they love their jammies

A lovely reader on facebook asked for a picture of all the little ones in their pj’s………….here they are. They all love them and so does daddy.

all in a row

They look so good that I feel a few more pairs coming this weekend if I get the chance. The girls are just wearing little plain t-shirts from Target that were in a big tub I’ve stockpiled for appliques.

they love their pjs

And I also must do a pair for this little couch potato. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of her as she’s never sat in it like this but looks so cute! And couch potato-y.

miss couch potato

Now for Elodie’s pants I think I’ll use my favourite baby pants pattern for her which is the quick change trouser from Anna Maria Horner’s baby book, Handmade Beginnings. I made a pair here.


  1. Such cuties

  2. naww, how cute are they. Making pj pants re on my to do list too. We all need new pairs. But first I am organising my craft space since I can’t seem to find anything at the moment!

  3. Such cuties you have there, and we love the jammies, you can tell they love them!

  4. They all look so snuggly and gorgeous in their new pants!

    You’ve inspired me! I might make my three some on this rainy weekend.

  5. They are all so sweet … touchwood.

  6. Sweetest little ele legs. I love that fabric use it heaps.

  7. Não sei como ainda existe no mundo alguém que não acredita em DEUS…Olhe para esses!!!NÃO SÃO IMAGEM E SEMELHANÇA.BEIJOS E BENÇÃOS.beije-os por mim mamãe e papai,

  8. So sweet !!
    LG Simone

  9. Oh Elodie is so adorable. She reminds me of my little (big) Felix so much… even down to the stripy tights. They look so cute and chubby in tights xo

  10. You have such cute kids! I´m expecting my first! =)

    My blog is about fashion ( I promote spanish designers in Qatar), style and my experience as an expat western woman in this muslim conservative country ! Would you like to follow each other?

  11. Beautiful PJs for beautiful kids! Your blog is simply gorgeous – you’re so talented!! I can’t wait to read more x

  12. adorable jammies…adorable kiddos!!

  13. Oh that is so cute, i love group shots, i’ll take some today as we have a book launch at the National Library to attend, they’ll not only be out of jammies but out of the house too!! How about this rain, i’m not getting out of my pyjama pants until i really have to!!
    Oh Anna Maria Horner, you’re catching up to her big size family, only a little more quickly. I love her fabrics but failed to get her book, i bet it’s gorgeous. Too late when your 4th child is 8?? Hmmm . . . missed the boat on that one, love Posie

  14. When I make my kids pj pants I buy a $5 t-shirt from Big W and appliqué a heart/star/etc from the same fabric as the pants on the shirt, and then they’ve got a matching set!

  15. SO sweet!!! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

  16. They looks so cute Corrie! Cute fabric too, Spotlight buyers are getting better lately. You have a couple of little thumb suckers there, better start saving for the orthodontic bills now.

  17. such gorgeous cherubs in those cute pjs.

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