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If you have a Thermomix then Tenina needs no introduction. If you don’t have a Thermomix then Tenina creates the most amazing and delicious recipes for the Thermomix and until recently was their recipe creator. I had been itching for Tenina to come over to Sydney and run classes as she is based in WA. I was so excited to buy my tickets as soon as I heard she was coming to Sydney. I know I wasn’t alone. And today was the day.

tenina wanted her glasses off before I took a pic

The class was held in the Kleenmaid office in Alexandria and oh the kitchen! What I would do with an island that long and that many ovens, an induction cooktop, heating drawer, butlers pantry and more.

cooking class in the kleenmaid kitchen

Unfortunately Elodie is still not a happy camper and had to come with me. That was not the plan. And she wriggled, and shuffled, and squirmed, and ate rice crackers and wriggled some more. And just as I wanted to sit down and enjoy my lunch decided she really wanted to go and would not let me sit down.

elodie watches dora

Back to the food. It was amazing! Amazing. Tenina made these absolutely delicious dishes for us:

Smoked chicken and salad pizza

Flaky puff pastry

Baked Camembert en croute

Apricot Glazed Ham

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Steamed Spinach with hazelnut and orange dressing

Pistachio and almond filled christmas roll

Pecan Dacquoise with orange chocolate cream

Gingerbread cookies with a glaze

baked camembert en croute

Is your mouth watering yet? Can you believe Tenina got through so many dishes in under 3 hours. It was the most delicious lunch. I normally eat vegemite toast, leftovers or a sushi roll for my weekday lunch so it was a real treat to have lunch made for me.

cooking with tenina class

The food was full of so much flavour and it was the perfect timing to think about making these delicious meals in the new kitchen this Christmas. And don’t ask me to pick a favourite dish because I can’t.


And since I’ve only had my lovely Thermomix for less than 6 months I learnt lots of new tricks along the way too. I have made puff pastry before when I did my vegetarian cooking diploma and it was a reminder how much butter goes into it. And lard! Lard! But it tasted delicious. I’ll save that for special occasions I think.

assembling the dacquoise

Now Tenina has a couple more classes in Sydney and Newcastle this week and if you get the opportunity to go then do it. Details are on the website here. The food was just so beautiful and while the recipes might be a little more challenging than what you’re used to, the Thermomix made everything look so easy.


A big thanks to Tenina for coming over to the east coast so we got the chance to meet you and have you teach us. You’re such a natural! To her lovely assistant, the lovely Kleenmaid staff who put on Dora for my little miss, Yvonne my lovely new Thermomix lady who drove me and the other ladies in the class for not minding that I had Elodie with me. Thank you. I had such a great day and can’t decide what I’m going to make first.


Oh and I just have to clarify something. A lovely reader thought that I was sent my Thermomix for my blog. I wish. I definitely paid for it with my hard earned cash and don’t know how I lived without it! I just go on and on about it because I love it so much!  And totally off topic but can you believe I took most of these pictures with one hand – elodie in the other!


  1. oh THANK YOU for this lovely post. I am a newish thermomix owner, and have been backtracking your posts for recipes and your thoughts on the TM. We have lovely TM ladies coming to our local Xmas Market tomorrow night, and then to a cooking class on Monday night. Am going to email your post to them. And I hadn’t been online for a couple days and had missed Elodie’s sickness – what a hideous time for you. Really hope she is back to normal really soon. Cat

  2. Mmmm so many delicious recipes! I hope you got a good chance to eat all that food with Elodie there….and didn’t you do well looking after her at the same time too! I know you’ll have some fun in your new kitchen soon!!

  3. I agree! The class was great. I went tonight.

  4. Oh, thanks for posting photos of one of Tenina’s marvellous classes – so jealous, wish I could go to one!! Great that you got to go :)

  5. Thanks for this post Corrie, Elodie was gorgeous…and we are glad she came. You did well to get those pics with her I think! Hope to see you again next time I am over.

  6. Hello there, hope Elodie is better soonest. I must get to some Thermomix cooking classes next year when all kids are at school. I find it the most wonderful device too, I made lots of cakes this week very quickly in it and need to do another today for hubby’s birthday tomorrow.

    But it is fab for making healthy grub, especially juicing whole fruit, amazing that. And I did a super quick chili this week in it. Keep the recipes coming!

  7. Wow these look delicious. I have had my thermomix since the beginning of the year, but have just decided to try and become a consultant, as I just adore mine, and don’t know how I ever lived without it. I have been meaning to try the puff pastry, so must go and buy some lard :)
    Although I use mine daily, I still feel like I am at the tip of the ice berg with what you can do with it!
    I hope they have tenina down to melbourne sometime soon!

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