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Well I’m nursing some seriously sore feet this morning. Retro daddy has the sore head. I’m on the social committee at school and we had our biggest event, the school cocktail party last night. I was on my feet from 6 till 12 and am pooped. I am so glad it’s over and will sit on my hands when the twins are in year 1. But since it’s the most gorgeous day today I plan to unwind in our pool this afternoon. But there isn’t too much rest time for me as next Saturday will be my last market.
It’s also my birthday! I know! I’m going to be working on my birthday but will celebrate on the sunday. Retro daddy keeps asking me what I want. A house! I’m not joking, all I want for my birthday is a big family house. But back to market talk. So I’m finding the weekend markets are just getting harder to do with all the little ones and their activities on saturdays and our growing family full stop. So I’ll have loads of stock including dresses to clear out. All fat quarters will be $3 and older charm square packs will be $10.
this was my helper…..until I offered her a square of chocolate!
Time to ship it all out. Retro daddy couldn’t be happier. He wants our weekends to ourselves again and our house free of big towers of market stock. I do love markets and meeting you all so who knows if I might do them again when everyone is bigger but for now it’s a bit too much work and I’m looking forward to my last……………..

see you there……………….


  1. Honestly Corrie, I don’t know how you kept them going for this long!! I think you have picked the right time to have a break from it. I just wish I could come but it is a bit far when I have friends for dinner on the same day and a pavlova to make. Good luck – hope you sell everything!

  2. I would be interested in buying some charm squares but can’t make it as we are going away this weekend. Is there any way you could post some photos or perhaps wait and see if there is many left over ? I live close by so happy to collect.

  3. I think a break from the markets is a great idea…think you need to put your feet up and rest!

    I’m hoping to pop into the markets next Saturday and pick up some gorgeous fabric so I’ll hopefully see you there!

  4. Oh, so sad that I’ll miss your last market for this year – we’re taking Dad away for a surprise getaway for his 60th birthday. I have my fingers crossed that the weather will be as good as this weekend! I completely understand what you’re saying though – I love markets but it’s SUCH a relief to have them off teh calendar. Hope all is good with you, and I love the Brady Bunch house! Kate x

  5. Damn! I’m actually coming up to Sydney next weekend but it’s Friday/Saturday so I’m going to miss my all-time favourite market (and one of my favourite bloggers). Maybe now that your retiring you can share some Market secrets with people like me who’s just starting out…..I can see a really popular blog post coming on Corrie x

  6. Hope you get to go out with a bang! Enjoy your last market and then your well earned break xxx

  7. $3 fat quarters!!!!! Why oh why did I move to Perth!!! I so wish I could be there for your last market, I think I would just about clear you out all by myself! I hope you have an all time record sale day (although I quietly hope there’s something left for us who need to do our shopping through Ebay!!). Enjoy your day! x

  8. Oh Sweetheart. I am so glad you’re taking a break now. I worry about your over-doing it. J x

  9. Oh good luck at the market, this is precisely why i couldn’t even start until my last baby was 2 years old & weaned, the pressure of markets is huge enough. Wishing you well, pats to tummy, love Posie

  10. A happy belated birthday and you share it with my brother! Hope the last market goes exceptionally well and you can have that satisfied feeling of finishing it well (and I know you will!). Time now to have the weekends to yourselves for a change :)

  11. I might actually make it to this market…. James has a class at Brent Street on Saturday mornings….. I should take the opportunity to visit for once!

  12. I wish I could be there! But it’s a bit far away for me.

  13. enjoy your last market Corrie!

    I’m so disappointed I can’t get along this weekend and snap up some of those bargains.

    If you have stock left you want to sell I’d LOVE to have a look – I live locally, but maybe a Facebook ‘sale’ if not too much effort to post all the photos?

  14. I wish you the best for your last market…they are so much fun but boy are they a lot of work …. you are an inspiration to us all, I only lasted 4 markets before I sold up and sailed into the sunset. After having a break of about a 18months I am now ready to get back into my creative groove so take heart, you may be busy but your creativity- ness will continue :)
    meredith x

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