Power of Moms Sydney retreat : Day 1

Wow, wow and more wows. I’m just home from my first day at Power of Moms and what a great learning experience. So many lovely mums in the room, so many friendly people with a story to share, little babies to look at, things to learn, delicious food and all in the most wonderful house you’ve ever seen. What a generous family to let us all in for a weekend. So kind.
afternoon session
Everyone has been so friendly including April and Saren the founders of Power of Moms who have so much to share with us. And there are even a couple of craft bloggers there – hi Sheridan and Kate. And I got to meet Toni’s sister, Carli and I met so many lovely people that I could just keep going. And I even led a little small group discussion and sat on a panel and it wasn’t that bad.
afternoon tea
Normally I don’t really like speaking in front of groups but I love talking about being a mummy and it does come naturally to me.
I think retro daddy will appreciate me putting into action the things I learnt about organisation. In particular that pile on the kitchen counter. What do you do with your pile of paperwork? Me? I just move it. To another place. And let it grow. But armed with some strategies I am going to get on top of those piles, those odd jobs and those big jobs. Overflowing hotmail account anyone?
babies. so cute
I’m so excited to head back tomorrow for another full day and am just so grateful that I’m getting this opportunity to learn, reflect, challenge myself and work harder for my gorgeous family. Because I have made this my life and I know that there are things I could be doing better!
we listen
helpers in the kitchen
dinner is served
Now of course I had to take a picture of a sleeping baby. All those babies in the room and they were so good. I always stare a little too much when a baby is nearby
sleeping baby
And after dinner and games it was home time. The little ones were so excited to see me when I got in the car and while I was excited to tell retro daddy what I’d been doing, keira piped up from the back ‘ And mummy did you learn how to listen to your children?’. Well that’s telling me. So it was time to listen to everyone tell me about their day!
Way Home
ps.retro daddy has done a champion job here. He told me that the kids all ate up their dinner including Tillie who didn’t eat it last night. He said you won’t like how. I said I don’t mind because you got them to eat your dinner. Of course the solution involved tomato sauce. But I really don’t care. Just his way of doing things. See I learnt and am putting into action


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful day Corrie! Can you share the strategies for the growing pile on the kitchen counter? That house you met in looks gorgeous!

  2. In some families, tomato sauce is classed as a vegetable, so I think Retro Daddy did a smashing job :-)

  3. Oh yes … and please do share the secrets to the Counter Pile. That was my greatest fear when putting in such a long island bench. It’s become the major dumping ground for the family.

  4. Hello Corrie,
    Your retreat looks amazing – it is lovely to see these events empowering like minded Mummies. Sort of giving our role as mother’s the honor it deserves.
    I’m heading off to an empowering course this week-end, knowing that I will return home to my 5 cherubs with new ideas & better ways of doing things!
    Loved the “baby” participants – my little Eliza will be “doing” her personal development with me tomorrow. I can so relate to spending too much time staring – no wonder I, like you, have so many little people….
    Love your blog – it is inspiring – our lives are so different yet so “the same.” Family values are so special….
    Take care,

  5. First thing you see when you walk in our front door is a breakfast bar, so guess where everyone dumps their crap? I would love to hear some organisation tips!

  6. Thanks for the update, hope I am feeling better tomorrow and can join you!

  7. Your post was awesome and made me reflect on the Brisbane retreat (which I can’t believe was only 1 week ago). I felt the same as you about all the things that I have learnt….it’s a big decision to know where to start! Enjoy Saturday and I hope retro daddy keeps up the great work because my husband did an awesome job too! :)

  8. Oh it looks so so awesome. I just left a comment on facebook & thought I would leave one here, I can organise to come and would so love to come. :)

  9. So pleased your day was fun. I think you do a great job with your children I love to see a mummy so devoted to family life.

  10. Oh Corrie! It seems a lot of us have that pile on the benchtop – please, please, please share with us some strategies to cure this evil. Would love to hear a few other tips for us unfortunates who werent lucky enough to attend this great forum for like minded Mums. PS Go Retro Daddy and the Sauce!!

  11. It sounds like you had a wonderful and produactive day, Enjoy it you really deserve it :)

  12. Sounds great. Are they Thermomixes on the kitchen counter in one of the pics? Please tell me they did not do an Opera style, “You get a Thermomix, You get thermomix” give away.

    Just kidding.

  13. Tomato sauce… Ha Ha …You both need a medal. Because our kitchen bench is weeny our dinner table is our counter pile/sewing pile/homework pile/SMH pile/cat bed/ and we now have dinner on our laps in front of the TV :( (Which I SWORE would never happen) Any tips to avoid that please???

  14. What is it with men and tomato sauce?! With one of my kids, it got to the point that he’d have tomato sauce sandwiches… Yuck. I keep reminding the husband how much sugar is in the sauce, but to no effect.

  15. Okay – so the tomato sauce thing – I think you mean ketchup in North America. It is a fad – my 50 yo brother used to have tuna, ketchup and cheese sandwiches – pretty gross to watch him eat them. I don’t think he has had one in about 35 years. I look at it as a stage – ignore it and it may well disappear. Now there are some things that need it – french fries, eggs and of hotdogs/hamburgers. Enjoy your day – business people go to workshops all the time. Why not moms?

  16. You sound so calm, i love this, ahhhh, i wish i could have come with you, did it cater for those of us with them all in middle primary to high school, as that is a greater challenge, getting all the homework, sports & social activities under control, on my own. Love Posie

  17. PS you know i went to hosptial for my hand surgery & left my husband, fresh from a war zone & hadn’t seen the children for 5 months . . . without a single note or instruction, everyone got to school, sport, correct uniforms & he cooks better than me anyway, so plan for the odd get away in the future, no one goes hungry!! Love Posie

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