Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers Launch Party

It’s not often that I go out on a weeknight. In fact, it’s not often I go out fullstop. Getting make up on and putting on a nice dress (well I only have one really nice maternity dress at the moment) just doesn’t happen very often. In fact I took a photo as I was going out the door to show off my makeup and realised it’s not even fancy night time make up just me in makeup! I just don’t wear it very often. And when I do go to wear it I have to call out to keira where she has put it because she likes to take it out of my makeup bag with tillie and play upstairs.

I'm there

Anyway so last night I was invited to the official launch party of the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers competition. I wasn’t in it last year so it was great to be there on the night and get together with lots of amazing bloggers. And there were some big names there. Here is the always funny Mrs Woog (I must keep remembering to call her Kate, not Mrs Woog) warming up before she interviewed us all. So not looking forward to that 2 minutes of interview coming out.

mrs woog gets warmed up
The venue was gorgeous at the Pavillion in the botanical gardens and I sipped on my orange juice all night while the champagne was flowing. I mingled (retro daddy was very proud of me) and met old friends and some new faces which was nice. I always love when you get to meet people whose blogs you read but you haven’t met yet – and then you leave and remember you didn’t get to talk to people you really wanted to like pottymouthmama! still don’t know how that happened. There were some very funny ladies there – honestly just start a conversationn with Mrs Woog, Eden and BabyMac and you’ll feel like you’ve been friends for ages. Those ladies make me laugh. And Madam Bipolar who is also so sweet and has nice things to say. And I got to chat to Hello Owl, A Beach Cottage, Danimezza, Samelia’s Mum, My Little dummer boys, Suger coat it, Life Love & Hiccups, Corinne Daze, Lovely Living and some lovely ladies who work for kidspot.
the lovely eden

So back to the competition, you can vote for me if you like (you know you want to) and you go in the running to win $5,000. Nice. I’d love one of my readers to win. And I’d also love to make it in the top 10 this year since I was 11th place in 2010 so would love to just nudge in there. And you can just go here to do that. I’ll write up another blog post about why I want to win later on in April. Thank goodness I have a bit of time to think of an amazing blog post AFTER we’ve moved house.

announcing the prize

And the top blogger for 2012 receives the brand new Ford Territory Titanium Diesel model as shown in the lovely pictures here. For a year. The very cute Ford lady announced the price as winning the car. Can you imagine that? Wow it really is a gorgeous car and I had some serious car envy going on. I would love that parked in my driveway for a year. And I’m glad they pitched the car talk at a level suitable to the mummy blogger. I tend to lose concentration when things get too technical for me but I did learn that there are 7 seats, all leather seats, a reversing camera, sat nav and plenty of space on board. The winner also receives a trip to BlogHer12 in NYC. I have my ticket already and a baby due the first week of July so you can see why I’m aiming for the top 10 position! Better to let someone who won’t have a newborn win the trip to NYC and experience BlogHer this year.

new ford territory

And here is the goody bag I came home with. Keira only asked me about 50 times to photograph it and put it on my blog so she could rip open the smiggle pack and eat some chocolate. I love that there is a gorgeous big candle and also a room diffuser in there both from Freedom. How perfect for the new house. Well done on the goody bags. Seriously good.

the goody bag
A huge thank you to Kidspot for such a lovely night out! I know you all worked hard organising it and a special thanks to Chantelle for the gorgeous goody bags and her hard work and Sam for all her organising and then letting me take the first taxi going home! So sweet!
And lovely readers don’t forget to vote for me here
p.s I would have shared this post with you all this morning but Telstra had other ideas and I’ve had no internet for 28 hours! yes count them, 28 hours! Just about killed me because my iphone screen is smashed but I survived…..somehow!


  1. Hello Corrie, It was interesting reading of the Top 50 bloggers competition and will call back to the list and check out some more blogs and reasons for blogging.
    I put my vote in for you . Good Luck.

  2. Acabei de votar para você GANHAR,dedos cruzados.Seja uma ganhadora feliz.Vou pedir as minhas filhas para votarem a noite.Catiúscia,Catiene,e Catierine.Esse último nome só existe um ,já procuramos na rede.Quem sabe não será o nome do seu sexto bebe…eu sei que este é um menino.Um grande beijo.

  3. I would love to vote. How do I do it? I hope this isn’t a silly question as people are talking to me while I try to read this post.

  4. Congratulations on the nomination Corrie, so well deserved. I have voted for you xo

  5. I love reading your blog and have done for at least a year or so. I’ve voted – good luck Corrie

  6. I have just voted for you. Fingers crossed. I love your blog xx

  7. Hi Corrie, it was so awesome to meet you the other night. You are just as gorgeous as I imagined you would be. I know you are totally going to kick that Top 10 Goal by a mile. Xxx Sonia

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