our kitchen renovation: day 19

If there is one thing that I’m totally over, well it’s waiting for tradespeople to arrive. Like when they say they’ll be there at 12 and they call you at 3.15 and say I’m at your house where are you. So I told him. I’ve waited at home all day for you and had to collect my daughter from school. With all 4 kids in the car. So I’ll be home in 5 minutes and I kept him waiting for a change.
caesarstone is in
But the caesarstone is in and it’s looking lovely. Unfortunately for me he told me this is really hard to keep clean. Oh great, why didn’t I think of that when picking the colour but it really is perfect. This is snow. A very white and delicate caesarstone colour and I’m in love with it. I figured that it’s classic, wouldn’t date and would look pretty. And it does.
more pics coming tomorrow as the tap and oven are going in today.


  1. Wow!! Your kitchen is looking fantastic, can’t wait to see it with everything in it’s place and the whole family in there baking!

  2. It looks great and well done for making the tradesman wait!

    Leah x

  3. I have the same colour Corrie. Men might find it hard to keep clean! I just wipe it when I use it and give the edges a good scrub (well sometimes the cleaner does that!) each week.

  4. LOVELY!!! We so need to update our kitchen, but I’m not sure that I can muster up the energy anytime soon!

  5. Sometimes the maintenance of something which is “hard to keep clean” is all worth it for an amazing look and I think this is the case with your kitchen!

  6. I have had a pale caesar stone bench and it was no harder to clean than any other bench! I now have a glassy dark bench and that is much harder as it gets all streaky (but I still love it)

  7. I’m totally in love with your kitchen. It’s looking beautiful : )

  8. oooo love the white!

  9. Love it! We are going to use caesarstone in ice snow… but now I’m worried! Will have to investigate more. I am sure it will work out well.

  10. Looks fantastic Corrie, please dont let a tradesman momentary silly comment spoil your choice of benchtop! Why did he think that’s a valid comment when it’s been installed! His opinion means nought! You’ll love working in your new kitchen regardless of what a tradie says…

  11. What? Hard to keep clean? No one told me either (except you!). My stone (Snow also) going in next week….arrghhh

  12. It’s looking great. Don’t worry about your benchtop – ours is CaeserStone Osprey, a slightly creamier colour, but we’ve spilt ink, red wine and beetroot juice on it and it hasn’t stained.

  13. Well I have had mine for 8 month and it isn’t hard to keep clean.

    I have grand children coming over and we bak and do all sorts of stuff on the bench tops.

  14. The kitchen is looking beautiful. Don’t worry about the bench tops. Stone is so much easier to keep clean. You won’t regret it. Jacinta

  15. Your kitchen looks fantastic! I will let you know
    that I have a caesar stone bench top, and it
    is not hard to keep clean. I use a spray on it or soapy water daily, and every now and then, if I think it needs
    it I will use a sponge and a little cream cleanser
    to get any stubborn marks off. Ours is 7 yrs old
    and still looks great!! Sarah.

  16. I have this colour and it’s not an issue keeping clean really. You do need to keep tea cups and things like that away from it to prevent rings but a bit of elbow grease and it’s back to new.

  17. Oh Corrie, it is looking LOVELY! Pesky tradespeople, I know exactly how you feel, frustrating! Look forward to the next batch of pics :o) xo

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