our kitchen renovation : day 22

OK, so technically this is day 26 because the electrician has just finished up 3 afternoons of work here. But I’m showing pre kitchen photos today as it’s a big day here. The rip out! I don’t even know how I lasted 3 years in this kitchen.

And you wondered why I never showed you pictures of my kitchen? I’ve been dreaming of my hampton’s kitchen for a long time. Goodbye old 70’s brown kitchen with carpet panelling that I tried to pull off a few months ago and realised it was glued down and wasn’t coming off.


  1. It’s not that bad! Nicer than what I have now – and at least you had your existing kitchen to cook in while the new one was being built.

  2. Think this kitchen is probably better than MANY other people’s kitchens. They sadly (myself included) don’t have money to change there’s :) thank for showing a before photo! :)

  3. Glad you are getting rid of your old kitchen. I was so happy to see our old kitchen go in the skip bin! Enjoy your new cooking space. I say you deserve it! Jacinta

  4. Sans the carpet panneling, I actually quite like it! You could sell it on Gumtree.

  5. I totally get it Corrie.
    I’m with you.
    Goodbye old kitchen!
    So, what is going where the old kitchen was? Is that space being converted to something else?
    So much fun!

  6. see you later old kitchen and enjoy the new one. I am very jealous!

  7. I understand you changing your kitchen Corrie – you have gone from dark and pokey to a bright airy look and much more storage space. You really did not expand a lot – just reorganized to fit your family. Having it in the back makes so much more sense. Enjoy your new spot – thanks for sharing it all with us – including the ups and downs. I got to enjoy the process without the gyprock dust! Merry Christmas. Nancy

  8. Oh Corrie, jeez, you’re picky! What was wrong with it? LOL!!
    Glad you have a beautiful new one! šŸ˜‰

  9. Oooo, looking forward to the big reveal of the new Hampton’s style kitchen… though I know you’ve posted some pics already, I’m sure the best are yet to come ;o) xo

  10. Corrie, what a contrast between the old and the new. Your new kitchen is BEAUTIFUL. You must be over the moon. If I thought you were a prolific baker before, I’m now bracing myself for more delicious looking treats.

  11. It’s not that bad, Corrie! I renovated my kitchen too and changed all stalls but I think if your preview itchen would get some white paintings on stalls and window, change the top and floor it would look great also but must agree with you your new kitchen is out of this world! If I ever buy a new house and have much space in it I’d have kitchen similiar to yours, sorry, but this is my dreamy kitchen šŸ˜‰

  12. Anonymous says:

    You dont know how you lasted 3 yrs in “that” kitchen, really? Gosh some people would dream for a kitchen like that!

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