shortbread buttons

Well grandma betty is here and she’s a little scottish lady who loves her tea and biscuits. And her biscuit of choice –  shortbread. And don’t you even think about having her over without any biscuits in the cupboard. With my thermomix now a huge part of my life there was no way I was going to buy biscuits. And so this shortbread recipe comes from the Thermomix Everyday cooking book and the button idea comes from the May issue of Country Living (British Edition). You can easily make them without a thermomix just do it all in your food processor. Shortbread is so easy but so ‘butterly’ gorgeous.

shortbread button biscuits

100g plain flour

50g rice flour

50g caster sugar

100g cold butter, cut into cubes

dash of vanilla extract

Preheat your oven to 160 degrees. Put all your ingredients into your TM bowl and mix 10 seconds on speed 10. Then mix for 20 seconds on interval speed with closed lid position. Now don’t worry that your mixture is all crumbly. It all comes together. Tip out onto your work surface or I used baking paper then form into a ball. Now if the weather is a bit warm you can chill your dough by wrapping it in gladwrap and refrigerate it for 30 minutes or so. It’s cold here so I just worked with it straight away. Roll out between 2 layers of baking paper and cut into 5cm (or so ) rounds. Use a chopstick/skewer/toothpick to punch your holes then using a knife slide off onto a lined baking tray.

just before the oven

Bake for about 15 minutes or so until lightly browned on top. You don’t want them too brown just a nice pale shade. While hot I repunched the holes and then you need to leave them on the tray for a minute or two then slide off with a knife to cooling rack. They will crumble and break if you don’t let them cool on the tray – resist! You can do it!

shortbread buttons

And so if you don’t have a thermomix just do the mixing and kneading in your food processor for a couple of minutes until it comes together. Enjoy. And this is a great school holiday activity. The making and the eating!Next time I’m going to double the recipe because they were all gone by lunchtime!


  1. I am going to make these for my company next week. Yummy for sure.

  2. No Thermomix :(
    No food processor :(
    What ever shall I do?
    These can totally be done by hand right? It just takes longer?

  3. YUM!

    They certainly look ‘butterly’ gorgeous!

  4. Hmmm!!!
    De jól néz ki!!! :)))

  5. These are sooo cute!

  6. Oh – simply gorgeous! I just love the little button look. As cute as a button! (Naturally!)

  7. These look absolutely gorgeous Corrie! What a great idea for shortbread… like combining craft and cooking all at once. YUM! xo

  8. they look so good!

  9. I love buttons. This idea is just sooo cute. Will be making them!

  10. These look so cute and know doubt YUMMY ! 😀

  11. What a great idea to make them look like buttons – they look absolutely delicious.

  12. What a great idea to make them look like buttons – and they look very more-ish too!

  13. Love shortbread – but I am Scottish – rice flour is the key! Glad to see it in your recipe!

  14. Ooo, they look delicious. Made my mouth water! Emma.

  15. BridgetM says:

    This is my favourite shortbread recipe! My daughter always asks me to bake shortbread for any special occasion and this is the recipe I use. I love that it uses rice flour. We all the the button shapes are wonderful! Thankyou.

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