that someone is so insensitive to share this information. I guess one has to be really careful because it was just too easy to find the Brady bunch house in the Web. maybe something to think about with all the info about the kids school and preschool given that people have worked out where you’re going to live…sorry to be so frank, just that I read wondering about ask the information you shared before this happened.
    All the best for the move, holidays and move! I love reading your blog!

  35. How scary Corrie and how stupid of that person.

    Good luck with the move!!


  36. Omgoodness some people are too silly for words.good luck with the move and don’t forget that awesome picture on the wall:)

  37. My goodness Corrie, that is totally stepping over the line. I don’t blame you for panicking about that, I would too. I never understand when people believe they have the right to invade personal space like that. I think you are so incredibly kind and generous with the information you share about your life. I love reading about it, but also like every other blog I read, completely respect the right to privacy. I wouldn’t want to know about it, unless the blog author chose to disclose it anyway. Hopefully all of those who saw the link feel the same way xo

  38. That is scary, but lucky you caught it in time … I hope!

  39. Oh my goodness, I’m just speechless. How thoughtless. Sending lots of love your way and lots of positive energy for moving day. I’ve just come back from two weeks away so I’ve only now caught up on your news. I can’t imagine how you manage it all… I’m an emotional wreck when I’m pregnant (well that’s my excuse anyway!) so I know I’d be curled up in a ball in a corner crying by now!
    On a brighter note, I have to tell you that I’m going to a thermomix demonstration this week. I’ve already told Moss that this is all your fault! Kate xx

  40. Oh no, seriously!! I just did a post on Cyber Stalking, having no idea that you just had this shocking exposure of your privacy. Argh!! The sooner i move to the country without a real address the better i think. So sorry Corrie, love you guys, love Posie

  41. Sorry to hear you have had this happen to you. How insensitive. I hope the rest of the move goes smoothly. Jacinta

  42. What a silly thing to do, obviously they were not thinking. Sorry you had to go through such a stressful episode. I hope the move is smooth & the new house provides a happy home for your growing family. Tracee xx

  43. I get so mad when people doesn’t think or care about others than themselves! I hope you’ll have a happy and calm time till you get into your new house.
    Have a happy easter!

  44. es una pena que tengamos siempre que recordar que hay gente sin escrupulos,saludos.

  45. Best wishes Corrie for the move. Try to stay positive about your new adventure. Remember, ‘Don’t let the turkeys get you down!’ Unfortunately, there are a few of them out there and you have had your fair share of them lately. Sending positive thoughts for you :)

  46. Sorry that had to happen to you Corrie its horrible.That peson must have no brains at all.
    Hope your move goes well and Happy Easter to you and family.

  47. That is so terrible!Some people are just `plain dumb` and also , dont care about the risks to others with `online` comments and photos!
    try and Put that behind you and enjoy your new home and your `little people!Wont be long before they leave home for Uni and a `Child Free house` is so different!
    Happy Easter and Successful moving- you certainly look very organised

  48. oh yikes! that is something I think of often since I started blogging about our Guest Ranch! I’m trying to keep it as anonymous as I can for both my kids and our guests, since I’m tell all their secrets anyway!

    I’m sorry you had to go through it with a move and everything else! Please sleep easy! But Holy Yikes!

    Why are they handing out Smart Phones to the Dumb Asses??

  49. Oh dear! Bad form of them. you’ve done the right thing removing the photos etc which can be compared in real estate pics. Don’t be afraid though.

    I have often worried about also publishing my children’s photos and details. Being a teacher and having done loads of child protection stuff, I know that the evidence is, that most of the time, the most dangerous people are the ones you already know!

    With their whipcracking success, my children have had their names and details published in national papers and have also been on national television, so i don’t think my blog is putting them out there so much.

    I decided a long time ago that I could be proactive so that there would never be any danger to them, hence they are always supervised! They are either with me or at school or on the bus! No chance of anyone finding them alone, they have to go through me or their father first. I also think I have taught them heaps about the dangers that can be lurking anywhere, in reality or online.

    A few years ago we had a really bad thing happen to close friend on an isolated property, followed by a couple of attempted break ins here while we were in the house, this all frightened us so very badly, so we have also taken many GREAT security measures with several lines of defense here at home so we can live and sleep in some form of peace no matter what comes at us.

    I hope you can find some satisfaction knowing that you are also probably doing the same sorts of things in keeping your family safe.
    Best wishes to you all in your big move.

  50. That’s such a shame that someone decided to do that. We love to see pictures of your current/new house and why would someone do that? It’s so much more important to keep you and your family safe. Good luck on your move!

  51. keep it up do not change
    It’s nice not to be half¡!

  52. Hopefully that person realises their error of judgement and thinks before they decide to do anything like that again. I really appreciate how very open you are about your family & life and would hate for that to change. I read your blog every day!
    Good luck with your move. My family is moving in 4 weeks so I’m right in the middle of packing (truth be told I’m at the beginning as I am totally overwhelmed by the process even though I have done it many times before – just not with two little ones in tow!).

  53. What a darn shame…I dislike these kind of tactics! Hope everything works out for you! Hugs

  54. That’s pretty insensitive of them especially when you posted in the Facebook thread your security concerns and reasons for not adding the link

  55. Yikes that is scary stuff. Hope nothing bad comes of it.

  56. Everyone has pretty much said everything I wanted to say as i was reading your words … I always enjoy reading your blog, hearing of your children and crafts! Your energy and enthusiasm for life and your family encourages me every day and I truly hope that this incident will not diminish your openness … just leave you more aware of the words you do use.
    My prayers and thoughts be with you at this stressful time (moving is always stressful .. let alone doing it while pregnant, with four children!!). May God fill your family with His strength, courage and calming presence at this time and over the coming months and years!
    Huge Hugs Corrie!!! Have a great week!!!

  57. I check in on you and your lovely family everyday. I’m sorry you had to add all that nonsense to your list of many things to do. I wish you well in your new home.

  58. WOW I am so sorry. And I understand. I love to blog, tweet and facebook about my wonderful family but somethings should be PRIVATE.
    I hope that person learned their lesson. Safe moving!

  59. That’s truly awful and hugely creepy…do what you need to do to keep your family under the radar x

  60. That’s truly awful and hugely creepy…do what you need to do to keep your family under the radar x

  61. I hope all goes well with the move Corrie and I hope the person who gave out your details realises how stupid they have been and have the nerve to apologise (too late of course) to you.
    I hope you love your new home and I look forward to hearing about your plans for the new house and new baby.

  62. Good luck with the move

  63. Gosh!thats scary..I often wonder what is it that makes people so insensitive and sinister..
    I am so glad,that your friends deleted the link..
    hugs..and happy moving!

  64. OMG I can’t believe someone would put your address out there for the world to see! I love looking at your photos that you post of your wonderful house (don’t know how you left that one) and your lovely family but would never go searching you out and post your address.
    I wish you all the luck in the world settling into your temporary and new home :)

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