relaxing…..a little

I don’t think we’ll really relax until our house is sold and we’ve bought another one. Unfortunately it’s also retro daddy’s busiest time of year as they go through a major restructure at work. I’ve never seen him busier and have been secretly sending him through job ads during the day. I don’t think anyone should work until 2 or 4am in the office on a regular basis.


So yesterday we spent the day away from the house, I didn’t clean, retro daddy didn’t paint and we just took a well deserved break. We had a fun photo shoot with the very talented Rachel Devine for an upcoming sponsored blog post, mass down in Manly and fish and chips for lunch at a local cafe. Man, I love being pregnant and throwing my diet out the window.

everyone wanted to sit next to their daddy


and the funniest photo of the day! Well it would have to be trying to get the twins to smile together and Finnie pulling this face. I’d love to know what he was thinking. Maybe he had a little bit of attitude after his photo shoot?

finn looks down!
And that was one relaxing sunday. Until retro daddy went back into the office at night to print off documents. Oh well, I got to watch Homeland in peace and quiet (loving that show, just loving it)  


  1. Well you deserve it! Your husband and mine must be in the same business (finance). I haven’t seen Andrew for so long, he is up at 6 home at midnight. It’s not sustainable!

  2. Keep on slipping those job ad’s I reackon!! I love the photos with the kids and Retrodaddy… cute and they obviously love him very much :) I also loved that aspect of being pregnant…eating whatever you wanted!! Enjoy!

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  4. Sounds like you all had some much needed family time. And being out of the house means no messes made at home!

  5. wonderful day!:)

  6. Nice share

  7. Always good to sneak a family day in when you can. I can’t get hubby to stop working unless I get him off the farm, so ours are few and far between so we cherish them when we get them. Enjoy!

  8. Oh Corrie, reading that line about RetroDaddy’s long hours resonated with me. Though THOSE hours are ludicrous. We don’t get to share alot of time with Scott either, so family days are super special. Looks like yours was a lovely one bathed in sunshine… and the photos are beautiful :o) Can’t wait to see the professional shoot, I bet it will be gorgeous xo

  9. Oh your darling husband, bringing home the bacon is hard work, look at my absent husband!! We are simply the boring parent that provides during the day but Daddy is the star in their eyes!! You can see why we’re moving to the country for early retirement so my husband is around for high school, well for the last 3 at least. Poof, puts a whole new spin on a long day . . . i haven’t seen/ touched/ kissed my husband in 5 months, i’m really missing him. Love Posie

  10. Congrats on being a Blog of Note! Very fun. Love your blog.

  11. glad to see you got a break! Great photos!

  12. Realli nice pics! :)
    I wish luck in rising and health to your children:)

    You got a message form heaven.

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  16. Good on you for having a relaxing day just for you! We are moving too and setting our existing home up as a rental! Argh! It’s never had so many spruce ups – and we’re leaving it! haha!
    Loving your delightful blog – following along now! I’d love if you come say hi at Just For Daisy! x

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  18. They are just so Beautiful! Easy to see why you work so hard.

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