market wrap up

Nothing like a bit of last minute drama before a market. Elodie getting a fever the night before and me terrified she’d end up in hospital again. She woke up chirpy but hot and during the day retro daddy took her to the dr’s and you guessed it. Tonsilitis again. Back on the antibiotics and hoping we avoid hospital and convulsions this time.
So apart from worrying about how she was going,  I had a great market. I adored having the double stall space, it felt like a luxury to be spread out over 2 big tables and it meant lots more space for customers to spread out.
quilts on display
Unfortunately the lovely big ladder display did not fit in the car. Just as retro daddy predicted. Looks like I need to leave little people at home next time in order to get it in the car. It sure is lovely and I think I might keep it in my craft room. $149 from Howards Storage because I knew you’d ask.
the white ladder that didn't fit in the car
And I got asked lots of times today if my quilts were sale.  Maybe next year, in my spare time with the twinnies at preschool. Who knows.
And I always wish I had more time to do a round of the stalls. Retro daddy is pretty happy that I don’t but today I managed to pick up a gorgeous top to wear this summer. I walked past it 3 times and adored it. It’s actually a maternity top and is so gorgeously soft and lovely to wear. You can check out the range here. I hope I can pull it off this summer.
wool for sale
And the lovely Sarah was now selling cupcakes and cake pops. Cupcake- a- licious. I bought a box of cupcakes that lasted 10 minutes after we walked in the door and Sarah ever so nicely dropped these cake pops off to me. They didn’t last long either. Retro daddy thought they were very delicious too. 
cake pops by sarah
One of the things I love at markets is all the people you meet. Old friends, new friends. I love catching up with the same stallholders and meeting new ones and of course my lovely customers. I wouldn’t do markets if I didn’t love meeting my lovely customers and readers and making new ones. It’s always fun. Thank you. And a huge thank you to my very gorgeous helpers Amy and Lisa. Such a pleasure to spend the day with you and consider yourself hired next year.
But for now my feet are up, I’ll get my quilting tutorial up later tonight after dinner and I’m taking it easy to recover. Markets take it out of me and especially when you’ve been up all night next to a sick bub. But I’ve got a tub or two I’d like to clear on eBay this week and will share links later this week. 


  1. Aw those little faces… I need to make more babies!

  2. Love your stall Corrie. Lots of pretty things there.

    I remember that a doctor told me when mine were small that tonsillitis can show up in many forms. Two of my boys woke up vomiting badly one Christmas Day. You guessed it, tonsillitis! Hope Elodie is better soon

  3. Corrie your stall looked wonderful! Such a shame I wasn’t in Sydney for it (we are coming for Christmas) but perhaps I have saved myself quite a bit of money!!! Those cupcakes looked amazing as well! Congrats on another successful market and here’s hoping your littlest bunny gets well soon x

  4. Love seeing your market pics; I’m doing my first Mathilda’s in Feb and youre my stall setup inspiration :-) I’ve been looking for one of those display ladders too!

  5. Hi Corrie, looks like a great day! What is your ebay id? I used to buy from your online shop and I really miss it! Thank you, Kristin

  6. I wish I could have come along to Mathilda’s today – but I knew I would have spent far far too much money. I still have a pile of Sugar Flower 2 fat quarters I bought off you last year reminding me they need to be created into something! Your stall looked wonderful, rest up and I hope Elodie is on the mend soon

  7. Well done on the market, how is your ‘market smile’ as my cheeks always ache from smiling all day.
    Have a gorgeous week dreaming of the kitchen & sliding into Christmas now, love Posie

  8. Oh wow, that is such a pretty table set up. Looks like it is a great little market!

  9. It was an absolute pleasure helping you out today Corrie, it was a great market!

    Good to hear the cupcakes didn’t go to waste, lol, you should’ve seen my kids faces light up when they got a look at the ones I brought home!

    Hope Elodie is all better soon and lets you have a good sleep tonight xx

  10. Sounds like a huge success and a lovely day Corrie. That pic of your littlies is SO cute :o)
    Hope baby Elodie is feeling much better now… this unseasonably cold weather would not be helping one bit I imagine :o/ xo

  11. Lovely quilts and wraps. Good thing to see some new ideas in here, bookmarked!

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  12. A fantastic market! It was a pleasure helping out – can’t wait to do it again : )

    Love the Cake Pops too – they are on my list to purchase at the next markets

    I hope Elodie gets better soon

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