never wake a sleeping baby

One thing I learnt pretty early on. Never wake a sleeeping baby. Especially when they’ve been fighting sleep all day like this little princess. And on the weekend at Power of Moms there was universal agreement that watching your little ones sleep is a great thing about motherhood. I love watching them while they sleep. So sweet, innnocent and peaceful.

love her sleeping
so cute
sweet baby elodie

I can’t believe she won’t be the baby of the family much longer. And I love that she is wearing one of Keira’s baby dresses which our ‘aunty nicky’ from america sent to us all those years ago. I’m going to miss having another girl to pass them on to.


  1. Gorgeous cheeks! I’m in the middle of sewing some drawstring bags with a pair of old Boden trousers that a friend gave me, her girls have worn them out but rather than throw them out she thought I might use them. She doesn’t know I’ll be giving her a bag later this week filled with chocolate after she’s had my 2yr old son for the day! I’ve got dresses from my girls waiting to be made into something else.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a little love she is!

  3. This has warmed my heart. I’m getting married this Autumn and this has reminded me of what I have to look forward to when I become a mother….

    Argghhhh I can’t wait!!!

    Great little post


  4. Awww she’s gorgeous! I love to watch my babies sleep too x

  5. Oh she is so cute. I used to find those were the moments when you so wanted to just pick them up and snuggle them, lol but you are right,,,never wake a sleeping baby!

  6. É o amor de DEUS.E que ELE continue a abençoar.Beijos.SHSHSH

  7. Oh she’s so gorgeous, look at those cheeks, how can you resist pinching her all over, love Posie

  8. It is true

  9. Gee she is adorable!

  10. Gee she is adorable!

  11. So Cute! My little man is having a snooze now…

  12. I forgot to ask some advice…I am making a quilt for my daughter and it is the first time I have attempted a quilt…any suggestions on what would be a basic quilt for a beginner?

  13. So Cute! My little man is having a snooze now…

  14. What a doll! And if I was you I would just sit and watch her sleeping the whole day.

  15. Oh so sweet.

  16. The best advice I ever got!!!

  17. I only just posted about sleeping littlies yesterday, with pics of my two monkey’s snoozing. I agree, nothing more beautiful and nothing more necessary than to let them sleep. I loathe having to wake them and thankfully have only needed to do it a handful of times ever. Elodie is pure baby perfection xo

  18. How wonderful. As a mum to 4 boys I never had the chance to dress up a little girl, they do look so sweet asleep. Hand me downs are great and with my 4 I have gotten to see clothes from our 9 year old on our newborn. The memory overload is so special.

  19. She is just chubby deliciousness! You must have to resist nibbling on those little arms!
    Lovely wee girl.

  20. beautiful Corrie.

  21. Still such a baby and so completely adorable. If you can keep some of your more sentimenta kidsl clothes to pass on to their own children one day. I so wish my Mum kept at least one dress I wore to take a pic of my girls in :)

  22. sweet sweet baby… she’ ll become ELDER sister soon :)

  23. Oh my doesn’t she look so sweet. It brought back so many memories of my own children at that age.

    My now 20 year old daughter was such a chubby chops when she was little. I could never resist chomping on her chubby arms and legs.

    So sweet, so angelic … but you never know what they’re dreaming about 😉

  24. Gosh she looks like Keira! Gorgeous little thing – and I’m sure you have people around you who would appreciate you’re beautiful hand-me-downs!

  25. Adorable!
    Just like my girl…i’ve learned to never ever wake her up…specially at her afternoon sleep..

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