progress on the house

Well you might have noticed that things have been a little quiet here on retro mummy but that’s only because behind the scenes we are madly emptying rooms, packing up stuff and cleaning. I can’t believe that the house goes on the market in 2 weeks and we still have bits and pieces that require painting, new floors to be laid, the old kitchen to be rendered, a gardener to tidy up the gardens and a house to be cleaned top to bottom.

getting ready for new floors

But there is nothing like a tight deadline to get us working. And by us I mean retro daddy and myself because trust me my little darlings are nothing but mess makers. The girls room was looking amazing but at least the toys have been culled so there isn’t too much they can pull out. And this would be homeboy Finn who has decided he is a rapper and breakdancer today.

mess makers

To add to the work, half of the downstairs is receiving new timber floors which means everything has to come out for the new floors to go down. And of course retro daddy will be in Brisbane when the floors go in. But I’m feeling more positive that we are going to pull it off. The craft room has never looked cleaner…..or emptier.

wow empty!

And even our bedroom is looking lovely. This is the Sheridan bed set that retro daddy wanted for Christmas. When we first put it on the bed I wasn’t in love with it as much as I thought it would be but we went back to the shops for more pillowcases and now I love it.

the bed

And so do the kids. Since someone always ends up in our bed each night.
getting in on the act

And even my chest of drawers got a big makeover. Gone are the teddies and jewellery boxes (yes I keep my favourite teddy bears on my dresser, don’t all grown women?) to the kids room and replaced by some perfume and beauty products (and the baby monitor, of course).

a clean dresser

And even under the stairs which normally collects junk and dust got a total makeover to store wine and spirits. I have to laugh when I look at this because neither of us are really big drinkers and the spirits are all used for my baking and cooking.

under the stairs got a tidy up

And I look forward to showing you photos in 2 weeks of an immaculately clean show home of a house!


  1. The spirits here are all for cooking too. Things are looking great at your place, best of luck with it all.

  2. You are almost ready Corrie. Hope it sells fast!!

  3. I feel for you. I might be in the same situation you are in come a few more months. But I have 2 houses I have to get done. The second one is more or less gutted, and needs to be put back together. This one we live in………..well it has so much crap in it, OH MY! Might have to divide it all between the two with boxes stacked in both, to help sell them both, and then move 2100 miles across country. Oh my. Told my husband I am tired of making houses look better than ever to move out. I want to live in one that looks that good!

  4. Such a beautiful house, it must be hard to leave it, you have put so much hard work and love into it.

  5. it looks like your hard work is paying off. When we sold we tok a storage unit for 2 months for all the toys and clutter which cut down on kids unpacking. Good luck with the sale, fingers crossed for a fast transaction

  6. I wonder. if you are going to market in 2 weeks time and you still hasn’t found any new house, where are you going to stay in the meantime?

  7. You are doing a fab job! and nothing like a good deadline to get one motivated!! That’s how I work best anyhow :) Good luck with the selling and would you like to move out to the country where you looked last year or more local?

  8. Oh Corrie! How you keep it all going never ceases to amaze me. You could be PM, the way you juggle everything so well ☺. J x

  9. WOW Corrie, you are so amazing! You’ve just gone through a massive renovation and now onto doing your home to sell… in 2 weeks! Yikes! Where do you plan to go once the house sells?? I can’t imagine how much work you have to do. Hope you’re taking good care of yourself as well, you must be so tired with the pregnancy. Lovely pics of your cuties :o) xo

  10. I know you will pull it off. We have done some major renovating the past few months, with more to come. For a good reason too. Happy house hunting and selling too of course! Jacinta

  11. Good luck with it all! My husband, my two children & I are moving to a town 8.5 hours away in three weeks time and placing our house on the market, so I know how you are feeling :-)

  12. Glad someone else also uses alcohol for cooking. I always get a hard time when I bring the bottles out. Good luck with all the renovations.

  13. Oh my goodness Corrie, you work wonders.
    Good luck for the next two weeks.

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