i have red saltwaters

They are here. At last. Red Saltwater sandals. I love them. I needed some detective skills to track down a pair in red and found some in Chico, California here and paid a bit more postage than I normally would.  But I’m worth it. Red for adults is a really, really hard to find colour at the moment as it’s out of stock at Saltwater until December and most shops are out of stock.


They are a cute shoe to wear but unfortunately I spend so much time in my birkenstocks that they aren’t as comfy as them. But for a sandal they are comfy. And I love the colour. So glad I waited to get red. But I did realise I might have looked a bit mother earthy  when I was  wearing elodie in her ergo, these sandals and picked up some quinoa at the shops yesterday.
Red Saltwaters
Oh and I make a bad footwear model. I broke a beautifully pedicured toenail at the gym last week. It’s going to take a while to grow it out. See exercise isn’t always good for you.


  1. Gorgeous!

    I had some for my little girl last year and I’m seriously seriously considering getting some more. mmmm must get my brother in law to send them over. Way cheaper for postage!

  2. I’ve got red ones too, love them to bits and wear them constantly. Good colour choice!

  3. Oh they look lovely, fresh and bright for summer !! I used to wear something like that in primary school waaaay back _ they were brown and called Roman Sandals I think :)

  4. I love them! what size did you buy though, I’m not sure what USA size I’d be. I’m wondering if they’re a big or small make. CHeers, Sam

  5. Oooo ouch, poor Corrie, the broken toe nail wouldn’t have tickled.
    Loving the red sandals AND the red nail polish. Nothing better than a good comfy shoe :o) xo

  6. I had no idea they made them in red. Excuse me while I track down a pair for myself :)

  7. Love them!!
    I’ve been eyeing some Saltwaters off in the Little Pinwheel store.
    I thing you’ve sold me!

  8. I just bought some saltwaters for my girls from tentalltrees.com. They look nice.

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