everyone blows out my candles

Is this how it goes in your family? Everyone needs a turn to blow out the candles. Boy, the fighting that went on because keira blew out the candles before everyone else. So everyone got a turn. After we did the family tradition (from retro daddy’s side) where we have to turn the lights off, hold hands, swing them and sing happy birthday. Then we have keira’s tradition of the other happy birthday where you smell like a monkey and live in the zoo. That one never gets old here.
family tradition
keira's turn
finn needs some help
finn's turn
tillie needs some help
tillie's turn
But everyone declared it the best birthday ever…………that will be until the next birthday in the family! And now I’m off to put my feet up, do some knitting and try to stay awake for at least a few rows. 


  1. Happy Birthday Corrie! So good to see you today.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Happy B’day Corrie, it sounded very busy – but full of good wishes & love. Enjoy!!
    P.S. Good Luck with the BB House!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Corrie – what a perfect birthday – with Retro Daddy and surrounded by all your little ones!!

  5. Taking turns: too cute!
    Reminded me of the sibling rivalries my brother & I had as children: mum found a twin banana and we were meant to share but he went and ate it by himself so Mum had to put a note up on the fridge saying the next twin banana that is found is Rachel’s.
    ps Happy Birthday!

  6. Its lovely to have birthday traditions to pass down to the next generation :) Happy birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday! How lovely to share your birthday candle blowing out with those beautiful children. So sweet.

  8. Oh Corrie! Such precious photos. Have just popped something in the post for you. J x

  9. Happy Birthday Corrie. Love the traditions. You will continue them forever and your kids will too.

  10. Hahaha, yes all my kids went through it. Now its all our younger nieces and nephews who, “watched and learnt” from their cousins. See little Elodie watching the other kids in each photo. Next year she will have that blowing of the candles down-patt, and bubba will be “learning” the tradition! Great photos. Cake looks yummy!! HB again…couldn’t comment without saying it :-)

  11. Such beautiful photos Corrie. Lovely traditions too xo

  12. Gorgeous photos, hope you had a great day Corrie. Do the kids scream when the knife cuts through the cake, that was a tradition my girls brought home from the local primary school.

  13. happy birthday. What a cute family you have

  14. happy birthday beautiful girl.

  15. That looks like a scrummy cake! I’m new to your blog so hello and happy birthday!

  16. Heartiest birthday wishes … may God bless you always :)

  17. Happy Birthday! We share the same day, but I am much, much older than you.
    I hope enjoyed a wonderful day!

  18. Happy birthday! Beautiful photos!

  19. Happy Birthday Corrie!

    I am loving your blog so far. You are doing such a great thing

    I would like make same on my little blog : NiceVintageFrance
    vincent G

  20. Happy birthday Corrie! Love your family birthday traditions. xxx

  21. Happy Birthday! :) Hope you had a great one.

  22. And the cutting of the cake. The whole year except April and May there will be a birthday celebrations – of grandparents, aunt&uncles, cousins.

  23. Happy Birthday Corrie for Saturday, mine was on Friday. It’s great to have those family traditions. The kids will also remember them.

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