we’re having a ……………..

healthy baby! I thought it would be funny to share the little ones reactions! Perhaps not as excited as I would have liked. But my favourite moment would have to be at 41 seconds!

We are thrilled to know that we have a healthy baby on board.


  1. big congrats Corrie – love your children’s reactions! especially Finns!

  2. Congratulations!! It was great to see their reactions! So happy for you all!!!

  3. Congrats on another healthy baby!!

    Heehee, Finn’s MUSCLES reaction was awesome!!

  4. Yay! So happy for you :)

  5. That is hilarious! Finn is so funny. Congratulations….how exciting to be having another healthy baby boy!

  6. Yaaaay!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! You’re feeling was right! A beautiful healthy little baby boy!! So happy for you and RD. Now you can start knitting in blue!!!! : ))

  7. Congratulations!!!! Yay for baby boys (well, any babies are fab!) – and your kids are just gorgeous! :) So happy all is well

  8. Omg isn’t Finn the cutest? I always thought from your photo’s that he was very shy and reserved, but my gosh I just adore him in this!
    Tilly is such a girly girl isn’t she? Didn’t surprise me that she said “girl”.

  9. luv it!!
    congratulations to you and your family corrie

  10. Fantastic news Corrie. Another little boy will be so adorable. Hope all goes well for you!

  11. Baby boys are lovely :-) congratulations!

  12. Congratulation to you and retro daddy.


  14. Congratulations!

  15. Congratulations on another boy Corrie – I wonder what you’ll call him? I just loved the video – Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs – Fee

  16. Oh cute. Congratulations. Cousin Patrick is pretty happy for Finn.

  17. Congrats to you all.xx

  18. congrats Corrie and family. I’m sure the girls will be thrilled in the morning….

  19. Congrats Corrie. Finn was too funny!

  20. YAy for you all! Do you think Finn was just a little tiny bit excited??

  21. Congrats, love it. ‘sit down nicely again’ who are you kidding. lol. They are adorable.

  22. Congratulations Corrie xxx

  23. Love Finns reaction, but was amused by Tillie’s, her crossed arms said it all.

  24. Such a perfect way to share your wonderful news. Congratulations!

    I missed you on the Today show, but really wanted to see it. Do you have a clip or anything to share?

  25. Congratulations!! Finn’s reaction was priceless. I’m so happy everything is well with bub xox

  26. congratulations!!! so happy for you all, especially Finn.

  27. Ha … gorgeous! I think you’ll have to call the baby Muscles. Finn seems to have taken a liking to that word :-)

  28. A little boy! How wonderful! Congratulations. A buddy for Finn.
    Now you’ll be able to use the cool name you’re considering.

  29. congratulations. OMG i really dont think they care. As long as healthy. Finn is ready for some more muscle in the house instead of so many girls. & can i say having a house with too many women. It is nice for a bit more testosterone just to balance out the harmony. LOL particularly when they all hit puberty… :)

  30. Oh that’s hilarious, they are so cute!! Makes me want more babies, even though I gave birth 4 weeks ago! Congratulations to you all, wonderful news.

  31. Congratulations! Muscle man Finn gets a little brother to play with!

    My 3 1/2yr old daughter is convinced that we are having another girl (due any day now!) simply because she also hates boys! 😛 I hope she’s not too disappointed if we end up with a boy!

  32. Just gorgeous, congratulations on another special wee person xx

  33. Congratulations!

  34. That was super cute, a little balance to your gorgeous babies. Congrats again to your whole family.

  35. Too cute, congratulations to you all

  36. Very cute! Congratulations on another sweet little boy! Jacinta

  37. congrats on your healthy baby boy, and I just love the “sit down nicely again” part, where they all leave at once :-))))))
    Kristina from Hungary

  38. gosh, what an awesome video of the kids reactions!! congratulations!

  39. So your intuition was right!! Fabulous news and Finn’s reaction was a pretty spot on boys reaction!!

  40. Priceless video! Thanks for sharing Corrie :) Their reactions are so funny. Take care & congratulations!!

  41. Congratulations! I’m very happy for you and your family.

  42. congrats Corrie Boys are very cuddly!

  43. Congratulations Corrie!!!
    I’m sure Retro Daddy’s much more exciting than rest of your family:)))
    4:2 sounds better than 5:2;)
    Take care!

  44. I mean 4:3 sounds better than 5:2 (I had to check it on my calculator;)

  45. WooHoo!!!! Congratulations — how very exciting — especially for Finn. Now you’ll have TWO children with muscles LOL!!!

  46. Congratulations :)
    Warmest regards,

  47. Congratulations!! You have a wonderful family!!! I hope to have such a beautiful family like yours someday! God bless you and your family, Retro Mummy!! :)

  48. Hm, my comment didn’t appear, I must have messed up the wv. I wanted to say congrats! 3 girls and 2 boys is a lovely combination but it does make me think that maybe we should have a 6th so that we can get 3 of each. I know you love your newborns too so I bet you feel the same way when you have this little angel. Hopefully, retrodaddy can stand firm! We’re seriously wavering over here! :-) xxx

  49. Yeah a boy!!! That’s wonderful congratulations to you all

  50. Truly priceless!!! congratulations – On the ‘healthy baby!!’ …..(you and retrodaddy must be over the moon!)

  51. The best reactions. That is such a special keepsake!

  52. That is just gorgeous Corrie! Just love the 41sec moment with Finn! Happy to hear the bubba is healthy, and wonderful news its a BOY!

  53. Corrie Congratulations! Loved the children, they are so precious especially Finn. Start knitting get the needles and blue wool out!!

  54. Congratulations, I love Finn’s Muscle man reaction, that was so cute.
    Your little ones are just adorable!

  55. Beautiful Corrie. A boy will be just perfect xoxo

  56. Congratulations! A boy – and “a boy with muscles” no less if Finn has his way.

  57. Congrats Gorgeous!Aren’t kids funny. ‘I hate boys!’ lol

  58. That is priceless Corrie. Love the reactions and it will be even more wonderful in ten years when you share it with them and they are teenagers!! You are so smart to document their lives so thoroughly.

  59. :-) awww…dat was so cute…Congratulations to the luvly family.

  60. Oh, Sweetheart. O am, *so* delighted for you. And this video was priceless. Go Finn! K x

    PS Have you considered getting rid of word veri? Blogger has just made it so much harder for us lately.

  61. Congratulations Corrie! So good to hear the little boy on the way is healthy. All the best to you and your family!

    Love, Wendy

  62. Congratulations – love Finn’s response. Priceless:)
    Hope the girls get over it and may he continue to grow happily in his little home until he joins you on the outside.

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