maternity outfit 1

I thought it would be fun to share some maternity outfits this pregnancy. Baby number 5 means I was out of my regular jeans and into maternity jeans much earlier than usual. Thank goodness that my favourite mavi maternity jeans were the only thing I saved when I had a huge clearout of my wardrobe a few months ago. Well retro daddy did say no more babies.
maternity outfit 1
I am not a fan of maternity clothes. I find they are not my style, not my colour and not my usual brands. So instead I like to go up a size or two in my favourite brands where necessary so I still get to shop at my favourite shops.
mavi jeans
Today we’re heading off shopping, doing a bit of sewing and cleaning the house. So I have my mavi maternity jeans. About $150 from David Jones but this will be the 2nd pregnancy in them and I wear them all the time from the start to finish of my pregnancy so I consider them very good value. I’ve bought cheaper maternity jeans before that I’ve grown out of mid pregnancy, have fallen down as my tummy has grown, haven’t been a good fit and just didn’t last well. This pair don’t need yanking up, have adjustable tabs on either side, are a great dark denim and are super comfy to wear. I feel like I’m wearing my regular mavi jeans and are the best maternity jeans I’ve found.

CR t-shirt for $22

The top is a bargain buy from Country Road this week. $22 reduced from $59. This is an XS and it’s a very roomy tee with plenty of room to grow. At that price I bought two. Of course.  And for a bit of colour……….red saltwaters. Comfortable and cool.
red saltwaters

And that is today’s outfit. Hope you enjoyed that.


  1. Baby 5!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had thoughts, but didn’t know you had blogged it. Big congrats to you.

  2. Congratulations on your new relations! 😉

    Outfit is all class – i’m with you, regular clothes upsized.. x

  3. Wow! Congratulations Corrie and to Retrodaddy! What lovely news to see out the old year and see in the new with.xo

  4. So beautiful and stylish as always my friend. x

  5. WOW…Big WOW. That is such exciting news, congrats and keep well. So excited for you all.

  6. Congratulations…Hope all goes Well.

  7. I did enjoy that post…. Very much! I think I need to pop into my local DJ’s and check out those jeans! This is only my second one but I am very short on things that fit! You’re looking fabulous!

  8. Congratulations on baby number 5 Corrie! Such an exciting news! And the outfit looks great! The Country Road top is such a bargain, I bought few things myself last night (they had 25% on top of the sale items). Love bargains like this!

    Wishing you an easy (as much as possible with 4 kids) pregnancy and happy holidays! xxx

  9. Congrats Corrie.

  10. Love your outfit – you look stunning!
    You would never know those are maternity jeans

  11. I’ll be keeping my eyes on these! The only problem is that I can’t stand any kind of jeans or trousers when I’m pregnant, so I live in dresses. Not so much fun in winter, but I will come at a pair of leggings, although they always fall down which drives me crazy. So pleased you had a lovely Christmas, hope you’re starting to feel better and a little less tired! Kate xx

  12. congratulations!!!
    you look darling, as ever!

  13. lol, love the outfit break down :)

    I love wearing jeans too and a good pair of maternity jeans is a must!

  14. I wish I was showing enough for maternity clothes! I can’t wait to have a belly. This being my 2nd pregnancy and even with Jackson I took a while to show, I have a feeling it will be a bit yet. Although my pants sure are getting tight. Love your outfit! You look great!

  15. Congratulations to all of you!

  16. You look lovely! I did exactly the same thing in my pregnancies. Not a fan of maternity wear in general so went up a size in my fave brands. Works well as I can wear them now too while I’m waiting to get back into shape! I also used a TummyTie so I could wear my normal jeans for all my pregnancy. It was great, as I couldn’t find any I like either.

  17. Number 5!!! I am sooooo jealous as my Darling Hubby won’t let me get past number 3. Congratulations! I am excited that we get to live vicariously through you as you craft up another storm for this little one!

  18. You look fabulous!! I am the same with maternity clothes. I can never find anything I like and just go for larger sizes. I can’t wait to see your newest addition. Could you get any cuter than Elodie? You have beautiful kidsx

  19. Congratulations Corrie! Such exciting news

  20. WOW!!!! I so didn’t see this news. Had to read and reread this post about 10 times to make sure I was reading this correct! Must go scour the rest of the blog for the announcement I missed!

  21. Congratulations! on baby no. 5 :-)
    Totally understand not liking maternity clothes … go next size is exactly what I did 13years ago :-)
    Your summer sandals remind me the of sandals I wore to primary school in the ’70’s, they were brown :-(
    All the best and happy stitching, P

  22. Congratulations, and you look great!

  23. Wow congratulations on baby no 5. missed the announcement. No time for sewing

  24. Oops, I must have missed a post somewhere! Congratulations on baby #5…hope he or she is as sweet as the others!

  25. you know Corrie i must say on reading your christmas post i sat here scratching my head, thinking she must be mad. 5 children. Does she not have enough to do with 4?

    & then you know what. I thought what a blessing for you all. What a wonderful way to celebrate life. LOL to bring in another one into it. Conratulations to you all. May you have another beautiful bundle of joy into your lives. x x x

  26. congratulations! I have 6 and it is lots of fun, hope all is well x

  27. Hi Corrie, It was so nice to catch up. Had to laugh about the boys comparing notes on our sewing rooms. Love the top in grey too, very tempted to buy myself one. Made it home today after a ten hour drive. xxx

  28. Oh congrads!!!I didnt even think anything!! i have 5 sons and the last was a huge 10 pound 5 ounces,bellowed like a malley bull! I loved being pregnant,i could wear loose clothes without anyone asking if I was on the way as having ahigh rib cage anything floaty looked like maternity wear!
    Well done on getting the house in order,beautiful roomy kitchen!! Love it

  29. Wow! How exciting news Corrie! Congratulations to you all and wishing you smooth prgnancy (as easy as can be with small kids).
    I totally adimre you now, I’ve got three kids, love them to pieces although definately stay with no.3 :) LOL

  30. oh I dont know if I missed any posts over christmas but baby no. 5 – golly gosh, well done and congratulations!

  31. Congratulations! Honestly I don’t know how all you Mum’s that craft, cook, garden, sew etc etc and have 3-4 kids do it let alone 5!

  32. no.5!!Wow and congratulations.
    Best regards from Poland,

  33. Lovely ensemble Corrie. You’re looking great! Gotta love comfy clothes that fit right during pregnancy :o) xo

  34. Congrats.. Well, I went back and read past posts.. where in earth did I miss that announcement.. I couldn’t possibly have.. Can’t wait!! Will be following all the coming tummy bulge moments.

  35. Congratulations Corrie and Retrodaddy xx

  36. You look lovely. Although I don’t think you need such a big T-shirt LOL.

    One question – as I don’t know If I missed it or what. When and where do you announce who’s the lucky winner of your candies?
    I was participating last time and I’ve never found any info about it and I’m curious now – did I miss it or what?

    Oh, by the way – all the good for you and your great family for the coming New Year. You will be celebrating it already today. I have to wait until tomorrow LOL.

    Happy New Year’s Eve!.


  37. Congratualtions Corrie & family on Number 5, dreams do come true. A lovely start for the New year. Love your maternity outfit and especially coveting your red sandals, may just have to update my own wardrobe, inspirational…

  38. Yay, i can stop holding my breath with the news. Gorgeous & that ruffle top you told me about is lovely, we didn’t get them in Canberra, now i’m in looking in Brisbane for them. Love Posie

  39. Yay, i can stop holding my breath with the news. Gorgeous & that ruffle top you told me about is lovely, we didn’t get them in Canberra, now i’m in looking in Brisbane for them. Love Posie

  40. So exciting Corrie! I am very jealous of the new little baby that you’ll bne getting but not at all jealous of the pregnancy you have to go through to get it. I hope it all goes smoothly and quickly!

  41. Little baby Maggie joined us 11 weeks ago – she is No3 daughter and we’re in love.

    This time around I did the same, bought a couple of maternity jeans(jeggings because it was winter and I wore boots) and had non maternity tops but in a bigger size. Gorgeous country road jumpers and shirts, loads of scarves and drapey cardis. The best part is that while the pants are tucked away till next time 😉 the tops are still able to be worn and I don’t feel like I’m still wearing pregnancy clothes.

    Best wishes for everything going smoothly x

  42. I blinked and I missed it. Congratulations. May 2012 bring joy, joy, more joy and lots of growing family love.

  43. My sincere congratulations!!

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