almost there

late nights, painting, cleaning, scrubbing, painting, moving things, finding homes for things and more cleaning. Today the photos were taken of the house and I can’t wait to see them (and share them). But till then here are a few shots of one very clean house!

and this would be the ‘no lying on the couch until the photos are taken on Monday’ shot!

Early to bed for me tonight! If you’re following my facebook page then you will see there has been drama after drama today but I’m going to think about it all tomorrow. I’m just exhausted!


  1. Oh your dear babies are just precious!!! “Don’t you get on those couches!!!” I bet you also told them they couldn’t use the new cushions either, I see they have your older ones on the floor with them. What good little monkeys . . . for a minute : )) Best of luck for the Sale!!!

  2. lol…you’ll think about it tomorrow…..lmao… that was your Scarlett O’hara moment Corrie.. :-)

  3. looks lovely….the waiting & hard work always pays off.

  4. looks very schmick corrie, you’ve done a great job 😉 good luck with the upcoming sale!!

  5. the house looks divine. I make my children eat outside when I have just cleaned too!!! Sorry that your day has been terrible. Sending you hugs. It is just the pits when you ruin favourite clothing isn’t it and all the other stuff. Just think of tomorrow and a new start.

  6. Most of all I envy your doors out from kitchen. And the work top.

    Your kids are cute.


  7. Lovely pictures – best of luck with selling your home. So much stress and worry.

    I’m so excited for you to go to the Power of Moms! How wonderful that they are coming to Australia! My sister just attended one of those in California and loved it – filled her bucket. :)

    Best best wishes with your busy life, Corrie!

  8. The house is looking gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos, you have been working non stop and I’m sure it will pay off in the end! Have a relaxing evening and put your feet up!!

  9. Looking great Corrie, you are a wonder woman! Just one question – Where is Thermo on that gorgeous bench??

    Christine xo

  10. Your kitchen looks gorgeous and I’m sure the kiddies were happier on the floor anyway! :)

  11. its too nice to leave actually why you leaving?

  12. Looks great Corrie – good luck with it all!

  13. You have a beautiful house, I’m sure if will sell in no time.

  14. All your hard work shows Corrie, your house looks lovely and your adorable little ones look like they have discovered a new adventure with their floor cushions! We’ve only just started seriously trying to finish all the things we want to do before we look at buying our next house – seeing your house near completion gives me hope for all the upcoming work on our own.

  15. Any wonder you are exhausted Corrie you have done a wonderful job it all looks beautiful. Try and get a rest when you can. (if that is possible) What good little cherubs watching the tele.

  16. I can’t believe “real” people live in that house .. very House & Garden! LOL

  17. Really nice house, the kitchen is really simple yet so cozy and beautiful. Perhaps it’s because of the children.
    And how much the twins grew up, Finn’s just a giant! So cute:)

  18. Love the photos — especially the last one :-)))

  19. Oh Corrie! It looks so good. I’m sure it will sell quickly. I’d buy it if I was in the market!

  20. It’s Looking good! I love your clock!
    Good Luck!

  21. I’ll buy it Corrie! Haha, it looks so beautiful, what a tremendous job you’ve done with it all. LOVE that pic of your four little babes sprawled over the cushions. Kids so often end up on the floor, over sitting on the lounge :o) xo

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  23. Wow! Your house is absolutely perfect and breathtaking. You have to be a superwoman! I am so impressed your blog!!

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  25. Wow, that house is gorgeous! I love it! -Jessica


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