not that I needed more fabric….

But I couldn’t resist a little stock up at Spotlight yesterday. Sometimes I go along and nothing takes my fancy but at the moment they have a lot of great fabrics. Well done Spotlight. Firstly I had to pick up a few more Daisy Mae prints for my growing Denyse Schmidt stash (have you ordered your Flea Market Fancy yet? I have!). Then I saw the cute little elephants which are a japanese print and thought they’d be perfect for little pj pants and then I thought well I better get something for the new baby and picked up a little Peter Rabbit

don't tell retro daddy

Just don’t tell retro daddy! He is not happy with my fabric stash at the moment. I don’t know what he’s talking about. Apparently I need to clear more out and stop bringing it into the house. Whatever.


  1. Ha! Those Daddies and they’re inability to understand the need for immense fabric stashes! We have one of those too … LOVE the elephant print. Me thinks a trip to Spotlight is in order.

  2. I love the little “whatever” statement at the end of your post. It made me smile. xx

  3. Giggling in Hobart, Corrie! J x PS Have you thought of getting rid of word veri? Blogger has made it so much harder for us all now.

  4. Men will be men anywhere :)
    Its the same thing with our dad when mum and I get in loads of fabric stashes. I like the prints you got for yourself.
    Warmest regards,

  5. Omg, those elephants are so cute! If I had a spotlight within 200kms I’d be there for sure!

  6. Yeah, whatever!

  7. Those elephants are TDF! I need them!

  8. I went to Spotlight on Monday and bought some Lisette fabric for a dress for me. I was very careful not to look at anything else as I know what I am like! I think I will need to go back though…love all the fabrics you chose…I need some for my stash!

  9. Those elephants are cute! I’ve been noticing the odd Japanese print at Spotlight lately. Have they been stalking blogs for ideas?

  10. What “Fabric” – its PJ pants (in disguise) and you need those!

  11. wow, so impressed that these are from Spotlight. Not what I expected at all! Love the elephants

  12. Loving those fabrics and in the interests of family harmony I would be more than happy to look after your stash for you – not sure you would get it all back though.

  13. Aaaargh, I’m trying to cut down on my Spotlight habit. You are not helping. I haven’t been for at least a week now. That’s good, right? Those elephants do look pretty cute…

  14. I saw those elephant prints at my Spotlight yesterday too! I was very surprised at what else I found there. I wish I had have bought more, think I need to go back!!

  15. LOL is all I can say!

  16. I think retro daddy lives at my house too!

  17. My hubby has a huge shed full of….stuff(!)….and yet causes me grief when I bring home more yarn,fabric and books….I tell him that when I have a studio the size of his shed there’ll be nothing in the house to worry his little head….I’m stil waiting!

  18. Gorgeous PJ pants! How many kids are at home with you during the day? How do you get the time?

  19. Love that fabric, just what I don’t need an excuse for more fabric in the house. Love to see your finished project.

  20. They’re such gorgeous, happy prints Corrie. How lovely to have them there, ready for lots of pretty clothes to be created xo

  21. Corrie, what section was the elephant fabric in? I am going to attempt a phone order and I know they will ask.

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