settling in

Well we have power, the builder has finished up and the electrician worked late to give us power and my pendant lights. He’ll be back today to put the foxtel out the back and put all the lights in. But it hasn’t taken us long to settle in. Keira and I stayed up late to start wrapping a few Christmas presents. The island is so perfect for doing anything on as it’s just so big.
christmas preparations
The pendant lights are perfect. We have the wrong lightbulbs in just till I can go and get some big bulbs but they look perfect and really frame the kitchen. Good decision.
the island is lovely
And this morning we had our first breakfast in the new kitchen. Vegemite toast and tea. But let me tell you that emptying the old kitchen is no fun and I’d love to know how many steps I took walking everything from the front of the house where the old kitchen is out to the back but I’m about three quarters done.
first breakfast in the new kitchen
And we went to a couple of open houses yesterday as we’re in the market for a bigger house but I think we might be tempted to stay with such a lovely kitchen as I keep comparing them to my lovely one. And there is no comparison.


  1. Market for a new house? After getting a new kitchen?? Nice atmosphere…

  2. Corrie, just sit and absorb the improvements for a while.

    The island looks great and I can imagine a sewing machine on there!
    I don’t often sew in the kitchen but if I need to do a quick repair or mending it is good to be near the iron with a bit of space to work.

  3. The kitchen looks so pretty corrie…but I do understand your need for a bigger house…. :-)))…another bedroom wld be ideal *wink wink* xo

  4. so what is to happen to the old kitchen??

  5. Your kitchen is lovely but this time I admire your cute Keira :)

  6. Oh i love the lights, very Hamptons. I can’t imagine how you’d leave tht fanastic area now, it’s just fantastic. I love wrapping the gifts, so much fun, especially onces it’s done!! Love Posie

  7. Now you’ve renovated one kitchen it’s even more fun doing another one! You know what you like now!

  8. Your kitchen is looking beautiful. I love your little helper too such a sweetie : )

  9. I LOVE your pendants, would you pretty please let me know where you got them from? I’ve been searching or some for my island bench x

  10. what is happeneing with your old kitchen?????? will you remove it and renovate that area??? dying to know

  11. It looks like one already! And in in time for Christmas – perfect! x

  12. Love the pendants. I wish I had got ’em instead of downlights. :(

  13. Oh it looks like you’re settling in just nicely Corrie and it all looks beautiful! Keira is such a cutie. Soak up all that wonderful newness and try to relax and enjoy the festive season :o) xo

  14. your kitchen looks so spacious and I love that it’s all white :)

    accidental encounters

  15. I do love this kitchen and I’ve developed your renovating bug. I’m doing the ghastly 70’s laundry first and then will tackle the kitchen….provided the kitchen will stay in the same location.

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