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Well tomorrow is my 19 week scan when I find out if I’m having a boy or girl. I’m so excited but also so nervous. Now I understand those of you who don’t like to find out what you’re having. There aren’t many surprises you get in this world and so on. I get that. But I’m just one of those people that has to know. I want to start knitting, planning a quilt, getting the name just right and dreaming of my little boy or girl on the way.
5 hour baby sweater again!
Grandma Betty is not impressed and has asked not to be told. But what do you think? Boy or girl? Of course I just want a healthy baby to show up on the screen tomorrow…………..but I think it’s a boy! But then I have moments when I think well I have 3 girls so it must be another girl. What do the little ones want? A boy to play with Finn. Yes, even keira wants a boy to play with Finn!
the cute little knits are the 5 hour baby sweater pattern. I made a few of these before the twins were born and are seriously the easiest baby cardigan to knit in the whole world!


  1. hmmm I think it would be great for your Finn to have someone on his side lol. But your girl’s have such beautiful big eye’s and I just love Elodie’s rosy cheeks. Good luck with your scan. By the way you looked fantastic on Today

  2. hi, corrie. you’re right, boy or girl, as long as you’ll a have healthy baby. but i’ll bet it’s a boy. all the best.

    anyway, just watched the TODAY show online. you and the kids are great. love it. such an inspirational to others.

  3. With the Cliche, “as long as it’s healthy” out of the way…I will vote for a Boy. My Miss is 3 and my Master is 1 and I just love the bond between a Mother and Son, especially in the early years before they get rough and tough. Good Luck tomorrow and fingers crossed that his legs are not :)

  4. Good Luck tomorrow! I think you will be having a boy!

  5. I bet boy because Finn needs some back-up.

  6. I have actually been wondering this myself over the past few days Corrie. As much as I would love for you to have a little brother for darling Finn, I am going to have to say girl. Enjoy going through the excitement of this special day again xxxx

  7. Boy!

  8. Looks like you’re due for another boy!

  9. A boy would be nice, I’m not good at guessing over the internet. I’m much better when I can see the shape of the tummy and talk about your symptoms. I had very different pregnancies with my boys compared to with my daughter. With my girl I was so, so tired ALL THE TIME and my Mum pointed out an old wives tale that girls take your energy etc. It made sense and I guessed I was having a girl very early on.

  10. PS I loved finding out what my babies were before they were born. I felt I could bond with them much easier.

  11. You were wonderful on the Today show this morning!
    I think that this baby will be a boy.
    Looking forward to hearing the answer. Boy or Girl it’s so exciting.
    I agree it will be lovely to be able to start planning and dreaming about your new son or new daughter!

  12. I didn’t find out with either of my pregnancies but had a strong feeling with both of them that I knew the sex – for the first I had brought a few bits and pieces that were all blue so luckily I was right! Same thing again with the second pregnancy – a girl.

    I think you’re having a boy :)

  13. Mmm, I would love for you to have another boy because Finn is so very gorgeous! Your girls are beautiful too but Finn and RetroDaddy need another one on their side LOL!

    As Dolores said it is hard without knowing you! My girl and boy pregnancy’s have some differences and this time I have a feeling I know but have to wait another 4 weeks to find out!

    Best of luck tomorrow, hope it all goes perfectly and hope you will share a photo of the newest retrobubba!

  14. Poor Finn – I think it’s a girl! Good luck with the scan, it’s always so exciting! 😀

  15. All your kids are devine Corrie! Great segment on Today, although they could have plugged your house for you quickly :) Enjoy tomorrow:)

  16. Girl! I don’t know why, but girl.

  17. I was so sure that Harry was going to be a girl. Not one person said boy and when he turned out to be a boy at our 19 week scan, i was dumb founded. I could not speak at all, I had expected a girl and it never crossed my mind. For you, I am hoping it is a little boy. Someone for Finn and Retrodaddy so they even out the girls a bit more, but until I had my own, no one would have been able to tell me the love that you get from a little boy.

  18. I think you are right…you will probably have a boy!

  19. It would be so nice for Finn to have a little brother to play with but I think you might just have another little girl. Goodluck with your scan tomorrow I look forward to finding out:) xx

  20. Hoping for a beautiful healthy baby for you. We found out what we were having for our last 3 but didn’t tell anyone so they had a surprise. I’m guessing a girl.

  21. I am with you on as long as it’s healthy. I do hope Finn gets a brother though to get through those hormonal teenage years with 3 sisters in the house lol!

    I watched your tv segment-you look great!!

  22. I hope you have a beautiful healthy baby.

    But be careful in trusting the ultrasound. A work mate & his wife were told they were having a daughter and were very surprised when their son was born.

  23. I’d love a little boy for Finn but something tells me its a girl but like you say, as long as its healthy it doesn’t matter either way.

  24. hello,
    I watch the Today show everyday. i have just started blogging and love it. i can only dream that mine would or could actually make me money.
    i look forward to spending many hours ready your blogs from here on in.
    my guess, you are having a girl.

  25. I going to place my bet on a boy. Did you find out with all of your pregnancies? We wanted to find out but at ou 19 week scan our Strudel was so curled up they couldn’t even get the measurements that they needed let alone see what gender she was. We went back a month later and she was still a little ball. So they could never tell us. And to be honest finding out at birth is so wonderful! We’re trying for #2 at the moment and I don’t think we’ll find out (if/when we get pregnant). I just loved the extra surprise.

  26. Hi Corrie, Pink or Blue – doesn’t matter. I’m thinking pink for you though. Happy Days Chris.

  27. I recorded the Today show this morning, just watched it back and you looked great. I’m hoping that you have a boy but GOD has already decided what your family needs. I’m sure your little bundle will bring you lots of love and heaps of happiness.

    Look forward to finding out what your having. I did all four pregnancies without finding out hence the reason why my last baby (boy)didn’t have any clothes waiting for him (his brother is 6 years older) I’d given everything away.


  28. I think it is a boy! Good luck!

  29. A Boy! Well I hope it is or God help retro daddy and Finn lol! Good luck xox

  30. Belated happy birthday (I don’t understand how I missed that one and I’m really sorry for this) and as they say every child begins the world again .. wishing you a happy pregnancy and happy healthy baby :)
    Warmest regards,

  31. boy!

  32. Mmmmm – I’m guessing another little girl. No matter what you’ll have a beautiful baby. Next will be naming this little one. Oh what fun!!!

  33. I guess boy but he/she will be gorgeous regardless, you were great on the tv! (watched online from NZ)

  34. Boy!

  35. Well, I love my family of 3 girls and 2 boys so…. you never know! Although Finn would develop such a wonderful relationship with Justin if it is just the two men in the house. Either way that is one lucky baby. Can’t wait to hear! xxx

  36. 3 girls and 2 boys sounds good! I’m going with a boy too :)

  37. oh a girl!!!! imagine how important finn would feel caring for 4 sisters!! =D

  38. I don’t really know but I would like to bump up the boy numbers in your house for Finn and RetroDaddy. But it is a win win for you guys because you make beautiful children whether they are girls or a boy. Have a lovely day it is shaping up to be huge with house contracts etc and baby news as long as baby works with you at scan time.

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  43. I’ve been thinking it’s a brother for Finn!

    (Just have to add that the Blogger “Captcha words” are driving me insane, they’re indecipherable!)

  44. Apologies for the multiple comments! Ooops.

  45. Corrie you were great this morning on the Today show and the children lovely. I feel it could be a boy some support for Finn and Retro Daddy. Look foreward to the news.

  46. Your blog is very good~

    Look at this!! Good video

    Click “good news”

  47. Hi Corrie,
    I’m Carmen from Germany and I’m in week 18 with my first baby! I’m so excited and I’m happy to see you’re pregnant again! So long we think it’s a girl (my husband is a gynecologist and hasn’t seen any signs for a boy yet).
    I love your blog and all your kids! And by the way I love your new kitchen!
    All the best for you (and Finn!)
    Bye bye,

  48. Ooh just come across your blog – it’s fab!

    Good luck for your scan tomorrow, I would like another boy nexr; I think it’s lovely if they can play together.

  49. A boy. Simply so you can plan a boy quilt, nursery accessories and boy toys. You haven’t had much chance to do that since even when you had Finn you had a girl too. 😉

  50. I’m thinking boy. The Today Show segment was great. Wishing you all the best.

  51. I wish you a boy! (I have 4 boys:)

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