knitting for the baby

It’s not all about moving house here. There has been a bit of craft going on to take my mind off moving house. And nothing relaxes like some knitting. This is the ‘easy baby cardigan’ from More Last Minute Knitting Gifts. A must have knitting book in my opinion. I have both Last Minute Knitting Gifts and think they are lovely books with a really wide range of patterns. This is definitely one of my favourites out of the two books.
Knitting For The Baby
I’m knitting it in Bendigo (well that’s no surprise) Woollen Mills Rustic 12 ply. The colour you ask? Elm. A lovely green that I think is going to look sooooooo cute with navy. I’m knitting the smallest size and have done this much in a few nights so it really is a fast knit.
From More Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Here is a pic from the book and you can find ravelry details on the pattern here. And here is the one I made for chubby cheeks Elodie. And there are people who wonder why I keep having babies. Hello! Cute babies!
And that is what I have been up to!


  1. I love to knit, but have never progressed beyond scarves and bed socks! How did you learn to follow patterns? I find them a bit confusing. I have a huge plastic tub of wool stash and would love to actually make wearable winter warmers. For now I will keep pinning to pinterest and drooling over your clever knits!

  2. Knitting is so joyous a thing. Your patterns are so cute.

  3. You are so clever!

    Elodie is the cutest little chubby cheeked baby I’ve ever seen! xxx

  4. nice blog..welcome to my blog…:)

  5. oh..i dont wonder why you have so many babies…it seems we have been bitten by the same bug…
    babies = loveliness

  6. I love how you just whip up a beautiful creation in no time Corrie, I’m really inspired by that. I am trying to get into sewing and it’s driving me to drink! I love all the pretty things I see around blogland, so thought I’d try my hand at something I like. It’s much harder than you talented girls make it look xo

  7. Elodie is so adorable. And definitely chilled out.=) I love that photo.
    I don’t knit, but I enjoy seeing your creations. I did just buy on e of the last minute knit gift books for my bff who does knit.
    I stumbled on your blog recently and I am thoroughly enjoying it. You inspire me.=)
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. She sure is adorable!

  9. Precious

  10. You are amazing, where do you find the time ? Little rosy-cheeked Elodie looks beautiful in her sweet little cardie !

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