retro mummy goes back to school

Yes! That’s right! Today I went back to school. Keira’s school to be exact for Mothers Monday. A very special day where I get to spend all day with keira and do what she does.
elodie and keira
Which is be a sweet little year 1 girl. It was such a lovely day but something I totally underestimated was just how exhausted I’d be. Lugging around Elodie all day did not help and girlfriend is not getting any lighter. I haven’t been this tired in a long time.
keeping elodie entertained
We started with a special mass. Somehow I didn’t cry, probably because I was so focused on keeping elodie quiet but it was so adorable when Keira’s grade got up to sing the special mothers song ‘Mum I want to tell you, just how much you mean to me……..’
keeping her busy
Then we did english where I got a refresher on nouns and verbs (I’m not kidding, english was not one of my best subjects)

keira uses the smart board

 morning tea where elodie stuffed no less than 3 pieces of banana bread in and got it all over my black dress and cardigan. Then it was maths (not one of keira’s best subjects) and a spot of bingo then  lunch. 

keira learns scrapbooking and loves it!
After lunch was my favourite activity of the day…………………scrapbooking. And I did let keira do some of it. I promise. I didn’t take over. We made a little memory book and it was such a lovely activity to do together. And keira has taken to it so quickly that she hasn’t stopped since we got home this afternoon. I think I have a little scrapper on my hands. Which might come in handy since I never finished any albums I started after she was born.
So I am now lying on the couch, exhausted and did what any sensible pregnant lady who has lemonade and ice cream in the house does……….LEMONADE SPIDER! I’ve got a bit more energy now to do teeth and bed before I collapse on the couch again.
fruit break
but the best part of the day, when I got home and a little someone wrote me a very special letter telling me how much she loved today, she hoped all of my dreams came true and that I’m the best mum in the world. Awwwwwwww. Talk about buttering me up!


  1. I love tht song.. Wht a great day to spend with Kiera. Such special bonding time for all

  2. That is SO awesome that you get to spend the whole day seeing what she does in the classroom! And how cute is Miss Elodie?! xxx

  3. That’s a good idea – get Keira to do the album. I won’t tell you how long it took me just to do the thank you cards when each of my kids were born. It looks like you had a lovely day, and I can only imagine how tired you must be.

  4. What a lovely family you have Corrie :-)

  5. Such a lovely idea of the school’s to do this for the mums! and its not even mothers day!! I too would have learnt a thing or two as english was not my strong point either!! Hope you found the energy to get all the jobs done tonight and can relax now :)

  6. First comment to your blog after lurking awhile Corrie..this is so gorgeous! Have gone back to casual teaching and had lots of infants and you’re right, it’s tiring! Especially when pregnant. What a beautiful memory you’ve made with Keira. I love it. Hope you get a rest day tomorrow? Take care..

  7. I love that whole idea – I wish our school did a day like that. We have a special grandparents day, but I think I will borrow your school’s idea and make a suggestion! Although a tiring day for you, loads of precious memories created – just beautiful!

  8. What a great day. Love that you had enough time to do the scrapbooking and experience her whole day. Elodie looked like she was having a great day as well.

  9. Very cute!! … What a great way to see what your little one is up to each day when she’s away at school!!!

  10. I am exhausted just thinking about it but what a lovely thing to do! it will be a special memory for Kiera for sure!

  11. What lovely photos of Kiera and your time with her in kindergarten. Such memories are to be cherished.

  12. Faço minhas as palavras de sua filha linda,KEIRA.Posso imaginar o quanto feliz ele ficará se terminar seus álbuns.Peça para fazer cartões de agradecimentos de visitas de maternidade…?Beijos e bençãos para todos vocês.

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