Vera Bradley – why didn’t you tell me?

Honestly! Have I been living under a rock? Have you heard of Vera Bradley? Then why didn’t you tell me! How did I not know about these amazing bags and accessories before. A lovely new customer to my stall on Saturday came with the most gorgeous handbag. I asked here did she make it and she told me no it’s vera bradley. She then showed me a few more accessories from her bag and was carrying a business card of a seller in the states who ships to australia. My kind of lady. Thank you.

I mean let’s look at this lunch bag. Suddenly taking lunch to the park while the little ones play just got a whole lot more fashionable.  I can’t believe this is an insulated lunch bag!
Or how about the nappy bag in ‘happy snails’.

I’m not going to reveal how much time I’ve spent at her lovely website looking at all the gorgeous bags. I haven’t decided what I’m going to get but am definitely putting some things on my Christmas list. And for a few special relatives too. And just in case you were wondering, this company ships internationally just in case you want to make a note of it. Just in case. I’m not saying you have to. So did you already know about Vera Bradley?
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  1. Love it! (My husband would kill me if more bags made it into my closet though!)

  2. I’m almost too scared to look at the website Corrie 😉
    I have an obsession with bags and have way too many.

  3. Nooooooo, how could you do that to me!!! Now I am hooked…

  4. Vera Bradley bags are so pretty. I have a couple of her pieces. My daughter-in-law gave me a wallet last year for my birthday. A little pricey for me. My great nieces want a bag from her line for Christmas. All the teens have discovered her here!
    Her fabric choices have inspired me to make a couple of bags. I wish I could insert zippers better than I do!

  5. Heading over there now…. I am in the market for a new handbag right now!!

  6. corrie…i live in the same city as Vera Bradley!! In fact, my mom was one of their original home sewers some 30 years ago!!
    they have a HUGE outlet sale in April, that is the best time to buy. my aunt works there, i might be able to help you out with something or another…and i have a few smaller cosmetic bags etc shoved in drawers for last minute gifts….

  7. They are lovely as are the special camera bags from Epiphanie bags, also in the USA. Camera bags with Crumpler like padding and partitions, that don’t scream “camera bag!” I was put onto them by Jussi in NZ and have bought one for new DSLR.
    Several styles and colours.

  8. Gorgeous bags, but I was wondering if you had come across Frejj? Julia sells her beautiful bags at markets in Sydney and up here in Newcastle. You should check out her stuff – I’m trying to persuade Husband to let me buy another one…!
    Sandra x

  9. Oh yes! VB is wonderful. And all of it (that I have) can be thrown in the washer & looks brand new!!

  10. Yes I do actually. One of my friends who previously lived in the US introduced me to them a few years ago. They are sweet.

  11. I hadn’t heard about them until now… I am a bit to scared to look at the website…

    They look awesome.

  12. I haven’t heard of VB. I just checked out the website but the florals are not really me. I did find a crossover bag in the Vera Vera range that I quite like and has got me thinking….

  13. Mmmmm bag porn

  14. Yes, I am a Vera fan of as few years now and own a few small pieces that I have picked up on my travels. It is sad that Australia hasn’t really discovered her goodies.
    Do you know that you can by her fabrics? I came across some in a small, NSW rural fabric store. I think I also picked some up from an ebay seller once… lovely quality! :)

  15. Oh yeah! I use one of the totes every day at school, taking all my junk in it from class to class! So solid and reliable! And I regularly use the handbags. I have an overnight bag and, and …. VB fan here!

  16. LOVE the bags! We just got some wonderful bags nappy bags in at work from a very posh New York company. I say why use them only as nappy bags, they are that gorgeous! I think I need to go shopping!!

  17. I’m a long time Vera Bradley fan, too, Corrie. My friend in the U.S. sent me a gorgeous VB tote years ago and then another in a different style about 5 years ago. I adore them and how well they are made. Toss them in the machine and they come out like new … year after year!

  18. Corrie! I’m right in there with Jenny — you know we live in the same city, right? If Jenny gets the mother and aunt connection, then I get to have one of the owners live in my neighborhood LOL. SO, when you plan your big trip to the US, come when VB has her HUGE (and crazy and fun) outlet sale — I have plenty of room for you and the munchkins(just ask Kellie for a reference LOL). People were so crazy at the sale that they had to put a $2500 limit per day.

    (I wrote a post about the sale three years ago here:

  19. Um…they look like they belong in my house. Just saying.

  20. Meredith Westfield says:

    There needs to be a Vera Bradley in Australia!! Went to LA a few months back and got loads, sadly I want more but they dont have it here :(

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