festivities are over

Well the festivities are over here. Boxing day lunch was lovely with more family and a good catch up. The kitchen received lots of comments and everyone managed to fit in.
lots of people!
And it was another day of eating. I really am over eating for a while.
oh look! more food!
And I’m really over dishes too. But you’ve got to love having an extra huge sink to hide those dirty dishes.
dirty dishes anyone?
And since everyone has left now it’s time for a little bit of crafting. I’ve decided to make a large quilt to cover one of the girl’s beds.
making a quilt for keira
I cut these out using my Go Baby again and had a little helper with the scraps. This little lady does not like being left on the floor when there is action going on.
keeping her entertained
and after all that cutting we hit the sales late in the afternoon for a bit of shopping. I am just loving having retro daddy at home for a while and hope you’re enjoying some family time too.


  1. Oh Corrie! You’re such a dynamo. I hope you are getting some rest. I’ve been thinking of you over the past few days, Sweetheart. J x

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing this quilt. What lovely colours for a girls room. Hope you had help with the cleaning up.

  3. Another amazing day of celebrating in your lovely new kitchen area, looked lovely Corrie.
    Elodie is SO SO cute, love that pic of her on the bench, so cheeky :o) xo

  4. The kitchen area is so good for entertaining-which you seem to do so well! You have the most adorable baby girl!!belinda

  5. I went MAD, mad I tell you at Country Road today and I thought of you, yes I did! Compliments of the season Corrie xxxx

  6. Looks like the new kitchen got a good work out. It is so nice to have lots of room for everyone isn’t it?
    I hope you had help cleaning up.
    We had my DH’s family for Christmas Eve. 20 of us in all. I was so thankful that my BIL and SIL stayed late to help clean up!
    I hope you are able to get some rest now that the holidays are over. I am so happy to know your little ones will have another sibling to play with. I pray that all goes well for you and the new baby!
    We have a new 6 week old grandson. babies are wonderful!
    I enjoy reading your blog.
    hugs from South Louisiana

  7. Looks like a fun day! Your food looks delicious! The dishes are never ending this time of year!!

  8. Corrie, Elodie is just so scrumptious. What a cute photo. No wonder you want another one.

  9. your kitchen, and that fabric look amazing! you really are a superwoman. I am not sure how you do it all.

    how many squares for a single bed quilt?

    congratulations too – wow, 5 kids!!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new kitchen Corrie! It’s beautiful and must be so nice to work in. Looks like you had a fab Christmas, and congrats on your baby news. xx

  11. Corrie that quilt is going to look so pretty when its finished. I seriously want to make one for my two girls so that I can give it to them when our new house is built. Also love your kitchen I changed the colour of my ceasarstone after seeing your finished kitchen. My husband loves your pendant lights and ikea bar stools.

  12. Elodie is one very cute little girl, love those chubby legs and cheeky smile! Enjoy retro daddy being home and make sure you get some time for you.

  13. just had to come back in and comment again. you mentioned you hit up the sales with your family on boxing day … i took my three this morning solo and seriously, i would have much rather had someone poke me in the eye with a stick. As well as being in awe of your sewing, cooking, decorating and mothering skills, i now envy your ability to shop with kids in tow as well x

  14. When I look at Elodie I must say one thing – she is such a doll. I would eat her :))) Your kids are so great.

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