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Wow thank you for your emails after the Today show segment! I just love receiving emails from new readers and oh the questions! I decided to answer them all in one spot so we can all get the answers. Oh and by the way the today show segment is here.
1. How to start a blog
Well I love blogger ( because it’s so easy and well um it’s all I know how to use. Almost 6 years ago with hardly any idea of how to blog I set up my first blog on blogger and the rest  is history. First up think of a great name, make it unusual but punchy. No one wants to have to type in a 30 letter blog name! And think about about buying the .com for your blog name. It will cost you a couple of dollars (check out GoDaddy) but is worth it if your blog takes off and you decide to host your own blog on your own domain. Tune out now if I’ve lost you. It will make sense later on.
2. What to blog about?
What is your passion? How would people describe you? Is there something you are learning and obsessed with? What do you dream of? What is the funnniest thing about you or your family? It could be that you live in the most beautiful part of australia or you eat/sleep/breathe craft or you are trying to make a new career for yourself. We’re mostly mummies but there must be something that sets us apart from the next mummy (or lady/man/fill in the blank). That way people will find you and remember you and you will fall into your own niche.

3. How to get people to read my blog
Well you’ve got to put yourself out there. You’ve got to read blogs, comment on blogs, follow blogs, maybe join a community of bloggers like digital parents (great resource for mummy bloggers) or another online community where you can share your blog. Look for blog link ups and so on too. And remember it takes time. I started out with a handful of readers for a few months there and then gradually over time they increased. Nothing will happen overnight and you have to be prepared to put the time and effort in.
4. How do I monitor my traffic
I like sitemeter for my traffic, it comes in on a monday and I look at it and that’s it for the week. I know people obsess over their traffic but that’s time I spend on my blog, facebook etc and of course with my little ones. Don’t get so obsessed that you forget the reason why you are at home – to look after little people.
5. Do I need to be on facebook, twitter, pinterest etc? 
Well I just love facebook! It’s where I can answer questions, chat, let off some steam and trivial stuff and just hang out. I like twitter too but it moves fast so I tend to pop in each day for a little bit and then I’m off. You could spend all day on there. I also love ravelry for my knitting (, flickr for my photos ( and pinterest ( oh pinterest you time waster you. I don’t think you need to be on everything. Pick what you love, set up your page/name and keep it all the same as your blog name so that people can find you. Be sure to share those links on your blog too so people who like what they see can find you on those other sites.
6. How do I make money from my blog
Ok well I should point out that I didn’t start really making money from my blog until I joined nuffnang ( and started to do sponsored posts. I also do advertising on my sidebar, each ad campaign runs for a week and you receive earnings based on how many clicks of the ad they are. And no you can’t just click on the link yourself! Now I do get asked ‘So I joined nuffnang and haven’t heard anything’. Obviously you need to get noticed by nuffnang and have traffic that they think is suitable for a campaign/sponsored posts. Also they now do product reviews where you don’t get paid but they can be great experience and get yourself out there and get your blog a mention.
You can also make money by selling your own space on your blog, some bloggers charge say $30 for a little button on their sidebar. Again you’ll want to have traffic coming to your blog that will make it attractive for people to advertise on your blog.You might need to contact small businesses or websites seeking their $$$’s which can be daunting but it’s all part of putting yourself out there. Also make up a little ‘advertise here’ button to gain interest as you never know who may be reading your blog.
If you make and sell a product then a blog can help you promote that product or service and you can link to your store/shopfront/webpage or just make your blog your webpage. By building a community of readers you can be building a customer base.
A lot of bloggers also receive products to try out and give away. When you’re starting out this can be fun and exciting and you’ll need to get noticed by the PR companies or approach themself. Ask other bloggers who do product reviews if they have any contacts to share. There are events and all sorts of things to attend. Unfortunately for me I just don’t have the time as I’m home 24/7 with my little ones but I like the way I work now so I’m happy with the way I do things.
And I almost forgot to mention that I love affiliate programs like fishpond. See all those cute books over on the right sidebar. There are also programs for other online stores too like amazon etc. You just join up, build links for products you love and you think your readers will love and you will earn commission with each click. I think the fishpond books make my blog look pretty. You don’t need any minimum traffic to join with them so it’s great if you’re starting out.

7. OK retro mummy, well I’m doing all of that but still no one is reading my blog
This is hard! We all set up a blog and think people will love us and our blog as much as we do! You’re going to have to put yourself out there even more and make friends with bloggers. Look for blog meet ups nearby, conferences (yes these can be daunting but there are always lots of newbies there), online communitities (I know I’ve already said that), jump in on twitter conversations and follow bloggers you like, get on facebook and just get out there. Put links to your blog posts on facebook and twitter too. Get your blog name out there, comment like crazy, be a lovely blogger and people will find you. I promise. And find out the bloggers who are like you with similar blogs – the food bloggers etc and make sure you’re moving in similar circles.
Now that is no exhaustive list and has just all come off the top of my head but I hope it helps you out! If you have a question then let me know and I’ll answer it here!


  1. Some great tips. I completely forgot to watch the morning show (blaming the preggo brain). Is it online somewhere? Can you post a link, pretty please!?

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing you’re knowledge. PS you were fab on the Today Show piece!


  3. Great advice and I can attest that it actually works because you gave it to me some months via email and I followed it. This morning Eden Riley from Edenland commented on a post I put up yesterday and I was chuffed. She’s a pretty famous blogger and she reads mine! Wow! So thanks Corrie because your advice helped me so much with my blog. x

  4. Great post Corrie – I just might follow some of your suggestions to earn money for Aussie Heroes at some point! Always handy to have a little cash to pay for supplies!

  5. Olá! Lindo e proveitoso post,+um motivo para gostar de você,obrigada.Abri uma conta ,para poder me comunicar com mais facilidade com vocês.Odiava ter que ser anônimo.Me chamo Maria do Carmo,todos me chamam de Carminha,tenho três filhas29,27 e 26 anos,1 neto de 17 meses e uma neta chegando em abril.Sempre estive envolvida com artesanato,com a vinda das filhas foi uma ótima opção,trabalhar em casa e cuidar delas,não me arrependo.Quando descobri seu blog,amei.Estou rodeada de tecidos,moldes,agulhas,tubos e linhas…tubilinha tiacarminha veio muito natural,muitos me chamam de tia independente de parentesco.Quero ter um blog,mas estou fazendo peças diferenciadas,anotando tudo para ter um começo com qualidade e capricho.Quanto a ganhar dinheiro,penso que temos que ter uma dianteira,com produtos de consumo rápido e fácil de vender, almofadas por EX.Bem, acho que isso daria um post…Vou dormir aqui 23.40.Beijos nas crianças,Deus continue a abençoar sua linda família.

  6. Corrie that was awesome thanks. As a new blogger it is always nice to hear from someone with such a fantastic blog.

    I am totally in awe of you by the way. You are the kind of mummy I wish I was- if it weren’t for work and study and other time gobbling endeavours. Maybe one day :-)

  7. Great tips. Thank you for sharing them across.
    Warmest regards,

  8. Hi Corrie, you were amazing on Today. I have taken your advice and am on my way thank you so much. (not going far yet but I’m out there) Happy days. Chris xx

  9. My mum is always raving about your blog and is constantly on my back to find out how to make some $$ from my blog!
    I have now spent my afternoon ignoring my house work to pursue some of your suggestions!

  10. Thanks for the great tips Corrie and for the chance to see your interview as being in the uk I didn’t see it live, you were Amazing!!

  11. The honest truth is Corrie, you’re a beautiful example of a winning blog. I know I always love coming back because this space makes me happy, it’s a good place to be and people like to feel good when they’re reading something day in day out. Great tips from one of the best xo

  12. Thank you for this! Some of the best advice I’ve seen. :)

  13. Thanks for the great tips and advice! (:

  14. Thank you – as a new blogger (using blogspot) this info is much appreciated. All I need to know now is how the heck do I do a banner at the top of my blog! Tried following tutorials and nothing. If you have any tips, they would be very gratefully received!

  15. Uhh…. i meant using blogger!! Too much time in the garden today, exhausted, time for bed!

  16. Thanks for the tips :) I’ve been trying to get more readers.. and by readers.. I mean, ANYONE, since I currently have 0 people following me, so I’m thankful for your tips! Also, here I am, putting myself out there, following a blog and commenting a blog.. *PLEASE WORK!* :)

  17. Lots of great advice Corrie, working my way through your suggestions. Now that I don’t work fulltime it’s time to get my blog running at full stregth. You gave me a prod at the right time. Thank you.

  18. I think your blog is great – I found myself hooked in when I found it on Quilt Blogs – but I kept going back and it became a favourite. I think the thing that makes me such a follower is your genuineness Corrie – ups and downs are all there. Keep blogging…

  19. Great tips Retro Mummy! I just started my blog not long ago and this is very helpful! Check it out:

  20. Hi i just stumbled upon this blog and just wanted to say…nice blog! Keep it going :) And the tips are great!

    I’m new in this blogging business but I’m excited for what’s to come

  21. Oh wow, great post! Such a help for us newbies! I look forward to reading more of retromummy in the future!! xx

  22. Great tips! Thanks for the clear-cut examples. I think I shall try some. Love your blog :)

  23. Thanks!! I just started blogging and I’m pretty excited about it. :) These tips are very helpful! p.s. I studied in Melbourne, Australia for a year in 2008. I love reading your blog because it reminds me of all the crazy words you guys use that I miss so much…. I WILL return someday. No doubt about it.

  24. Thanks for this post. It finally prompted to get off my butt and start my own blog. I have been avidly reading sewing/quilting blogs since not long after I started sewing 3 and a bit years ago. I started with a night sewing course, but with young kids and a workaholic husband I found it hard to get the time to leave the house. A friend suggested looking online for you tube tutorials, which were great and then i found blogs and have pretty much learned to sew and found a love for all thing sewing and crafting including the ladies who run these blogs. So for too long I have been getting so much from blogs and I really feel like it is time to give, contribute and put my creativity out there as well. I am leaving the comforts of being fairly annonomas and hopeing to make some real cyberspace friends. Particularily as moving away from Australia i have lost all my physical crafty mates (yes we keep in contact)but I have not found a crafty network here….

    So thanks for your great blog and this post


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