our blue mountains weekend – part ii

Ok so to recap, we went to the Blue Mountains last weekend. I didn’t pack enough warm clothes and we had a blowy time at Echo Point which was right next door to the hotel.  Thankfully the next morning it was much calmer and warmer.
checking out the view
Now staying at Lilianfels was an experience in itself.
such a pretty bed
 I was a little nervous taking 4 little people to the hotel as the website didn’t show any children…………anywhere.

keira in the gardens

But I am happy to say that we saw a couple of other families over the weekend and the staff were super friendly and accommodating.

the pool

The bedrooms were gorgeous, each bed had a kookaburra on it and if you squeeze it it lets out a big kookaburra laugh.

big beds

Imagine the orchestra going on when we bought 4 of them. Well we had to as they were obsessed with the kookaburra’s. Tillie ducked her head back in the room to give it a kiss and say bye bye when we left.
fancy surroundings
I loved that a pile of the latest magazines was in the room which was a personal invitation to sit down and relax for a while.
relaxing in the hotel room
Elodie had other ideas and kept moving herself towards the heavy drawers…I had visions of squashed baby fingers and we kept pulling her back. She was like a moth to a flame……every chance she got.
elodie and the drawer
Dinner was a 6pm affair….no sooner had we sat down than hands were deep in our water glasses fishing out ice, cutlery was being played and we were noisy.

the reality of eating out

Thankfully most of the other guests came down to dinner at 7.30 so we didn’t bother anyone.

happy family
the food was delicious and in another sign that I don’t get out much I enjoyed 2 champagne cocktails during dinner. I think that might have exceeded last year’s annual champagne consumption. I can’t say no to a good kir royale….then they ran out of cassis.
kir royale
And I can’t say no to dessert either. Really you need to leave your diet at home when you head away for a weekend.
i never say no to dessert
back up to the room and it doesn’t get more romantic than retro daddy falling asleep in one bed with finn and tillie and mummy falling asleep in the other room with elodie and keira. That is love. Or a romantic getaway when you have 4 small children.
keira playing around
But we had a ball, the kids had a ball, even elodie had fun…..
elodie works on her crawling
we walked, we shopped, we ate, we talked and the kids were well behaved. Ok retro daddy had them reciting – no burping, no fighting, no biting, no poo jokes. It worked. Sort of.  More photos coming soon of the gorgeous scenery…….


  1. What a perfect weekend! Love your shots Corrie, such a beautiful family :o) And why is it that the bubs insist on playing with THE most dangerous piece of furniture in the room?? We have the same problem with our 15 month old, just can’t keep away!
    That accommodation looked incredible… and the gardens, WOW! Ahhh those romantic getaways with the littlies… but they’re only little for a short while I guess, have to keep telling ourselves that ;o) xo

  2. It looks like you all had a lovely time away – and your family is so beautiful that I’m sure any typical child silliness wouldn’t even have been noticed :)

  3. Such a gorgeous place to visit and you accomodation looked heavenly!!! A well deserved weekend away :)

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