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Another day, another giveaway. As promised. This time it’s two of my favourite quilting patterns from Don’t Look Now. If you love girly girl and pink then you will love these. First up is Worry Dolls and this is so good for presents. The pattern includes instructions and full size templates to make the large quilt as well as cushions with an individual doll and a girl’s name. So sweet and so achievable if a big quilt scares you.
another giveaway
The second pattern is Pretty in Pink and includes instructions and templates to make 4, yes 4, pretty girly cushions. You don’t have to use pink either – choose whatever colour you like. And start with the easiest and move up to a harder pattern. Anyone can enter where ever you live in the world. Just leave a comment to be in the draw! I’ll draw a winner early next week and get it in the post for Christmas.


  1. Oh I like Kellie’s Patterns! Count me in!

  2. Aren’t you being a generous poppet?! These patterns look great.

  3. These look great.

  4. Kellies pillow are beautiful. Im a pink girl so I would love to make one in pinks.

  5. Love Kellies patterns! So sweet. Thanks for the giveaway. X

  6. These look gorgeous. I have an almost-two-year old daughter, as well as a soon-to-be-born niece who these would be perfect for!

  7. Ooooh yes please! :)

  8. You definately have the christmas spirit! Those worry dolls are just beautiful.

  9. It’s my birthday today, I would L O V E to win this for my two daughters (and me).

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  11. wow, aren’t the dolly ones cute!

    Very nice!

  12. I’d love to have a go at one of her patterns – thanks for the chance to win one! Merry Christmas !

  13. Thanks for the opportunity, Corrie!
    Cb600f2 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  14. Beautiful patterns!

  15. Oh I would LOVE to win this – I would make things for my three girls. Thanks for another awesome giveaway.

  16. I would love to have the pattern…It is fun to make girly girl things for my little friends

  17. I love kellie’s patterns! Thanks!

  18. Please enter me in the drawing, the patterns are the cutest!!!!

  19. Soo sute, love the dolls!

  20. My pink loving Liongirl would love those cushions, count me in please and BTW loving your kitchen progress. melx

  21. Feeling a bit into sewing, these days, just a bit hot for Knitting. Some new patterns would be ace.

  22. Im in, these are 2 I have been wanting for ages!

  23. I have been thinking about making that worry doll quilt for my daughter for when she goes into a big bed, so i would love to win that pattern especially.

  24. oooo!!! Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!! way too cute!
    And p.s I hope you are all feeling better today

  25. Very sweet!! Thanks for the chance!!

  26. love pink. Love cushions!

  27. Yes please! Kellie’s patterns are wonderful and I particularly like them when they come free in a giveaway.

  28. I love these patterns. So nice of you so close to Christmas. Nancy M

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  30. They would make a wonderful gift to someone I know who has been thinking of getting back into quilting.

  31. What great patterns!! Thanks for doing a giveaway at this busy time of year, Corrie – you are a gem!!

  32. Oh yes, I was always planning to buy these two, yet didnt follow through …so coveting them definitely! a lovely lovely offer…

  33. The Worry Dolls look lovely.

  34. Great patterns! claireebianchi (at) yahoo dot com dot au

  35. My little girl made my mom (her grandma) a worry doll, when she was suffering with her last health crisis. These dolls are very special to us. Lovely patterns.

  36. What fantastic patterns.

  37. I have promised myself in the new year to take on the challenge of making my first ever quilt – this could be the one…….. Just love these patterns.

  38. I’ve been meaning to tell you for quite some time…I love your new banner. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  39. Great patterns! I love Kellies work! Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. Could this be my first ever sewing project … if you don’t count the horrible “coulottes” (sp?) I had to make in high school home ec.

  41. Kellie’s designs are yummy, thanks for the chance to win.

  42. I have been admiting the Worry Doll pattern for some time.

  43. Beutiful patterns!

  44. I like Kellie’s Patterns! Count me in!

  45. Worry doll pillows would be such great Birthday gifts!

  46. love the look of the worry doll pattern. very cute!!
    cberends81 “at” yahoo “dot” com

  47. I have not heard of these patterns before.
    They are adorable!! Love the worry doll quilt!
    My girls would love it!!!

  48. Oh, I love the idea of pillows with the little doll and a little girls name. I would make them for the girls in my daughters class as gifts. Too cute.

  49. Love Kellie’s patterns. Thanks for the give away.

  50. I’ve followed Kellies blog for a couple of years and LOVE her designs. I have so lusted after them but it’s almost impossible to get hold of them here in the uk! So please please count me in Corrie.
    Big Hugs
    Pene x

  51. Great patterns!


  52. Please, enter me. I love them!

  53. Kellie is fantastic. Her work is so amazing!

  54. oh yes please sign me up 😀

  55. wow another giveaway. I would love to win!! Then what a creative holiday season I would have. Cheers Karen

  56. Yay, that is so lovely of you, what a gorgeous prize, they are both amazing!! Thanks for the opportunity, love Posie

  57. Oh yes please. I have wanted worry dolls for some time :)

  58. They look great! Count me in :)

  59. I love those patterns, Kellie’s designs are great! thanks for the chance to win one!

  60. Oh lovely thank you thank you for the chance to win.

  61. What a lovely patterns. I like to take a chance

  62. I’d love to win these to make them for my granddaughter.

  63. Love Pretty in Pink! I think a little 6 year might like this in my house!!

  64. Ooh, me please. Count me in!

  65. oh how gorgeous.. thank you so much, they are beautiful x

  66. wow – these are gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win.

  67. oooh, i admire kellie’s patterns…she makes such beautiful projects. Merry Christmas!

  68. Thanks for another giveaway… LOVE THEM.


  69. O nice another give away! I’m in! love the patterns. Henny

  70. These patterns are gorgeous….can’t wait to see who gets lucky!! :)

  71. Both of these lovely patterns of Kellie’s look perfect for some Grandma sewing for my little granddaughter. Please enter me in the draw, Corrie.

  72. Gorgeous patterns! They are on my list! 😀

  73. I like girly girl and pink! yes-yes-yes :)))

  74. Thanks for the opportunity, Corrie!

  75. Both of the designs are pretty great thanks for the chance to win.

  76. Pretty in pink looks so gorgeous. Tracee xx

  77. Fantastic patterns. I’ve lots of little girls to make these for.

  78. Have been a fan of Kellie’s for a long time: It would be sweet to win one of her patterns. Thank you for the giveaway.

  79. such lovely patterns!!

  80. Oh, anaother fantastic giveaway…. that quilt is just lovely….

  81. I already have the worry dolls, but it would make an awesome present for my sewing friends.

    having said that, I still havent made the worry dolls!!! I am still not confident enough!!!

  82. Love those pretty pillows, and probably need a worry doll for my self. Thank you for your generosity.

  83. This is just the incentive I need to pull out my sewing maching from the dark corner of the store cupboard where it has been sitting for…well…way too long.

  84. Both of these patterns look absolutely delightful and I can see I could put both to good use, thanks for all these giveaways you are a star! Mx

  85. I just won a teaching position for 2012 and those little dolls remind me of all the little 5 year old people I will have in my class next year! Thank you for your generosity.x

  86. Oh, I’ve been pondering buying that Worry Dolls pattern for a while now! I’m in!

  87. How sweet are those worry dolls. Both patterns look awesome.

    :) Lela

  88. These are both great patterns!! Thanks for the opportunity to win them!

  89. Oh wow I love Kellie’s patterns and I love your. Ew kitchen too.

  90. What sweet giveaways. Jacinta

  91. Perfect for my baby girl’s room! Due in 4 weeks – who knows I might use my nesting energy to finish one of these projects in time!

  92. Some more gorgeous things to make for my little girl. Now to find the time…

  93. Wow this is great – love these patterns.

  94. I would love to win!!

  95. Love the worry dolls pattern!!!

  96. love the pattern!<3

  97. oh I love these patterns – thanks so much for the opportunity – fingers (and toes) crosssed!

  98. We have quite a few girly girls in our family who would love one of these! Also the personalised touch is perfect for those in bigger families. Sweet and special :)

  99. Pink is nice. Noemi

  100. Pretty patterns (and kitchen!) i love those worry dolls. thanks!

  101. With seven grand-daughters theses are bound to be a hit. You are so generous and full of the Christmas spirit. Thank-you

  102. What cute patterns. I would LOVE to win!

  103. What a great giveaway. Perfect projects for summer holiday sewing! Diana

  104. Yes please! love these

  105. I love Kellies Patterns!!

  106. I so want to take one of Kellie’s workshops in 2012, they fill very quickly though. To win a pattern would be fantastic, thanx!

  107. I love the patterns!!!

  108. A girl can never have enough patterns :)

  109. this looks fantastic

  110. Thanks for the giveaway! Beautiful patterns:)))


  111. Muy lindos patrones!!

  112. Wow, what a lovely patterns, I bet my girl would love it.
    So I give it a try.


  113. Oooh, Pretty in Pink is lovely!

  114. OMG!!! Those patterns are so cute! I am so glad I read about your giveaway on Facebook! No way I could miss out!

  115. I would love to try her patterns!

  116. Cute patterns … both of them! I’m game to try my hand at applique!

  117. Ohh I’ve always loved that worry dolls pattern!

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