i love the holidays

Well we are certainly enjoying our holidays here. Yesterday we hit Manly for one of our favourite things to do – fish and chips followed by ben & jerry’s.
The little one’s idea of a perfect day. And we had some of our favourite relatives with us – Julie and family up from the country. Retro daddy and Julie’s husband are brothers. So nice to have a crafty sister in law who loves fabric as much as I do. But apparently my craft stash is much worse than Julie’s. Ooops.

fish and chips in manly

One of our other favourite things to do in Manly (and a little healthier) is taking people around to Shelley Beach. It’s such a pretty walk however doing it on a really hot day with 6 children is not as much fun as a leisurely stroll with adults. But with the promise of an ice cream afterwards we made it half way around and turned back.

shelley beach, manly

The views are amazing, the water is so clear and if you haven’t done it yet then it really is one of the loveliest things to do in Sydney. Shelley Beach. Remember it. Retro daddy and I used to do the walk when it was just us and then just keira in a pram, then the twins and now Elodie. Now if only I could live overlooking the beach. Now that would be nice.

looking back to manly

Then it was back to our place for a swim and a chat and time to say goodbye to the cousins. Hope we get to see them again soon. We always have so much fun but live so far away.

julie, joe and the kids
Then I had promised keira that she could decorate her own pavlova. She was dying to do it on boxing day but I was a little control freakish and wanted to decorate it myself but with the promise that keira could do her own. And she did a lovely job complete with a few marshmallows too.

keira does pavlova

And doesn’t elodie enjoy pavlova
focused eater
That girl loves food full stop. She had just eaten her dinner, taken a bit of cake leftover from afternoon tea, half a banana and then hit the pavlova. In fact the only thing she won’t eat is cheese. So far.
elodie tucks in

I hope you’re enjoying your holidays too. Retro daddy is about to start painting various rooms and spots in the house so I hope he still enjoys his holidays.


  1. the Sydney beaches are what I miss most! just beautiful

  2. This looks like a wonderful day out with family! And what fun allowing your little one to decorate the pav – I’ve never used marshmallows on them before … what a clever idea, *giggle*

  3. I only live down the road from Manly but hardly ever walk to Shelley Beach, and it is so lovely! You and your gorgeous family have inspired me to go for a walk :)

  4. OhMyGosh — I’ve finally had time for a little blog catch-up and what exciting news from the Retro household. Congratulations on the new little addition-to-be — how fun! I can’t believe you’d even think of moving though after that gorgeous new kitchen renovation!

    It looks like you’re having a lovely holiday too. Thanks for sharing your pictures — it’s so fun to see them here in the snowy north!

  5. Looks like the perfect day spent with family. The kids and I are visiting my dad and hope to get to the beach tomorrow. I love this time of year. Jacinta

  6. This looks like a great summer day! Very impressed that you had the energy to come home and make a pav! Do you ever stop? Looks like you are having a great family holiday together, Belinda

  7. Thanks for the photos Corrie, they evoked such strong memories. Mum, me and my five brothers and sisters did countless walks to Shelley Beach and back again to North Steyne where we lived. It was quite a while ago – all my photos are in black and white!

  8. Lovely photos and a lovely walk down memory lane. Always love to take the kids for fish and chips at the beach while we’re here in Sydney, that’s tomorrow’s plan!

  9. Yay for Retro Cousins, hi to Julie & family!! Gosh her son is so big, growing so fast!!
    I keep thinking Shelley Beach is the topless one, or was that just when i was little in the 80’s?? History lesson please. I am so sure we went on a school end of year beach party in primary school to Shelley Beach & the boys were giggling at boobs.
    Chat soon, via email, travel plans changed slightly as nothing in life is simple when you throw in in-laws. Love Posie

  10. Manly & Shelly Beach… Scenes of my teen years. Beautiful day! My Dad still likes nothing more than being in Manly & often pops in to see friends in his fav cafes. He hasn’t done the walk for a year or so nor been in surf.. But he’s a v well 88 yo. Gosh your kids are gorgeous! Thanks to gorgeous parents!! Xxxx

  11. Sounds like a glorious day….

  12. Oh, I love Manly. Whenever I go, I always always always make sure I visit Ben & Jerry’s, even if it’s breakfast time! The Northern Beaches are amazing. I’m housesitting in Seaforth for the next two weeks, so no doubt I’ll be at the beach, eating Ben & Jerry’s as much as possible! xxx

  13. Gorgeous photos Corrie. Just look at Elodie getting stuck into the pav, sweetness :o)
    I love a trip to Manly too, always a lovely day out xo

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