one very clean craft room

Oops! I realised this morning that I hadn’t shown you any pictures of my craft room looking all sparkling and clean. Something that is very rare. Now, obviously I am not sewing or doing any actual craft in this room because it’s way too clean for that!

sewing room all ready for the open house
We had hoped to paint the dresser white to go with the room but totally ran out of time. Painting cornices and skirtings took priority over that. And I placed a few quilts and books around to give the impression that someone sews here. The reality is that I boxed up over 20 boxes and tubs of craft stuff and put it into storage BEFORE the open house.
my sewing table
and a bed was made up to show how spacious the room is and that, well you can fit a bed in there. I’ve obviously been watching a few too many home shows but think for a spare room it looks respectable. Especially since a spare room in this house quickly becomes a dumping ground.  
bed in the craft room
And some of you might remember this is Keira’s quilt that I made after Christmas. Unfortunately Keira saw it and almost had a meltdown that her quilt and pillow wasn’t on her bed. I promised she could have it after the open house and all was well. I really hope I can make a similar quilt for Finn. 


  1. Completely charming!

  2. Looking gorgeous Corrie, i can’t believe how different the kitchen looks (the old one) wow, wished i stopped by on the way home, catch you next time!!
    Good luck with the sale, it’s nerve wracking. We’re selling a property (investment) & that is torture enough, plus looking for land, of the 100 acre+ variety & quite frankly, real estate agents are not my favourite people.
    I too have big eyes & dreams, toss in 4 children in private school but we’ve saved long & hard for a roof over our own heads. Deep breaths, we’ll all get there. You can be our city home & i’ll be your country home. Love Posie

  3. your room looks so lovely.

  4. Your craft room is absolutly charm, and the cover is so lovely!
    Best wishes :-)

  5. your room – great!

  6. wow.. i’m impress! starfall

  7. it’s beautiful !

  8. It’s beautiful !

  9. what a nice room, it’s really lovely!


  10. SNossa!!! só te achei ontem e me apaixonei por seu blog,por você e sua estória de vida de amor por marido e filhos.filhos linnndos.parabéns por tudo isso e muito mais.seus trabalhos são amo hexagonos,e placas de dresden,coisas pequenas e rápidas.abri um blog só para comentar com vocês,mas…ainda não postei nada .vou continuar a ler seu blog com mais calma.pois teve páginas que só olhei rapidamente.obra com crianças…medo de ratos,venda de casa… chamo maria do carmo pezzuto,tenho 3 filhas,catiúscia,catiene e catierine,29,27,26 de idade.TENHO 1 NETO TOBIAS,E EM ABRIL CHEGA Maria RITA.ESTOU NO ARTESANATO A MUITOS ANOS,TRICO,CROCHE,PINTURA EM TECIDO,ETC…NA COSTURA HÁ 9 ANOS.DEUS CONTINUE ABENÇOANDO À TODOS VOCÊS,E QUE A N. S. DESATADORA DOS NÓIS TE PROTEJA E INTERCEDA POR VOCÊS SEMPRE.BEIJOS.

  11. It looks fabulous. Im dreaming of a craft space just like that.. one day! For now I am camped out on the dining table with mountains of fabric.

  12. I love the room, it looks fabulous! Good idea to put the bed in – I know it’s just for show but if it were mine I’d leave it there: I often need a good lie down after a busy day of wrestling with the sewing machine….! (Good luck with the sale.)

  13. Nice and calm room, I like your style to arrange your room. By Smart dresses preview

  14. What a cute craft room! I love the wooden floors! And I also need a mannequin\dummy\torso like that!-Jessica


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