BlogHer 12 New York City

New Yooooooooork!  Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. And next year I’m going to be there. You see for a couple of years now I’ve watched from afar as bloggers have gathered for the annual BlogHer conferences. This year some lovely aussie bloggers I know got to go and I’ve decided that next year it’s my turn to head over and be a part of the fun. The beauty of blogging conferences is that everyone can go – super duper popular bloggers to people thinking about starting a blog. That’s the beauty of them. It’s not just for the pro’s!
And it’s in New York. NEW YORK! One of my all time favourite cities in the world. When retro daddy and I visited NYC I couldn’t sleep. I was just so excited to be there. It was my first time in America and it just blew me away. We were staying in a hotel opposite madison square gardens and loved every minute of it. Every minute! We ate in little italy, korea town, chinatown, we saw the sights, walked and we shopped. Oh we shopped, yes we did! Top of my list this time around would be JCrew, Anthropologie, Purl Soho, Gap, Sephora and of course FAO Schwartz and American Girl for my little ones.
My hope is that we can all go as a family so that the little ones get to be a part of the fun and excitement that is NYC. Unfortunately, BlogHer 12 coincides with retro daddy’s busiest time of year  – year end  – which means taking the whole family might not work. But he’s talking about making it work which means we can all go together and solves my hugest issue of leaving my babies behind. And my other huge issue of luggage allowance.

Anyway I decided that the 20% discount combined with the early bird rate was too good to miss so I bought my ticket. Oh yes I did. I bought my ticket. Can you believe it? I can’t. It was a little impulsive considering that I live on the opposite side of the world. And I will be saving my little butt off to get myself there next August. And if your name is Qantas, V Australia or you’re a lovely big Australian corporate looking to sponsor a sweet mummy blogger to go then of course email me and my people will talk to your people (ha ha, my people!). A couple of sponsors might just make the trip a little easier.  And Qantas, could I have extra baggage allowance for you know, the shopping.

So are you going to BlogHer 12? It’s so exciting to see some other aussies have bought their tickets too. But tell me how are we going to save? How much do I need to put away each month? Tell me! I’m a terrible saver. And if you’re not going please rest assured that I will share every moment of the trip with you all – from the breakfast buffet, to the shops, the craft shops, the conferences and activities, the freebies, all that is NYC.

p.s All pictures of NY from here and no I’m not a Jay Z fan but the kids were pulling out all their moves dancing to the clip!
p.p.s The discount code you’re after is AUGUSTHOLIDAY to save 20%
p.p.s I’m not doing pathfinder day as that would seriously cut into my shopping and sightseeing time!


  1. You’re too cute! I felt like I could have written 90% of that word for word!


    Thanks again for the discount code, you rock x

  2. Adore your excitement. And so amusing to compare our “planning” styles. I went to BlogHer this year… wonder if I should be as daring and farsighted as you are being?!

  3. Good for you! I love NYC, too. I live in CA, on the other side of the country, I go to NYC once a year for Book Expo America.

  4. Yay for you! You’ll get a sponsor without trouble, so don’t worry about that. NYC here you come!!!!!!! x

  5. Oh, Corrie – I wish I was going too!!
    And hello Anthropologie, New York!
    Mel xo

  6. Wonderful! I booked my ticket – and @miscmum directed me to your tweet so I could get the 20% off too.
    Like yourself, I’ve watched others head off to these events, but next year…New York!
    Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to get there and whether the whole family can come along. Sponsors sound like a good idea!
    Nice to discover your blog too :)

  7. Start spreading the news…..I’m leaving today…..I want to be a part of it..New York, New York!!! Well I’m not leaving today but its a great song and lets make this next year fly fast for you so you can get there quicker!!!

  8. That is fabulous Corrie! I love your enthusiasm and why not, New York would be unreal! I have no doubt you will have sponsors galore, beating down your door :o) xo

  9. Wow,I didn’t reallise their are ‘pro’ bloggers & bloggers…nice of them to allow bloggers as well….I wondered what what separates the two…? I’m guessing it’s the money making side of blogger…!
    Sounds like heaps of fun… maybe I should get into it…I love Ny

  10. Lucky you!
    I love the USA, I have been a number of times. A couple of things to think about for planning:
    Look at how much tickets are to the USA at the moment for when you want to go and budget that much for the tickets, you should be able to get them cheaper, just keep and eye on specials, they all offer email service to let you know about deals.
    Compare the cost of flying a full service airline versus a cheaper airline once you factor in luggage costs it is usually cheaper to fly full service.
    Also be aware of the luggage limits as Qantas recently changed there’s.
    My advice with the flights, is make sure you stop over in LA, Dallas or SF. I made the mistake of flying home from NYC to MEL with time only to make the connection in LAX and about 4 hours out of MEL, DS (3yrs 3 months) had slept enough (as he had slept from NY to LA) and was absolutely feral. Going over Canberra to LAX we didn’t have as many issues.
    Also make sure you take things to keep them entertained and food as everything advertised isn’t always available and food service sometimes gets delayed.
    With the food order kids meals so they come out first and aren’t having to wait for so long.
    I love travelling especially to the USA, and am already starting to save for a trip next year.

  11. How super duper, i’m thinking i should try & get in on a trip to one of these amazing international blog conferences before i have any more children in high school (& weigh up school fees or holiday). Actually i think patience will pay off & we’ll make a big family trip, as it would kind of help if my husband was able to come too, i’ll be outnumbered with 4 excited children too. Give me a couple of years & my 4 can babysit your 4 & we’ll go together!! Yahoo!!
    You’re an accountant who can’t save, you are a shame to your industry Corrie!! For me, the hotel makes my holidays, so i like nice ones, just adds to the exictement, good luck, love Posie

  12. Oh! We are going back June/July….maybe I should stay back on my own?? What are my chances do you think??

  13. I just got back from LA 3 weeks ago, really wanted to go to NEw York but couldnt get there this time, I will one day! How exciting for you!!!!!!!!

  14. I too love New York and have been twice, both just before Christmas – love New York in the snow. I am going in two years time so will love to see your recommendations. My advice would be to start collecting some US$ now as the exchange rate may not be as good next year. You will have a fantastic time!

  15. Awesome! I am from NYC (now in Brisbane) and the only negative I can see is that they have to do it in August – by far the most disgusting month in NYC – it will be hot and humid so be prepared for that (I am talking “if a person has curly hair do not even attempt to blow dry it” humid. (but all the shopping will make up for it)

    I only launched my blog this week so am not sure if it would be a necessary step for a (by then) 1 yr old blogger, but seeing as I won’t have been home in 3 years it could tempt me.

  16. Oh Corrie you will have a ball!

    I am still deciding if I can go. I would love to but I would love to take the kids and I just don’t think I can do the trip I would want to next year. To many other things pulling on the budget strings.

  17. You are going to have so much fun! I’m excited for you! x

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