Win a $100 Big W voucher to dress your little ones in style!

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Would you look at my little stud muffin? I got a little teary when the super talented Rachel Devine of Sesame Ellis sent me back the photos from a recent photo shoot we did for Big W and Nuffnang. Yes, I know I make extremely attractive children (kidding! no actually I’m not, they are very attractive offspring!) but I’ve never had a picture taken of my twinnies looking so gorgeous. Finn looks like he stepped right out of an upmarket kids magazine
And you might remember my Big W $100 shopping challenge. Hard to believe Finn’s outfit came in at $25. He looks a million dollars to me. $17 jeans and $7.96 for the tee.

We met up with the lovely Rachel at my favourite spot in Sydney, Clontarf Reserve on Sydney’s northern beaches. After a week of rain the sun was out and the twins were happy to be out and about. OK, well Tillie was happy to be out but immediately started saying no photos and running away from the camera. She has her moments and was definitely a little drama queen. But I’m so glad Rachel managed to capture some of Tillie so beautifully too.

Tillie’s outfit you might remember came in under $35 for the lot. $9 skinny jeans, $5 long sleeve rib tee and a $19.99 cardigan. I am just loving her outfit. It’s something I’d pick up for her from a much more expensive store. In fact that’s what I love about these outfits. You would never know I dressed the twins for about $60 combined. I would normally spend more than that on one outfit. Ask retro daddy, he’ll tell you how much I spend on dressing 4 children. But these photos prove that you can still keep your little ones looking gorgeously stylish for much less. Retro daddy might be giving me my own $100 Big W challenges on a regular basis in the future.

But of course I love to share! And I have a $100 Big W voucher to giveaway to one of my lucky readers so that they can go and dress their little ones stylishly this winter too. Just tell me what you’d buy at Big W for your little ones (or your grand little ones) and why and you’re in the runnning. Now be creative as the most creative and original entry will win. The competition is open to Australian residents only and get creative! $100 goes a long way at Big W. Full T&C are available here and the competition closes February 29!
Thank you Big W and a huge thank you to Rachel Devine for these photos. I’ve already told her she’ll be photographing all of us when baby number 5 arrives.


  1. My bubba is nearly 12mths old but a little on the chubby side so I am having to go into the next size range. I would definitely buy her more jeans, dark coloured tights, long tops and gorgeous cardies as she is in the crawling/transitioning to walking stage. Although a dress would be lovely it is not practical at this stage!

  2. My ‘baby’ is six years old and he is growing fast, I would love to get him some jeans and long sleeve shirts for winter and perhaps a trendy jacket to top it all off.

  3. I’d buy my little boy (due next month) lots of basic rompers and wraps. Anything to mimic the comfort of where he has been for the last 9 months!

  4. With a very girly, girl almost 4 y.o. daughter who has outgrown last years winter clothes…the choice is easy. I’d let her express her own style and she’d go straight to skirts, dresses & shoes for the cooler months!!

  5. Corrie before you posted about the clothes coming from Big W, I had done a search looking for Finn’s shirt. I love the outfits you have put together. I love Big W’s range of Bonds for babies I shop there for my 4 month old boy. Amber

  6. Jeans and tracksuits for my kids! Can’t be more creative than that! No fuss jeans!!

  7. My two little girls spotted the most adorable Minnie Mouse dress at Big W on the weekend. They both instantly fell in love with it! So that is what I would buy. Two Minnie Mouse dresses and a new head band each to finish off the outfit!

  8. lindissímas crianças,fotos lindas.Pena que eu não possa participar.Deus abençoe.

  9. With 3 girls they have all had alot of hand me downs, so some lovely new winter cardigans, jeans and Skirts would be on our winter 2012 list!

  10. Well lets see. I have two boys. 8 and almost 7. My 8yo is autistic and boy do we go through the gear. He has a special thing for sand, gravel and dirt. They will bring havoc to the most durable of clothes. So on my list would be shoes, (at the moment I buy about 12 pairs of school shoes a year). Next would be track bottoms – honestly you can only reinforce the knees so many times BEFORE you are sewing thread on thread on thread. Then jeans – they are growing before my eyes, so even when a piece of clothing actually lasts more than a term they have outgrown it. Was my kid really the only 7 yo at his junior school social whose jeans were so short that you could see the tops of his socks? Naturally I was able to remain in denial when dropping him off. Either that or he grew 4 inches between the icecream and the lolly bag. Lastly would be long sleeve T’s. Boys need T’s and my boys have taken ruining great T’shirts to the level of an olympic sport. In short we’d have no trouble using 100 bucks on durable clothes.

  11. Just like you, I have four
    That need clothes in the door.

    This voucher would help
    And I’d give a little yelp

    If I were to win
    There’d be 6 with a grin!!

    (Thanks Corrie!)

  12. They are very very cute little munchkins.
    I would love to win a voucher for my also beautiful three little grand daughters, Sophie, Emily and Thalia
    Thank you Corrie for the chance to win.

  13. Your kids are gorgeous. Little Tilly is such a doll. Well with three kids what wouldn’t I buy from Big W? My little one is in desperate need of some warm clothes for the upcoming winter, so that would be first off the list!

  14. I have 3 kids with 3 very different styles….

    6 1/2yr old is happy with anything

    5 yr old loves superheros and looks fantastic in stripes (and he knows it) he is also skinny but tall and needs a new pair of jeans as most of his clothes tend to be hand me downs

    Miss 2 1/2yr old is very girly, she loves frills and colours.

  15. OMG they look so cute on the teeter totter!!!

  16. Miss5 likes to be involved creatively, so the girls would end up with matching polka dot gumboots, red umbrellas, and cinderella pyjamas.
    Which is why I do the ‘real clothes shopping’ without them, and swap sizes later if needed. At least that way, they have some respectable options to choose from!

  17. Your Twinnies look just divine as always, and they have such a personality to match those looks!

    So here’s my entry:

    Things are tuff , were down on our luck

    Never thought we would be so stuck

    To look in her eyes is all I need

    To brighten my day, my sweet little pea

    No money for pretties or tulle and lace

    $100 Big w spending spree = pure heaven sent grace!

  18. Oh I’m simply in love with the outfit on your little girl I’d probably head right in a pick up a duplicate! How adorable.
    And skinny jeans are just a delight on little people.

  19. Budget-friendly
    Interesting range
    Growing children
    Welcome service

  20. My little one is not so little, 13 in fact, but I love that I can buy her clothes that are in fashion, but appropriate for her age. I would buy her the coloured skinny jeans, faux fur vest, a long sleeve T and the super cute desert boots featured in the latest catalogue, if I was lucky enough to win! (and still get plenty of change) BIG W certainly has something for everyone, and at such great prices!

  21. Grandchild no 5 is arriving in June and I would love to buy some special new clothes to welcome it in style :)

  22. Great styling Corrie. I would be stocking up on those jeans – what great value. With 4 kids to dress its so expensive so I would be spending on cute basics like the long tops and jeans. Big W have cute hair accessories too, to add to the basket

  23. With 4 children I’d love to buy the older 3 some basics (t-shirts, skirts etc) that would see them through the year. My fourth little bunny is 4 months old so I’d get him lots of bibs (he’s teething and about to start solids soon.

    We don’t have any special reasons coming up BUT GROWING seems to always be happening.

    All your kids look beautiful Corrie. Hoping your house sells soon.

    Thanks Megan

  24. I can’t WAIT to take your family portraits…that is going to be such fun!

  25. The 400km round trip would be filled with joy knowing that I could spend $25 on each child, buying them their perfect piece of style!

  26. Oh my 4 children are aged 8-13 now so not so much the clothes but we’re always up for stationery supplies, DVDs & the odd piece of sporting equipment. They are the best things to share between siblings!!
    Beautiful photos, always thought Tillie was a little vintage child mode, the kind of doll like beautiful face you’d see in old magazines. Finn is one handsome devil, like his Papa. Love Posie

  27. Baby number three is nearly two and has been living in hand-me-downs from the older two (even different gender clothes!!) What would I do with a voucher…. spend it all on bub 3, no more pj’s with holes!!!

  28. they look so lovely with the outfit!

  29. The clothes look fantastic in all the photos – your twins are adorable. Can’t wait for my post to go up on Friday!

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  31. Big W Big W you’re kilometers away, but armed with a $100 voucher we’re coming to visit you today. On acerage in country Vic, with animals to feed, these are all the things my little girl will need:

    Gum boots (a pair of two)
    Waterproof coat
    Fleecy tracky pants (easy to wear and easy to wash)

    and for me a big tub of Vanish!

  32. you got a message from heaven.

  33. you got a message from heaven.

  34. Well, we live in the NT so $100 would go VERY far for us as I’d only be buying up on the discounted summer range of clothing! Jeans and jumpers don’t really suit our climate, but they stock our stores with the stuff for 6 months anyway – sigh. So $100 would get Miss 3 some gorgeous tees, shorts, skirts, leggings, dresses and hats :) YAY!

  35. I have many issues buying my handsome prince pants and jeans. Big W fits the bill… Adjustable waist, awesome range, perfect price.
    My little princess is OBSESSED with Dora the Explorer, and it is the only thing she wants to wear…$100 would cover them both with maybe a little left over for me!

  36. My baby boy of 4.5mths, James, loves the outdoors! Leaf watching is his current favourite pasttime! I’m sure come winter time he will still love the outdoors and as he becomes more aware of the world will insist on “helping” me feed our alpacas, chickens and golden retrievers. As we live near Orange and it gets cold enough to snow in winter I will need to invest in some very warm clothes for him! So I’d love the BigW voucher to help us purchase warm (hopefully thermal) undergarments (such as singlets) and some lovely jumpers for him! :)

  37. Layers and ruffles for Autumn would be a must for 4yo Possum. Tights and cute cardies too. So many great bargains, I am sure the sky is the limit!

  38. I have 2 boys (almost 3 and almost 2). I would buy them bike riding outfits! Well shoes that they can kick about in and not really be worried about the state of them afterwards. Comfy clothing for them to ride in & my eldest is close to needing a new helmet so I would buy that too :)

  39. Jeans. And Tillies cute little cardy. So feminine and pretty without giving that faux adult look that many children’s clothes do. Cherrie

  40. With two boys my two year old gets hand me downs but he is the one who cares about what he wears (four year old has no interest) so I’d love to take him shopping and let him pick a few new outfits just for him! He would be over the moon!

  41. Gorgeous photos!

    I have kids with legs that keep growing,
    winter pyjamas would keep them all going!

  42. T-shirts!!

    My 6 year old has some how grown 5cm over the Christmas holidays turning her current collection of T’s into an assortment of crop tops!

  43. While Miss E would choose pink sequins and lace;
    Big W denim is more the right pace!
    And for Mr H who’s starting to walk for the very first time;
    Some first walking shoes would be just divine!

  44. With winter just around the corner it would be nice to dress them a little warmer, Soon summer will be over and how nice a it would be to have a new pullover!
    Joking poems aside, it would be great to be able to get the boys some nice NEW clothes so they don’t have to wear hand me downs everywhere.

  45. Oh, a shopping trip for my 2 little Grandies!I’d love to win that! I’d have to add some $$$ of my own, though, because I’m sure I’d go overboard! lol
    For Master M (20 mnths): some cool pants with a long sleeve T and definitely a new hat and joggers. For Miss A(1 yr): A pretty dress, maybe matching leggings, shoes, a little cardigan and a headband….

  46. With 4 kids I could buy lots of stuff with a $100 gift card, the boys LOVE Bonds undies and the girls are pretty happy with anything that is new and pretty. We love Big W and the nearest one is 163km away, but we go there every time we hit the big city!

  47. I have four kid lets, including 3boys, so the youngest, J, gets clothes that are well and truly handed down! (if you’re a youngest child you’d know the feeling!) I would love something that is brand new…just for him! He’s just started preschool and it would be great to get him some practical but cute stuff!
    Ps. The photos are gorgeous!

  48. With one new great niece and another great niece or nephew on the way and 3 great nephews under 4, would be lovely to spoil them all with a shopping trip to Big W. Still waiting for my own grandkids, but tht won’t be for a while

  49. My sister & her husband are in the process of adopting 3 little ones….they have them in their care now, but the adoption is still in process. Going on the prices you spent Corrie, she could have a go at dressing all 3 for $100!!

  50. Well I am having Bubba number 4 beginning of June and with a 7 year gap between number 3 and the bub $100.00 to spend on the new bubba would be wonderful as I dont know what I am having and a few new things for the new bubba would be awesome!

  51. I’d love to try a “$100 Room Makeover” challenge. My daughter is about to get her first big girl’s bed, so this would be an ideal opportunity to redecorate!

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  53. I have three little grandsons and would love to dress them in these cute clothers. Love to spoil them a little!!

  54. Gorgeous kids :)
    Warmest regards,

  55. Beautiful kids.

  56. I would love to win the voucher :0)
    My beautiful Granddaughter is 1 next month and she would be the best dressed child around if I spent $100 on cloths at Big W for her.

  57. My little one just started Kinder and I’m struggling! They have ‘free’ run (no smocks/no shoes) so she comes home messy! I need hard wearing yakka that will see the day through and Big W will only do!
    Cute Tees, pants, 3/4 shorts, Bonds, leggings and jeans would make our day.

  58. I would buy my new baby (due April) a coming home outfit and one for his two year old sister to wear on the same day.

  59. Bonds two pack wondersuit,
    striped coverall, how cute.
    Box of snugglers, might need two!
    Babytails pack, in blue.
    To be a grandma what a blessing
    Big w, the best for dressing.
    Being a Grandma can be expensive
    loving Big w range, its extensive♥

  60. playdough, yep that right playdough. Cause even though they use it to make a mess ( how do they get it three rooms away?!?),
    How else can I get a magnificent 3 layered strawberry chocolate and pineapple cake made for me to have at a tea party?

  61. I would buy my little girl (2.5 years old) pyjamas. Lots and lots of pyjamas. The reason, while she is toilet trained during the day, she is not at night. She refuses to wear a nappy or pull-up (and if we put one on her, she’ll pull it off). Consequently, there are nights where we need extra pyjamas (and sheets and blackets!!!).

  62. Oh what to dress for my little four. Some pants, t-shirts, singlets and more.

  63. I love the Dub.. (I actually worked for them for years) As for what I would spend..well since we are doing IVF at the moment I think I would put the $100 towards Bubby stuff, you know, when we get lucky and our little miracle happens!

  64. How generous! So many Mummies would love this giveaway… Big W has such great value for the littlies…… I would be thrilled to take my daughter and her 2yr old son on a buying spree…… It would be Willy in Woolies needing some Winter Woolies!

  65. You’re Twinnies are absolutely scrumptious!!! If I was fortunate enough to win the $100 Voucher for Big W I would split it 50/50. Half would be spent on jeans and long sleeved T’s for my 5 year old to wear to school and the other half would definitely go on some winter woolies for Number 2, who’s arriving in June! Not the most original entry, but an honest answer none the less. Thanks for the chance to enter your comp Corrie!!

  66. My children lack for nothing although we are not as well off as others. I hope you find the right winner. Oh, and those photos are real lovely!

  67. Mummys also need hot boots:

  68. Tillie looks as though she has stepped out from a Country Road catalogue! Even if I don’t win, im off to Big W to get a pair of those jeans for my 14 month old girlie anyway.

  69. With two kids growing up faster than I can say ‘hooray!’. I feel like they’re always in need of some new strides that fit them correctly. How wonderful if we had the opportunity to get them something beautiful from Big W.

  70. Congratulations on your “Blog of Note” award!

    from Video Game Classifieds

  71. Big W proudly provides positively precise pieces for every Persephone, Paul & Peter. It serves its purpose perfectly. Hmmmm, I plan to purchase pants.

    (No idea why I chose ‘p’. Probably should have been ‘w’.

  72. The clothes look fantastic in all the photos. Both are looking so cute. I like above every picture. I attract by that.

    Cloth Diapers

  73. I think I would buy what you purchased for Tilly for my little one – love the colour of the cardigan. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to spend the rest!!

  74. (R)eady for Autumn they will be warm & snug
    (E)than & Sian my little bubba bugs
    (T)o shop at BigW with our $100 voucher, too fab
    (R)etro mummy’s blog will now be my favorite bookmark tab
    (O)h what to choose will be the hard task by miles
    (M)y how BigW have so many gorgeous and funky styles
    (U)p and down the isles I’ll shop with such joy
    (M)aking my selection of onsies, jeans, tops, jackets and toys
    (M)ake my Autumn & Winter shop for my munchkins a dream,
    (Y)our blog will then have all the pictures of my little team.

    SuzieQ – mum of Ethan James (4 weeks old) & Sian Elizabeth (15 months old)

  75. My story is a little different to most peoples’ or a little extreme…I have four children, two girls and two boys; the eldest is 18, then a son who is 13, another son who is 4 and my youngest daughter is 2. The eldest has just had to leave home to attend university, and with the youngest two in daycare so I can work a couple of days a week, money can be a little tight. I always shop at Big W especially for Snugglers nappies which are not only the best nappies, but at Big W they are always the best prices. In fact, I can get something for everyone at Big W; the oldest always needs something new to go out in, my middle son is into the skateboard scene and always wanting the layered look and my toddlers are, well toddlers. Always needing something. From bottles to dummies, to clothes and underwear, we get so much for our money at Big W and now with university costs, we need all the help we can get!

  76. Both of my two precious little kiddies need new winter clothes so I would put it towards some clothes :-)

  77. I would go and buy them both a new coat for winter, with the colder weather just around the corner, I would get Charli a cute little dress to wear with tights and I would love to get campbell some new funky jeans.

  78. Mmm, with 5 kids to dress and another on the way, Big W get alot of our business anyway for their affordability and great range. Each of them could do with a new pair of jeans with winter approaching, and this would definitely help!

    P.S. Finn and Tillie are so gorgeous and I agree, the pictures of Finn are stunning. Those eyes are so ‘beautiful’! If you can say that about a boy LOL!

  79. I have three little ones, all of them are growing at a rapid pace. I never seem to have enough jeans, or t-shirts, or socks, or undies… I think $100 could make a Big W difference!

  80. Miss3 has decided that she needs an image make over. Out with her pants and tomboy ways. She now likes dresses… the frillier the better. $100 at Big W will go a long way in helping her. 😉

  81. I have 4 children and keeping up with how fast they grow is always a challenge. Big W is one of our favourite places to shop, my girls have some cute clothes picked out already on their “wish list”!!

  82. My kids are 6 and 4
    My girl Chloe (6) who I adore
    Loves leggings and dresses
    And she always wants more!

    My boy Adam (4) loves tops with pictures
    And Big W’s new range of clothes of Tom & Jerry (his favourite) and Mario Cart just might fit him.

    So I would get them some new clothes as well as deck them out for winter with some slippers and pj’s.

  83. They look great Corrie. I really need to start thinking winter wardrobe and the kids have nothing.
    We are going to freeze so $100 would help bme get them some nice essentials like jeans (which we have not been in for over 2 years)

  84. I’d buy a kindle for my nerdy girl – she keeps stealing mine, and I want it back!! I’m sick of finding it under her pillow, or in her school back – it’s MINE I tell you, MINE!!!!!!! Oh, yeah, and some new socks – I think we’ve got a whole villave of sock monsters in residence here.

  85. i would go crazy buying gorgeous baby boy clothes for my new grandson

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