this year’s santa photo

Every year I get the little ones all dressed up, we head into DJ’s and do the santa photo ritual. This year was special as I didn’t have to get in the photo! And our normally most nervous little person Tillie also surprised us by going straight up to Santa first and trying to climb on his lap. She was fascinated by him and made the whole photo easy. Elodie meanwhile wanted to cry, looked at santa, looked at us, the bottom lip was going but somehow we made it through. Phew.

santa photo 2011
And what I love is going back every year to look at all the photos. You might remember these from last year. I can’t help myself. I just love to look at them and see how our little family has grown. In a short time. First it was just keira. I really did love the fountain pigtail.
2006 first year
santa photo 2007
growing family
christmas 2009
santa photo 2010
and here’s to many more santa photos!


  1. We just had our very first Santa photo, one that will be treasured, my bubba was only 9 weeks old and didn’t even cry :)

  2. how lovely to see how your family has changed and grown over the years!

  3. Tillie looks like mummy. A very sweet picture.

  4. We just had our very first Santa photo, one that will be treasured, my bubba was only 9 weeks old and didn’t even cry :)

  5. Great photo Corrie :) We had ours on Friday and it’s the first year I haven’t been in it – yay! Although, I was dressed up and looking nice… oh well!

  6. My oldest started to refuse at age 9, so enjoy them whilst you can get them! It’s a bit different dragging a reluctant 2 year old into the photo..just can’t do it with a 9 year old!

  7. Wonderful picturesб and real Christmas spirit.:)
    But it’s so unusual for me to see kids in summer dresses near Santa :)
    Lucky you… it’s so cold here in Ukraine :)

  8. You two truly produce gorgeous children, perhaps you should consider a few more. Loving your kitchen reno too by the way, it is looking fantastic and very inspiring. melx

  9. Great photo. I love Tillie and Keira’s matching dresses – so cute. Such a nice tradition and lovely to look back through them.

  10. Oh Corrie, my heart just melted. BEAUTIFUL 2011 Christmas photo… AND I’m loving the previous year’s collections also. So nice to have a tradition like that, wonderful to look back on :o) xo

  11. Oh How Cute Corrie! Keep up the tradition (some years it will be really hard to get everyone there) — those photos will be priceless when the kids are grown. My college roommate showed me the book containing their yearly Santa photos — there were 5 children and I was just fascinated watching that family go from one little baby to 5 big adults trying to fit on Santa’s lap. Seeing that book inspired me to do the same thing with my boys — with only two children, my photos aren’t nearly as exciting, but still lots of fun!

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