maxi dress for a mini person

If there is one thing I’ll never be able to change about myself it’s my height. 155cm to be exact. For some reason I had it in my head that I was 157cm but since having kids and measuring myself on keira’s very accurate little kid’s height chart, I’m only 155cm tall. I think I might share the same height as another gorgeous Australian, Kylie Minogue. Unfortunately I don’t have her body! But anyway. I love being small but if there is one thing I’ve always hated it’s that I could never pull off a maxi dress because I could never find one that wasn’t dragging on the ground when I’ve tried it on.
my new maxi
Until yesterday. I was having a quick look in the shops without the twins and pulled out this maxi dress in Sussan. Put it up against myself and almost couldn’t believe it wasn’t taller than me. So of course it came home with me. So I’m happy to share this little secret with my fellow shorties out there because I think at $69 it’s a great buy. A maxi we can wear without taking up. 


  1. Very nice! I like it heaps x

  2. It looks lovely Corrie.

  3. that’s such a cute dress, love the colours and prints. Haven’t been into a Sussan in ages. I have the opposite height issue with maxi-dresses – I’m 180 cm tall, so sometimes they’re a little short … Cat

  4. It’s lovely. Looks really pretty. I’m short too and post baby don’t fit into anything, I’m going to look today!

  5. I agree…looks lovely and at about 154cms (although not measured recently and my memory no longer can be relied on since kids) I will be visiting Sussans!

  6. Love it. It’s perfect. A-M xx

  7. It looks great on you! I’m 156cm so am swamped by maxis too. I’m gonna head to a Sussan this weekend! Thanks for sharing! x

  8. pretty :) i’m a similar height to you and have the same problem… everything has to be taken up!

  9. thankyou!! My license tells me I’m 155cm too 😛 I generally resign myself to having to alter everything I buy.

  10. it’s lovely! very pretty colours :)

  11. Love it Corrie! Hot mama 😉 I love Sussan for great finds like that, all my young non-mum friends (like myself) think I’m a total nana hahaha

  12. there could be a swarm of short bloggers working the maxi this week. At 156cm I here you although not convinced it will look good on me

  13. Oooh I love the maxi, looks great on you!

  14. love the colours!

  15. Oo I love it! I have the smae prob, I’m 1cm shorter than you, but I’m overwieght so have flabby arms, hard to find one with sleeves to cover them up a bit and I hate to wear a top underneath especially in hte heat

  16. Oh it’s gorgeous Corrie! So lovely on you. Always great to find a style that fits so well. Beautiful photo… though I would have liked to see your pretty face in it too! xo

  17. It looks great on you too!

  18. looks gorgeous too!!

  19. Ooh, thanks for the hot tip, Corrie, from your fellow 155cmer ☺ J x

  20. What a good find Corrie! I have to say that though – I started working for Sussan yesterday as a Christmas Casual. Yay me! Btw – we like seeing you’re pretty face in pictures…!!!

  21. I have exactly the same problem as I am the same height as you. Might have to have a look in Sussan too :)

  22. Fab dress Corrie! It would be up to my knees though!! We are the tall family – my 14 year old is 178cm – taller than me (175 )!! Great pattern for the hot summer.

  23. Lovely dress. I don’t understaind why don’t you just shorten it, if it’s to long, being such a great sewist.

  24. Ooooooh I love it! Unfortunately it would be knee length on me though : ) Looks beautiful on you and for such a great price, you can afford to go get another one in a different colour! xx

  25. Yep, like you a maxi dress always touches the ground for me too and sometimes I will do a knot below the knee to keep it up!!! This looks like a gorgeous summer dress and perfect for those balmy days ahead! You look beautiful :)

  26. lovely – thank you, I can understand!

  27. maxi dress for a beautiful lady

  28. That is a gorgeous dress. The colour and the prints are great for this time of year. You look lovely in it.

  29. NiceMOMAnd Cute Baby

  30. My mum is short to and always loved it when 3/4 pants were in fashion because she could buy them and then have full length pants without having to take up the hems!

    You’re dress looks lovely. I’m getting into the maxi dress/skirt this year too.

  31. Shorties Unite!
    Lovely find :)

  32. Also I’m 155 cm tall. Welcome to the club!:)
    I love the dress. It´s perfect for you.
    Hugs from Barcelona

  33. I am the same height as you and have the same problem with maxi dresses so have given up.

    You have inspired me to try again.

    Thanks Corrie

  34. It looks lovely! I too will be off to visit Sussans I think!

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