happy australia day

Well it’s Australia day here today. A day off work for most, but not retro daddy who is up working in Brisbane. So we are having a home day, George the renderer is working some magic where the old kitchen was pulled out, we are going to bake a cake, have some sausages in bread and some lamingtons (well the 4 that are left from yesterday) and hopefully I’ll get some time to clean too.
happy australia day
So Happy Australia Day everyone………………I hope you enjoy this very australian knit as much as I do. So very 80’s. It comes from a big woman’s weekly craft book that I picked up at an op shop. The sad thing is that I remember in primary school when this style of jumper was very fashionable.


  1. now that’s scarey!! (and I had something similar lol and yes, wore it with pride all.the.time!!)

  2. Good lord I sooooo remember those jumpers…what were we thinking???….
    My husband is home today, we have no plans, have said no to all who asked us around today, we are staying home to swim, have chicken on a stick (my children call it this, but really its just chicken marinated on skewers) salad for lunch, maybe a swim and that’s all….
    Happy Australia day corrie :-)))

  3. Don’t worry Corrie, you are not on your own. my mum used to picture knot and I used to have a jumper with Mickey mouse on it and another with an emu! so much love when into them that I only just gave them away – hadn’t worn them for 20 years or more but still found it hard to give them away

  4. Oh and Happy Australia day!

  5. Oh that is so horrendous but such a fantastic example of 80’s fashion. It even looks as if the jumper has shoulder pads. We’re off to a 40th Birthday Party with an Australia Day theme (obviously) at a Bowls Club … very Aussie.

  6. That is truly appalling. Thanks for the chuckle!

  7. How horrible! You so need to knit it = )

    Have a great Australia Day!

  8. Hahahahahaha, I have a kangaroo one and a Koala one from when I was a kid, they are sitting in my daughter’s cupboard (Shes 12) and I just can NOT convince her to wear them tee hee!!!!

  9. Hello Corrie.
    I think I have that book from the 80’s.We have not long moved into a new house and when sorting out I couldn’t throw it away. I havent knitted any thing from it and don’t intend to. They are very clever knits in it.To hard for me to knit.

  10. 80’s fashion is definately scary and what an era that was for sure!! I hope Retrodaddy get a day in lieu for working on Australia Day!!!

  11. That jumper is brilliant… and I recall when jumpers like that were in ‘fashion’ ;o)
    Oh Corrie, it is hard yards when hubby is away, we just got Scott back last night after being in Melbourne for a few days. But your Australia Day plans sounded totally lovely… and yummy! Hope you had a good one xo

  12. Happy Australia Day to you too! Yes, I remember when they were in fashion! Yikes!
    I’m feeling really home sick today as I;m currently overseas and miss a snag on the b.b.q.

    Nicky Singh

  13. Are they real corks on the jumper?! Goodness me, that’s a work of art!

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  15. My mum knitted that jumper for me to wear mid 80’s. I loved it, although it was minus the corks and the shoulder decorations.

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