Sherbet Pips Giveaway

OK, so now that I’ve drawn and announced the winners of all outstanding giveaways on facebook AND am emailing them this afternoon AND have updated the blog posts I can now launch a new giveaway! Woohoo, I hear you say. Let me tell you that I am just as relieved to be up to date. And since I promised to do a giveaway each and every month this year and I didn’t do one in March, well I have an extra special giveaway for March/April.

Sherbet Pips is one of my favourite fabric ranges of all time which keeps selling out – but a new delivery of 24 charm square packs arrived this week. So I’m giving away 2 charm square packs and 1/2 metre each of the scooters fabric in white and pink. I think you’ll be able to make something pretty special with all of that! Or you can just keep it with your other ‘too special to cut up fabrics’ if you like. You choose. To enter just leave a comment here telling me why you have to win  and I’ll pick a winner. You have until midnight April 30 and anyone in the world can enter. Sooooooooooooooo all that’s left to say is good luck……..


  1. Sherbet Pips is my favorite too. . love to get my hands on it anytime I can.

  2. Fantastic giveaway Corrie! I simply must win so I can attempt my first quilt! please :-)

  3. I have to win because it is so sweet!

  4. I HAVE to have this fabric. I love, love, love it and want to make something for myself with it. Maybe a cute cosmetic bag or four and some other cute acessories.

  5. I love this fabric – I have to have this fabric. I am not supposed to be spending at the moment, and so I have been very good not to purchase it, so I really need to win it.

  6. Thanks so much for the comp! Sherbet Pips looks fab!

  7. Oh Corrie – pick me! I promise I will chop it all up and turn it into something special!

  8. Wowza – I have to win because my little pip (not quite so little any more) would love a quilt made from this fabric for her bedroom!

  9. oooo i have to have this gorgeous fabric beause it would make the cutest softies!!!

  10. Welllll I simply have to win so that when I make a pigs ear of my first attempted quilt, which I am in the process of cutting for, I will have some totally cute fabric to have another go with!!

  11. Excellent – I’ve had my eye on some Sherbet Pip fabric. I recently finished my second ever quilt (both gifts for new babies). My kids (2 1/2 yr old twins and newborn) are still waiting – this fabric would be perfect. I’m hoping they will each have a homemade quilt before they start school (that should give me enough time)…

  12. I need Pips to make my quilt POP!

  13. I would love to win this fabric because i just dug out my great grandmothers sewing machine in my parents garage and would love a special project with some lovely fabric to bring this machine back to life!

  14. This is one of my favorite lines at the moment! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  15. Cute! I have to win because you can’t get this in my town… yet!

  16. I need to win so I can transform them into super-dooper smashing coasters.

  17. I have to win because…. Ok, I don’t ‘have’ to win, but I would love it if I did.

    I love your new blog header too. A great way to bring a fresh start to a new month (well mid-month anyway)!

  18. I just HAVE to win as the little blonde girl on the scooter reminds me of an indentical little girl I watch scooter to school every morning… mine!
    Thanks for a great giveaway Corrie. :)

  19. The scooter fabric reminds me of my tribe on their way to school! Luckily it doesn’t also show the frazzled, out of breath mother running along behind – not so cute.
    Would love to be in your draw.
    By the way, what is a charm square? I’m new to this quilting business and am just getting my head around fat quarters and jelly rolls – it’s like a whole new language!
    Thanks & cheers

  20. it is my little girls birthday soon and this would be perfect to make her some things as a gift. so please please please pick me :)

  21. I would love a chance to win some sherbet pips!! thanks for the giveaway!!

  22. Please pick me..I would be so grateful and maybe make You something out of it!

  23. I would love to win because … I’m new to quilting and what better way to ‘induct’ me (or should that be completely and utterly convert me!) than the fabulous Sherbet Pips fabrics.

    Brilliant giveaway Corrie. :)

  24. Me pls! That’s definitely a super special giveaway. Thank you for your generosity!

  25. Just because I want to win – ;-p. Anyway here in Malaysia the limit of lines they carry is sooooo limited. They don’t even carry Amy Butler’s what else the Sherbet Pips.

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  26. I;ve loved this range since I laid eyes on it. What a generous give away.

  27. Did someone say “Sherbet Pips”?
    Gee Corrie, how much would I LOVE to win this giveaway, let me count the ways!!!
    I’m sooooo glad Moda discovered Aneela’s talent, I adore her little girl on a swing, I’ve even got the embroidery pattern for it and the scoot one too, I think.
    You will get a zillion entries for this giveaway, but I’m going to cross my fingers, toes, eyes, arms and legs, and hope for the best.
    Thank you for your generosity.
    Kelly :-)

  28. I love Sherbet Pips! I really want to make a quilt for our spare room and i think this is just going to be fantastic!

    Lisa Lewis

  29. Sherbet Pips looks fabulous, and I would love to play around and make something new. Fabric? Do I need more I hear my brain calling out from the distance!!

  30. Five granddaughters is why I have to win (not adding the boys there either) so what an awesome quilt it would make one of them. I just love Sherbet Pips, so sweet…

  31. This fabric range is so cute. It looks like fun to me. I’ve never had a charm pack so I’d love to win one and just sit and pat it for a while!

  32. Because you can never have too much fabric! And it’s so very sweet too, I’d love to make a quilt for my girl out of it. :-)

  33. I looooove Sherbet Pips too Corrie, so much so that I recently bought a charm square pack off you :) So why should I need another one? Well I was going to make a cot size quilt for my niece, but she’s about to go into her ‘big girl bed’ so I’d love to make her a single bed size instead! Bring on more charms!

  34. I absolutely LOVE Sherbet Pips!! I have to win because I am making a quilt for my baby girl and those pips would be just perfect! Pick me please!!!

  35. I’m totally in love with Sherbet Pips and I have one charm pack and it doesn’t seem to have sated my appetite for this range!!

  36. Ooooooo I love this collection. You are truly an amazing person for doing so many giveaways! Love your work!!!

  37. Me please! I have not been buying fabric for a long time and Sherbet Pips is the only fabric to tempt me thus far. Still resisting but for how long?

  38. I’d love to win this fabric! I haven’t been able to find it locally and I would love to make a quilt for my niece with this. She’s a scooter girl and this would be perfect for her!

  39. I have to win because I have never actually touched or seen these elusive Sherbet Pips in person. I’m not sure they really exist outside of blogland.
    I dare you to prove it!

  40. The fabric is so cute! Why would I need to win? My daughter has recently finished her very first quilt. She has no stash and I would love to win it for her. She would have so much fun making a project with this fabric. This is her new blog:

    Thank you so much for having a giveaway!

    Ann Flowers

  41. oooh how lovely! I must win because I have two nieces who each need a play quilt made by their favourite aunty!

  42. I have to win because the little girl on the scooter reminds me of my little lady. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed.

  43. Wow, great giveaway, it’s about time that i made a quilt for my six year old daughter, she would just love one, and sherbit pips is just sooo cute.

  44. Me please because its just so sweet and makes me smile.

  45. Such a beautiful giveaway. If I was lucky enough to win I would use some of the fabric to make a pretty quilt for my next door neighbour……..she is a foster carer and at the moment has a little girl who has not had the best start in life and it would be wonderful to give her something of her own to keep with her, filled with happy memories of her time with Mrs J……..something to take with her when hopefully she is adopted and finds a permanent family to love her.

    Thanks for the chance to win this gorgeous fabric,
    lily x

  46. I love this fabric range, it is so fresh and modern! It would make a great Schnibbles quilt!

  47. I’ve never seen this before and it looks so sweet. I’d love to win, but then will have a good think about what to use them for.

    What a lovely giveaway. I’ll be on the look out now for Sherbert Pips.

  48. Szeretnék én is játszani.
    aranyos ez a Sherbet Pip minta.
    Telma Magyarországról.

  49. these are adorable prints!! i have been hunting for the perfect fabric to make my nieces winter jacket from and this is totally it! i hope i win :)

  50. to start my first ever quilt :)

  51. My best friend had her first baby girl yesterday so I would love to make her a cute little Sherbet Pips quilt!

  52. I would love to win this lovely fabric as we don´t have it where I live. Please count me in!

  53. I love this fabric – so very sweet. Now, why do I have to have it…well, a good friend told me yesterday that she is expecting baby number 3 in October! So happy for her! The Pips are perfect for a baby quilt. :-)

  54. so nice fabric!

  55. Very nice set! For me, expensive to buy the original set of tissues, I want to win! My dream – quilting. I watch your blog and drool, your stunning work!

  56. Fantastic! I would like to win to make my first quilt, and I’ve never done any. A greeting from Spain

  57. We have just moved cities and I have not found any of the local craft shops yet. This would cheer me up and get me sewing again. So nice to see you enjoying your blogging again Corrie. :-)

  58. I have three lovely little boys and I have made very special quilts for the first two but nothing yet for number three. I’m sure I could make something lovely for his first birthday with all that lovely fabric.

  59. I have to win because little dauter of my sister waits some toys from me. I promised her. And theese fabrics are so appropriate.

  60. I have to win because I’d use it to make an adorable Project Linus quilt.

  61. Gorgeous fabric. I would love it to make something for my kids room that can be for boy or girl. Maybe a wall hanging….

  62. Oh Corrie – I must win as those colours are gorgeous, and perfect for Layla’s big bed quilt…. I can’t move her to a big bed til she has a quilt of course.

  63. I’d love to win because it would make me super happy. We’re going through a tough time at my home at the moment – my partner lost his job and a long awaited trip to see my family and friends (its been almost 2 years) has been cancelled. Something to brighten my day would be lovely.

  64. I would really love to make a small lap quilt for my daughter with that fabric. She loves blankets and uses one each and every time she watches TV or any other time she is in a sitting/lying down position. Thanks for the give-away chance.

  65. I love the swing fabric in this line…it’s an all time favourite! great giveaway!

  66. I must be picked because I love all things Scooter! Thank you for such a lovely giveaway!

  67. This is my “must have” fabric for the year. I would love to win some to make a sweet pinwheel quilt.

  68. I would love to win as I looove Sherbet Pips. I can see them turning into some lovely patchwork cushions and maybe a quilt for my daughter’s room.
    Thanks for a fantastic giveaway!

  69. I have to win because after 3 boys I have a baby girl to sew for!! Pick me!

  70. I think it’s imperative that I win because I have never in my life owned Sherbet Pips. I’m pretty sure that’s a crafting sin.

  71. I made my baby to be’s first quilt with sherbet pips and would love to make some matching accessories – maybe a change mat or something – for the baby!!! xx

  72. Lovely giveaway Corrie :)

  73. Hi Corrie, have to win-its the perfect fabric for little Sadie, friends’ brand new bub. xx Chris.

  74. Elegant Giveaway! Should i win, because i really like this fabric and want to sew her in blankets of my children.
    my mail

  75. Hi! I am very, very, very much want to win, because tissue and delicious, and so bright! And at my window the third day pours gray rain, already very, very sad without a bright warm sunshine, and so want to do something fun, positive, bright! Sure of these tissues come out funny outfits for my dolls.

  76. Pips is my fave! brilliant giveaway. thanks! x

  77. I like these fabrics so much! They are so cute. Thank you!

  78. I’d love to win some Sherbet Pips so I can make something special for my little granddaughter. But to tell the truth I might just find that scooter fabric too, too hard to bring myself to cut up :-))

  79. Coz I really really really want to win please please please please…….love that fabbie and would love to make a hst quilt with it. Thank you for sharing.

  80. I love pips… and so do my kids, we already have one quilt made from pips and another half done, you see they both want one. I thought two pips quilts would be enough, but no, the big kids want one fore the baby so I need to win this the the kids stop hassling me and the baby can get his quilt.

  81. Why do I want to win this ??? If i did, it would (hopefully ) put an end to my constant procrastination regarding quilts ! I bought the book you recommended, asked you for tutorials, bought the darning foot and now, all I have to do is win this pack and I WILL do it !

  82. I would love to make my niece a quilt from this beautiful fabric. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  83. I would just sleep on the fabric… it is just so cute and that’s all I have to say about that.

    Thanks for another giveaway.


  84. The fabric is gorgeous. My fabric stash is running low, this would help out :)

  85. Oh! Great thing! Want it SO much!

  86. i need to win some Sherbet Pips because it will reignite my sewing mojo, im sure it will 😉

  87. oh this will be a popular giveaway!! i love the little pips… but not buying any fabric at the moment (i’m on a husband enforced ban until the baby is born)… but i love those cute sherbet pips!

  88. I have to win because I have a good idea to make with these Charm paks.

  89. I to have a little baby girl and I am obsessed with cute fabrics. I love making her original pieces, so these fabrics will make even cuter things for her.

  90. I would love to win Sherbet Pips..’cos I love sherbet..& would make the best cushions ever!

  91. i just have to win, as i LOVE this fabric line & it’s proving tricky to get hold of over in the UK right now!

  92. well, actually, I don’t HAVE to win, because I really am pretty lucky already… but I do love the sherbet pips creations I’ve seen so much that I can’t resist entering…
    thank you!

  93. I have to win because I don’t think my husband will let me buy any more fabric… but I’m sure he can’t complain about we winning fabric!! 😉
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  94. I need to win this because I can’t get it in France and I need to build my stash so please pick me. Thanks for the giveaway Corrie.

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. I would love to win this giveaway, because I am addicted to fabric. I am particularly addicted to the kind of fabric you stock! You have such an amazing eye for it, and I always oooh, and aaaah each time I hear you are getting a new bolt in!

    But sadly, I haven’t bought any fabric in a long time. Unfortunately our money has been needing to go to other things and I haven’t been able to afford myself the luxury.

    If I was to win, I would get the amazing high I get each time I place an order, the excitement of waiting for the mailman to arrive with my parcel and the joy of being able to create something beautiful, but without the guilt of spending any money when I know I shouldn’t be…….

    So please Corrie, pick me!!!

    AND, because I have spent the last 25 minutes trying to access my google account so I can leave this message!!!

  97. I love this range! And since I need another UFO…. ;o)
    Thanks Corrie.

  98. to make a gorgeous girly quilt to donate to the childrens hospital.

  99. Life is too short to sew with average fabric. I would love to win this!! Thanks for the possibility!
    jandkturnbull_at_bigpond dot com

  100. Have been watching all about this fabric but even though the lovely Aneela is from the UK her fabric doesn’t seem to have turned up here yet! So pleeese let us Brits have some?? I would love to make something special for my scooter girl – a skirt perhaps and a smashing tote bag (she can’t grow out of that)! Thank you!

  101. This fabric is just gorgeous! I’ve been following your blog for a while and you’ve made me want to try my hand at quilting :) This would be perfect to make a quilt for my little girl

  102. Oh what wonderful fabrics! I must win it :-) for my first big quilt. My daughter starts school in september and I would like to make a nice girly quilt for her.
    Maybe with your cute fabrics? Please, please.

  103. I love this fabric! I am on a ‘no fabric buying’ diet at the moment so he only way I am going to get some in the near future is to win some! Pretty please! I have never won a giveaway but here’s hoping…

  104. Ooooh yes please – I have boys so would have to make something just for me for a change :-)

  105. I have to win this so I can make a quick quilt, I’m always put off by having to cut out all those pieces!

  106. Hi. i live in Christchurch and the am the only family member who still has a house. My sister-in-law lost her house, her job was next to the building that collapsed and her car in the building beside it. I have been trying to encourage her with craft to take her mind off things. This would be an awesome start to make a quilt for my niece. Would give you photos when finished. God Bless. Karen

  107. Well I would love to win as having 2 daughters, it would be fabulous. But i am just happy for the opportunity

  108. Would love to win as do not sew and would like to learn a new craft. :) x

  109. Your amazing1 I just have to win because I make so many bags and folders for my daughters’ friends and my friends’ daughters that I could really do with extra kiddie fabric around. And that scooter fabric is really special. Thankyou for this chance. Cherrie

  110. After your last month no one would be upset if there was no giveaway’s …so thanks for sharing such lovely material.

  111. Why do I have to win? I don’t have to but I really love to win once a give away.

  112. Lovew the blog makeover, and yours too! And Sherbert Pips….couldn’t say no!

  113. Sherbet Pips is so cute. Thanks for the giveaway. Jacinta

  114. Hi from Middle Europe !
    I´m in love with Sherbet Pips. I have four daughters and one son and I would sew something for them.Sorry for my English :)

  115. How kind of you thanks Karen

  116. Szeretnék nyerni!!
    I would love to win!

  117. wow- you said entries from all over the world and it looks like people have taken you up on that.
    I LOVE this range too- girls on swings and scooters- fantastic. And I saw a sneak peak of her next range the other day- equally fantastic. I just ‘have to’ win :)

  118. Just have to win because it has been five years since I’ve been saying that I am going to make a quilt. Five years!

  119. Wow, this is my favorite fabric-line.
    I love Sherbet Pips.


  121. I have to win because Im leaving work next month and my husband is seriously going to put a fabric buying ban on me, I just know he will 😉 so this will ease the spending pangs for at least a week!!!

  122. Oh Corrie, I love Sherbert Pips! I am currently making my daughter a quilt with the last lot I ordered from you but don’t have enough material to make her a matching pillow slip :( Silly me should have ordered more (plus I don’t live in Sydney to pin you down at the markets!!).

  123. Always loved this line of fabric! Thanks for the opportunity to enter such a generous giveaway.
    I always enjoy reading your blog.

  124. Wow what a giveaway to win!! I would love to win this prize! I have just started to make little cot quilts for all my lovely friends who are having bubs! But I would love to make one for my own precious girl Daisy! Or even one for the next bub who I hope will come along soon x corrie you are too amazing and strong I hope all is well with your family xo

  125. I’ve been sewing for four months now, i’m so inlove with my sewing machine. It’s like this whole new world has opened up and wow I’m being creative.
    I think this fabric would make a great teepee entrance and floor blanket for my 16 month old daughter Poppy.

  126. I should win just for persistence in getting to the end of all the comments :)

  127. I Would Love to win this Gorgeous Fabric to help my Stash Grow..
    I used a lot of my own stash for making kits & cushions for our Flood poor stash is looking very Sick…
    Thanks for a lovely Giveaway…

  128. I would love to win & make a very fun quilt with it!

  129. I haven’t sewed since I was 12 years old… until now. I have taken your advice and just ‘had a go’ at making a cot size quilt for my little Jemima all by hand. I have been inspired and am now planning to make a quilt for all my girls and my nieces. Thank you for the inspiration and the beautiful fabrics!

  130. i don’t need to win..i’d LIKE it if I won…who wouldn’t ? that fabric is AWESOME…!!!

  131. ооо what smart fabrics! I very much want to sew a blanket to my small daughter who will be born in May!!! But I so am far from you, in Russia. It is not assured, whether I can to participate? Thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Because Miss 4 is ibsessed with scooters and scarves, and it looks gorgeous :)

  133. i would love to have some Sherbet pips – it is gorgeous – i will be really pipped if i dont get some soon.

  134. Wooohooo! What a giveaway, I do need some new fabric to get some inspiration to start a new quilt.

  135. So I can be a hipster quilter!

  136. I actually bought a charm pack from you some time ago and turned it into a quilt. Unfortunately, it isn’t big enough to use it myself so I need to start over :)

  137. I would love to win as I have never owned some sherbet pips

  138. I have to win beacuse I can’t bare the thought of taking my 3 children on school hols to th fabric shop who rang me and said the pips was in stock – I want to use it NOW!!
    thanks Corrie :)

  139. What an amazing range, I love it. I have to win as I have already spent my fabric budget for this half year (shhhhh please don’t tell my husband!) and I really need to make a quilt for my 2nd daughter having already made one for her big sister! Pleeeeeeeeeease xx

  140. I would love to win this charm pack because it’s so adorable! And yesterday was my birhday so this would be a lovely gift.
    Thanks for the chance.

  141. This lovely fabric would be perfect for my first attempt at making a quilt (for my gorgeous four year old daughter. Of course I’ll have my quilter extrordinaire mum to guide me!

  142. I would love to win this because… Who wouldn’t. The print is cute and bright and like this it makes it easier for first timers like myself to attempt with. I would love it so that I can give quilting a try.

  143. I have to win because I am a quilt beginner and I need to build my stack of fabric. Plus, the giveaway is super-cute

  144. This year I am committed to ‘shopping from my stash’, so winning would give me a chance to add some new & extra cute fabric. I am really hoping to be lucky & win!

  145. I have to win because I am a quilt beginner and I need to build my stack of fabric. Plus, the giveaway is super-cute

  146. I need to win that because sherbet pips would be just the inspiration I need to dust of my sewing machine and attempt my first ever quilt.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Ps I am in love with Elodie’s socks! Hand knitted are the only type that stay on! X

  147. I have to win because I am completely in love with Sherbert Pips and cannot afford to purchase any right now. By the time that happens it will be be gone…UGH!!

  148. Ooh I love Sherbert Pips… I have just finished embroidering cherrie on a tree swing. I have been thinking about the fabric and how I would love to get some to store away until my little Juliette is big enough for a bed and a beautiful sherbert pips quilt! A quilt that she can cherish for years to come and maybe store away in her glory box when she is all grown up to pass on to one of her daughters one day.
    I would love to win and I think Aneela’s blog, fabric, stitching and drawings are fabulous. Thanks very much for your generosity – Suz (a newish blogger and follower of retro mummy!)

  149. I would love to make my 2 year old daughter, Ayah, a new quilt for her big girl bed!

  150. Sounds yummy enough to eat and looks equally delicious.

    Pick me to not eat or sniff but I may just pat it a few times…

  151. Such an addict to quilting!! There are much worse habits! I just HAVE to have new fabric. I just HAVE to have gorgeous new fabric like this! The sherbets is so good and soo many ideas going around with what to do with it too! :)

  152. Oh Corrie! These Pips look tooooo cute! I have absolutely no idea what I would do with them! I am not (yet) a sewer but have so much want inside me to be able to create!! Perhaps I’ll give them to my Mum and watch her weave her magic with them!! Pick me, pick me!! P P P Pleeeaaaasssee!! : )

  153. What a gorgeous giveaway – thanks Corrie!
    I’d love to make a wee snuggle quilt for each of my 2, and since Cole and Imogen are both all about scooters and impending snow at the moment, this would be the perfect fabric for them. And even the colourways of the larger cuts work for a little girl’s quilt, and a little boy’s. Thanks for the opportunity!

  154. I have to win because the pips make me look so pretty.

  155. Hi,

    I’d love to win some Sherbet Pips,
    It’s fab, cute & trendy
    Pick me I’ll shake my hips
    And go a little bendy

    Blue, Grey, Red & Pink
    Scooters, scarfs and swings
    Sherbet Pips you make me wink
    Best of luck I’ll made you zing

    Another fab giveaway from Retromummy,
    She’s the star of the show,
    And we all agree she’s a honey
    with 4 beautiful kids in tow

    fingers crossed for me thanks for a great giveaway hope you enjoy my poem!!!! or attempt at…..

  156. Well, I would make a miniquilt to take to the hospital because in the summer I will do surgery on the shoulder and can not even make a long time, so it would be a nice opportunity to rest and recuperate, a hug and thank you for your generosity, as I love these fabrics

  157. Haven’t actually seen the fabric in person, hard to find around here. Thanks for the chance to win some.

  158. I’d love to win because after a long, hard, freezing Canadian winter, the Pips fabric looks like SUMMER!!

  159. An amazing five away. And after all that you’ve been through the past month or so.

    I need to have this fabric because as you say, it keeps selling out!

  160. i have to win this wonderful prize as i have no stash left and need more fabric to sew for lots of projects that i want to do,lol

  161. I need to win because I’ve been drooling over this fabric since the first precut peeks last year, and damnit I want to make a quilt for myself, instead of for the kids, or for friends… the list goes on :)


  162. Lovely giveaway, I just feel I can make something nice with it., for my son or one of my daughters.

  163. I need some sherbet pips to make a purse,
    Anything else will just make it look worse!

    Thanks for the generous giveaway :)

  164. Would love to win some pips! So sweet!

  165. Ooh I’d love some more material, there can never be enough beauty to look at :)

  166. So cute! I happen to have an 8 year old who loves to scooter and the print is so stinking cute! She would love a blanket made of it. Thanks!

  167. i have to win because I hear thru the grapevine that Moda didn’t print much of this fabric and it will all be gone soon and i CANNOT purchase another stitch of fabric right now.

  168. Здравствуйте! Очень люблю Ваш блог!!!
    Почему я должна победить?! У меня три маленьких дочки, и я могла бы сшить что-нибудь для них! У меня нет возможности покупать красивые ткани, работает только муж. Убедительный повод?! Всем удачи!!!

  169. Hi Corrie!

    I’ve just caught up on your blog and wanted to say hello and send you a big “hug”. You are a very strong and amazing woman.

    That being said, I don’t have to win – I just wanted to say hello!

  170. This is the cutest fabric and I have quite a few gifts to make. Thanks for a chance.

  171. Is it bad if you just wanna fondle the cute fabric? I gotta have it! I would love to make some fussy cut hexies out of that! wouldn’t they be the most adorable?

  172. I have to win this because…..OMG! The dolls I make would be soooo cute in these fabrics and the pouches, wallets, zipper pouches, key fobs…. It just goes on and on!

  173. I currently have two under 18 months. This competition would give me something to dream about during all my sleepless nights.

  174. You are a superstar Corrie and I wouldn’t think there is a single person who is bothered about whether a giveaway happens when you have been through such a terrible time!

    Pips, wow!! A truly special giveaway :) I have three new babies to make gifts for and a 3 year old daughter to keep happy too – this bunch of goodies would be just the ticket! Thanks for the chance to win.

  175. Sherbet pips reminds me of my daughters when they were young…I would love to add some to my stash…

  176. It is such a fun fabric line and I’ve got my own girl on a scooter. My 6 year old daughter just loves this fabric almost as much as I do.

  177. since I saw this fabrics I felt in love of them!!!
    they are sooooo cute!!!
    maria from Spain

  178. I’d love to win because this is one of my favorite lines and i am a beginner building my stash 😀
    Thanks so much for the chance!

  179. Oh I would love to win this giveaway! I’m in the process of making fun stuff for kids with serious (potentially fatal) medical issues (brain stem tumors, genetic disorders that cause strokes and regression, etc.). I am so blessed, because I can give those creations (soft toys, dolls, travel games, the odd accessory or two or three, etc) to brighten their day. Thanks so much for the giveaway.
    I love your blog header, by the way, but I still think your family is beautiful – save that photo for a canvas or something :)

  180. Thank you for sharing such gorgeous beautiful fabric. I am definitely going to use and not keep it (for a quilt)!!!

  181. I love, love, love Sherbet Pips, just have to have it to make something delicious for my little girl :)

  182. What an awesome giveaway! I love that you are including the extra yard as well, everything needed to get to work :)

  183. I’ve never won a giveaway like this before. It would be lovely to break the drought with some beautiful fabric!

  184. I love this fabric! I need a wall hanging out of it. :)

  185. It is such a fun line of fabric. I am thinking it would make a great quilt for a grandbaby.

  186. I have to win because I love this fabric and I have never won a giveaway.

  187. I fell in love with this line instantly! Something about the colors and the images stir some old memory of my youth…it reminds of those late fall days when it’s cloudy and gray but ok to play outside. And then after you scoot home (see what I did there?) you curl up with a cozy book and a blanket until Mum calls you for dinner. Very odd, I know…but sometimes our reasons for falling in love with people are irrational too :)

  188. ooooh…perfect for a quilt for Miss Lucy Loo !

  189. What a great giveaway! I need to win because I just need cheering up. That’s it, nothing extraordinary…just some cheery news would do here. Thanks!

  190. would like to participate in the draw because I love the fabrics and I’ve thought about making a quilt for my son’s bed, if the winner, I’m very optimistic!. Thanks for letting me participate. Greetings.
    I do not know English and I apologize for my expressions.

  191. I should win simply because I don’t already have this fabric…and, well…isn’t the point that we have to have it all??? Besides I really like it!!

  192. Thank you for the very generous giveaway, Corrie. I need to win period. I just need to win. win, win, win, win, win, win, win.

  193. You found out my secret! I collect fabric that is just too pretty to cut!
    But, this time, I think Sherbet Pips would make a very fun project for my brandy-new grandson!

  194. its not my favorite yet but i could be. I know my daughter will be claiming the result of these fabrics

  195. How cool would it be to win and say, “My fabric is imported, all the way from Australia.” Thank you for this lovely giveaway. I miss your beautiful city and country. It’s not a bit like Iowa!

  196. i have to win cause i have to try this material

  197. I keep seeing this on many blogs but our local quil store doesn’t stock it unfortunately.

  198. I keep seeing this on many blogs but our local quilt store doesn’t stock it unfortunately.

  199. Why do I have to win this? Because I spend far far too much money on fabric and my husband would be so happy if I acquired this without it coming out of his wallet! GOT to have me some Pips!

  200. simply fantastic giveaway;I have to win please

  201. Why do I need to win? Because I just quit my job to be a SAHM… so I need free fabric because I cannot afford to buy as much anymore! *lol*

  202. I’m always in need of baby shower gifts, I would love to use these for bibs and quilts! THANKS for the chance!

  203. Ahh I love this fabric!! I have to win because it would be a fantastic birthday gift! And I would love this fabric to add to a quilt I’m making for a friend! Thanks for the opportunity!

  204. Why should I be the one to win? Because I never won anything and this is such lovely fabric. Please, pick me.

  205. Well, I don’t HAVE to win. But I would love to!

  206. Why do I need to win? Because I really want to use this fabric for a quilt for my niece! :) I’ve been waiting to buy Pips but my checking account isn’t ready for that yet!

  207. Oh my!! I HAVE to win this one!! I simply must! You see, every time I bring some charm packs into the house, my 6 year old grabs them and sews them up and they are gone! If I win these, I can hide them and then sit in the closet hiding while I sew them up myself! REALLY!! Oh I want this collection so badly!! (Would it help to bring in a sob story and tell you that we got badly hacked last week and I have spent all week digging out of that nightmare. No, I won’t stoop to that.)
    Thank you for the chance.

  208. I absolutely have to win because I have a new grandson due (yes, I know it’s a boy) and the fabric would make a wonderful cot quilt.

  209. I have to win because I don’t have ENOUGH fabric!!!!!!
    Andi xx

  210. I just have to win because it is oh so sweet! (Thanks for the chance!)

  211. I can imagine a beautiful quilt with this lovely fabrics! I love it!!!

  212. Cos I LOVE it! It’s soooo my style – the colours and designs.

  213. I have to win this because its my birthday on the 1st of May and this would make a fantastic early birthday present for me 😉

  214. My daughter Caitlyn’s nickname is scootie, so I would make her a quilt with this if I won. We have scooter stickers with her name on them for for lunchbox etc at school. She would love this! She is 6 years old an I am itching to make a quilt! The nickname came about when her big brother was little and couldn’t say “cutie”, he called her scootie instead!

  215. Absolutely love that range and have been eyeing it for a while now. Thanks for the opportunity to enter such a generous giveaway!!

  216. I’d love to win this, I need to make a quilt for my spare bed for when I have foster children come to stay. I’m not usually a pink person but this definitely the range to take me into that territory!

  217. I have to win because the fabric is so very cute!! Thanks for another great giveaway.

  218. Aneela has scooter girl – and I have scooter boy. Everytime I see the fabric it reminds me of my 1 year old ‘butt scooting’ down the grassy incline out the back. lol
    I love Aneela’s stuff – and that she took her inspiration from her kids.

  219. Another fabulous giveaway Corrie! It must be hard to give it away instead of keeping it all to yourself!! :)

  220. I absolutely love Sherbet Pips fabric and I have never seen it here in Canada! I would love to win this give-away!

  221. I love sherbet pips fabric – it’s just too cute! I’d make a cute backpack or bag for my daughter I think.

  222. Oh dear I hope 223 is my lucky number please please I want to win this fabric – Good to have you back on deck Corrie sounding a little brighter every day – God be with you

  223. I would love to win as I could make my nieces a quilt each form this cute fabric!

  224. Nice idea for comments!! Well I need to win this because…I am not this kind of person, LOL! I would like to win so that I can make a quilt for my first Granddaughter. None of my kids are even married but I feel this fabric would make a great baby girl quilt.

  225. Oh it’s sooo lovely. I need to make a quilt for my little girl so I have to have those charm squares! Thanks Corrie! I love the new header too.

  226. I love Sherbet Pips since it was revealed last year and have been waiting patiently for April to come. But since deciding to stay home this year to spend more time with the kids, I had to spend less on fabric, so winning even a bit of Sherbet Pips would be just so wonderful.

  227. Would LOVE the sherbet pips! Too divine! Zander has one….now it could be Antonio’s turn at being a little Pip! Thanks for the opportunity Retromummy :) xx

  228. oh what darling fabric they have!!! thanks for sharing – what an awesome give away. I’m afraid I’d make a mess of this adorable fabric – I’m totally new to sewing. HA!!! apparently I’m only giving you reasons why I SHOULDN’T win this giveaway. awesome, go me!

  229. I would love the Sherbet Pips. I have a new granddaughter ready to make her entrance in early May and I would definitely use this fabric to make her a quilt from “Grammy”.

  230. Hi Corrie! I would love to win this – I have my first baby on the way in October and would love to make him/her a quilt. I agreed to buy less fabric so we can afford all those baby expenses, like a pram and a place for baby to sleep!

  231. hello, as in the other giveaway, thanks for giving us the chance to win wonderful fabrics.
    do not know if I deserve to win this contest or not, but I would love to win because I have a lot of illusion to perform some work with these beautiful fabrics and I have no possibility to get them (due to work) and see all the work you do and I I also would love to make.

    thank you very much again for being so generous.
    Greetings from Spain
    bimbom (

  232. I have to win because I am currently on a much needed no-spending/saving streak – which means no new fabric for me! Pips is also the perfect range for me to make something for my scooter-riding little girl :)

  233. I think I should win because I used to use cheap fabric from a hobby store and I recently discovered the joy of using Really fine fabric. I will never go back to buying ” crappy” fabric. I found a nice quilt shop in a town near me and I discovered a great Etsy store. I need this charm pack. Oh yes and I love your blog!!!

  234. Why do I have to win? Because it would be so cool to have these charm packs – i’ve a couple of doll quilts for make for my nieces dolls and this would be terrific to use.

  235. i would love to win because my new years resolution for this year is to have a handmade focus, and make all the presents i need, that I would normally buy, throughout the year. so far so good. i have made a quilt and I am now making gifts for the mother’s day stall at school. this fabric would look gorgeous in one of my projects.

    Thank you for the opportunity

  236. I have to win because I’ve tried to order this fabric several times and keep on getting the same phone call…we’re out of stock! It would be awesome to get this!

  237. I haven’t seen it in person yet, so that’s why I need to win!!!

    Thanks for having a giveaway!

  238. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    that is a wonderful giveaway!!!

    cant wait :)

  239. I have to win because my baby pip squeak needs some pips of her own, and what better than the sherbet kind.

    PS Your new header is so lovely and elegant!

  240. These would make perfect gifts/ outfits/quilts for my grandchildren who live overseas. Making things for them helps me feel a part of their lives. Then again they look too cute to cut up, maybe I could just look at them and dream :-)

  241. What an awesome giveaway! Olga from Russia.

  242. I love Sherbet pips and think it would give me the motivation to start a new quilt..this time for myself :)

  243. Beautiful fabrics, and they would make such a lovely quilt for my niece who is desperate for “pink and red and purple and nice and pretty” – I would be ever so popular!

  244. Why I have to win? Well, why not? I deserve it – no. But, I love the fabric and sure would love win! Thanks for the giveaway.

  245. Sherbet Pips, they look adorable …I have just the place for them,this year I hope to make all my 4 grandsons a quilt ( they are old enough to take care of one now ( they had baby ones) now they are grown and need an older looking one…. would love to add these fabric to them.

    Hugs Laurie Rotorua NZ

  246. I just think the PIPS are ADORABLE, like the PIPS around your house. :) I have a new twister rule I want to try out and NEED a charm pack…PIPS would be PERFECT!

  247. Yummy giveaway. I added this to my page where I share insights on giveaways & contests:


  248. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  249. :) Great giveaway as always. I simpky must win – I amyet to win one of your giveaways (and not that I have a chance considering that I am currently 250 on the list – but you never know:)

  250. I love Sherbet Pips…haven’t been able to get it at my local store….

  251. I love the fabric and maybe could use for my first quilt!! thanks for the chance. Love your blog! Frances

  252. Wonderful giveaway! I adore Sherbet Pips. I have been a huge fan of Aneela Hoey’s embroidery patterns for a long time, and was THRILLED when she moved into fabric design.
    I would love to say that I would make something sweet for a baby girl, but nobody I know has a baby girl, so this would be sewn into a fabulous bag all for ME! 😀

  253. If I’m completely honest I don’t need to win! I have plenty of fabric that is still sitting in the ‘too cute to use’ pile. I’d be very happy to add to it though. 😉

  254. I’d love anything! I became a Grandma 2 years ago when my daughter married. 2 sweet little girls that would Sherbet Pips blankies :)
    I’m so sorry about your mom, but happy that she knew your wee ones.

  255. My first little Pip has just graduated to a 2 wheel scooter – and just loves flying around on it. What could be better than a new “scooter” skirt to celebrate!

  256. I would LOVE to win this so I can make a cute pram quilt for my friend who is expecting her first bub :)

  257. I love this fabric. I would love to make a pillow.

  258. If I am lucky enough to doesn’t count when hubby says do you really need more fabric…does it?

  259. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  260. I have to win this because my local patchwork shop has just closed down and I am having SERIOUS fabric withdrawal symptoms! I can’t remember the last time I held new fabric!!! Oh! I feel a panic attack coming on….LOL

  261. love this fabric!!!
    its so cute ! the scooters, the puppies!

  262. HHhmmmmm why do I want to win it????

    Because its lovely and bright and I have room in my charm pack draw:)


  263. i’d love to win because this pips fabric and i were made for each other…

  264. well…hmmm! let me see… well i think i really need to win as my 13 year old daughter wants to sew.
    she wants to use my material BUT i just can’t share it because it’s mine. all of it! so if i were to win i promise it would be all for her and i would not take any of it.
    then the poor little darling could make a quilt

  265. Precious! Would love to win… just adorable, and I am collecting adorables for a journey to my 1st proper quilt for my daughter! x

  266. I need to win this because I have already bought one charm pack from you but it is not enough to make a single quilt for my daughter…….I LOVE this fabric line. my fingers are crossed.

  267. Love Sherbet Pips! I have to win just to feed my addiction to all things pretty … with fabric of course!

  268. I really want to make my first ‘real’ quilt this year, for my baby girl :) and that fabric looks PERFECT! I’d love to win!

  269. I´d like to enter in your giveaway because I LOVE this fabric!!.

  270. Corrie, I´m also doing a giveaway. Do you want to participate on it?

  271. That is a very generous giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to win some luscious pips!

  272. Cripes, Corrie! As a non-sewer, I’d love to learn how to make a quilt. Fingers crossed! J x

  273. ooh love that one! can i win again???

  274. Hi Corrie,
    Thanks for the opportunity to win Sherbet Pips, I LOVE it.
    I think I have to win to add to my tiny stash that I started in January.
    I am very new to quilting and this would be a GREAT way to kick it off.


  275. For the first time, I make my own pillow cover. On the front I embroidered a lovely farytale, on the back, I realy need these fantastic fabrics

  276. Why do I have to win? To add it to the rest of my stash, of course……

  277. I need to win this fabric because my stash is low on red and my bank balance is also looking a bit red, winning this giveaway would prevent the problem from escalating out of control!

  278. Я очень люблю самые разные ткани, но у нас они стоят целое состояние. Если я выиграю хочу сшить плед для сына, ему 4 года.Очень надеюсь на удачу!

  279. I have to win because I don’t have any of this and it is so cute!

  280. Ahhh.. why… just because I need it…lol….
    And because these fabrics cant be bought in Sweden yet…:O))

  281. Hi Corrie
    Who wouldn’t want to make something with Sherbert Pips??
    Thanks for being so generous in giving some away…

  282. Simply because it would be a sweet sweet thing to make the too darndest quilt for my little granddaughter who has returned from the US to live with us…..very happy nonna here.Thank you for the opportunity with the giveaway…:)x

  283. Hmmm why would I like to win. Well I have bub number 3 on the way and I would love to make something and a quilt (my first) quilt would be very special

  284. Oh this fabric is so cute, I’d love to win it, it would make me smile!

  285. Thanks for the giveaway!ngr

  286. I’d love to win this fabric – my scooter mad children would love it too!

  287. I love to paint and sew, and always look at fabric as an art medium…like painting with fabric. I love the art in that fabric, and would love to make something really fun and creative with it for my nephew’s baby boy. It looks like it would be fun to work with.

  288. I HAVE to win because 1. I haven’t won anything in MONTHS and 2. I love love love charm packs and Sherbet Pips!

  289. I would love some sherbet pips, just divine.

  290. When she’s not leaping off furniture to save the day (as everyone’s favourite superhero Jupiter Girl), my kid, age 3.5, is Scooter Girl – scarf flying in the breeze and kick leg lifted as she glides along. This fabric is made for her!

  291. Please, please, please…. I have to win because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE charm squares! Thanks for the chance 😀

  292. Oh I love Sherbet Pips and haven’t gotten my hands on it yet!!!! I have to win, because I’m a fabric addict and must have it 😉

  293. Lovely. Would make a sweet blanket for someone special.

  294. I love sherbet pips too! And my asyetunborn 2nd child is nicknamed “Pip” at the moment. I pop in to read your blog after meeting you at the 1st SIT, and love that you seem to remain focussed on the positive, and what’s important: your family, your creativity & your faith.

  295. I would love to win this fabric, there are far too many beautiful creations I would love to create with it, plus I am about to redecorate my little girl’s room – or maybe I will just place it neatly on my sewing table to make me feel that “aagh” of seeing something beautiful :)

  296. I would just love to win the most beautiful and adorable fabric pack that ever lived, pretty, pretty please!

  297. My crafting pal is teaching me to sew and I would love to make something for my daughter with Sherbet Pips once I get more practice in.

  298. I’d love to win, I need to win so I can prove that’s it’s actually possible to win. Love the fabric, and would love to make a cute something for a baby girl due in July.

  299. Sooo many entries but no wonder, it’s such a great candy! So I’ll try and keep my fingers crossed.

    Regards from Poland

  300. Would love to win to make a special little girl her very own quilt. So fingers crossed and everything else. Thanks Corrie for the chance to win, got to be in it to win it. Cheryl

  301. why I have to win it? Well, because I haven’t got any Sherbet Pips yet, not one little piece :(!

  302. Sherbert Pips is one of my favoritea. Thank you for the giveaway and chance to win.

  303. You have to pick me – you just have too! Why? Well, I’ve had a crappy month. I’ve moved interstate with a 4mth old teething baby, almost sliced off my thumb whilst unpacking & that bandaged thumb is the thing that the baby keeps grabbing. Arghh!!!

  304. Would love to win this!! You are soooo generous! I would make a lap quilt with matching pillow covers. Wouldn’t that be swish and sweet?

  305. I have to win it, beacuse in Hungary you cannot get precut fabrics – as simple as that :-)
    please-please-please! :-))

  306. I love eating sherbet, so I would love this fabric, right? Looks luscious!

  307. Yahoooo!! Super Candy!!
    I want to win, because I buy a sewing machine and learn to sew, and I really need the fabric:)
    Link to my blog on the right side

  308. I have to win because Sherbet Pips is my favourite current line only I don’t have any :( Thanks for a chance :)

  309. There’s been so much love for this fabric range on the internets lately – I’d love to get in on it! Thanks once more for your generosity, Corrie.

  310. Oh goodness, I gasped out loud when I read about your generous giveaway! That’s a super cute line, and I’d love to win it! Thank you.

  311. I would make a quilt…I love this fabric! Keeping my fingers crossed…

  312. Oh oh oh! Corrie you’re the best. I HAVE to win cos I love the Pips but my husband has stated we’re in a fabric recession so there will be no purchasing of the Pips for me. Boo hoo! (My husband’s really not a meanie – it was actually a joint decision, we’re saving up for our own house.)
    Thank you Corrie for an awesome sauce giveaway!

  313. Ooo, I love Sherbet Pips and with a new granddaughter on the way, I can see a beautiful quilt for her future! Thanks for the opportunity, Terri in BC

  314. I am a beginner quilter – just working on my second floor quilt for GB#2 due in July. Both of the forst two quilts are made from the same fabric from Sp**t. I have no stash and love your charm packs!

    PS How are things going with Quilts for Queensland?

  315. i have to win because I have lost my sewing mojo and this could just be the fabric to get it back!!!

  316. I would love to win because scooters are so cool and I know my grown up daughters would love a bag or something to wear made out of it.

  317. I have to win because I love it and my kids would kill me if I used the “Let’s buy a Puppy!” fund for more fabric.

  318. Sweet name and sweet fabric! Thanks for the chance!

  319. What a great giveaway. My only girls nickname is pip – so I have been wanting some to make her some pillows for her room! thanks

  320. Zippidy doda, zippidy day, my oh my what a wonderful day it would be to see me win your retro mummy’s sherbet pips giveaway. Thanks for a such a terrific giveaway. Hugs Cherylene:)

  321. Love this fabric, it’s so yummy!
    Pls count me in?

  322. I would be delighted if I won this fabulous fabric. I’ve signed up for Elsie Marley’s Kids Clothing Week Challenge in May so could put it to good use immediately! I’ve only recently discovered your blog and am very much enjoying your writing. Best wishes

  323. My favorite quilts to make are the ones for babies and children. So fun to do and so sweet for little ones to cuddle. Sherbet Pips is one of the cutest children’s prints I’ve seen in a long time so I’d really like to work with it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  324. Восхитительные ткани.
    Спасибо за возможность.))))

  325. Забыла написать, почему я должна победить.
    Мне кажется, я смогу сделать достойную вещь.
    Заходите ко мне в блог. Я буду рада.
    Может быть , вам понравятся мои изделия и вы решите отдать ткани мне. )))))
    А еще я большой маньяк ! Мне всегда мало тканей !

  326. Ohh Pips! I’ve wanted these for such a long time. I REALLY REALLY need these so that I can make a quilt for my 2 and 3 year old grandbabies! Perfect fabric for their quilts! Crossing fingers, toes, eyes, legs and whatever else I can cross! Thank you for the chance. :)

  327. Это просто сказка! Я о таких тканях могу лишь мечтать!Очень хочу выиграть-для доченьки своей тогда смогла бы сшить что то,в лоскутной технике.спасибо за шанс.надеюсь на выигрыш))))))))))))))))очень!пусть мне повезет))))))))))))))))
    ссылка в моем блоге

  328. I have to have this because I love it! It would be perfect for a quilt!

  329. Why do I want to win this? Because that little red square is so enticing and saying that it wants to be owned by me. Just that one little red piece would be enough for me to pin to my wall and enjoy, but I’m sure I would want to peek at its cousins as well, and enjoy them as well. Maybe I would even put them together into a quilt so I could hang it up on a wall and admire it everyday.

  330. Last Thursday I went to the AQC in Melbourne and that’s where I bought a charm pack of Serbet Pips I love it wouldn’t mind winning some more of that range.
    Sylvia F:)

  331. Hmmm…if I win it, I can spend the money on….well…other fabric. Love this range.

  332. I have to win these sweet, sweet fabrics because my mostly thrifted stash needs some serious cuteness added to it!

    Great giveaway!

  333. Yum! I HAVVEE to win because I sacrificed (strong language here) my Pips jelly roll I bought from you to make my niece a quilt for her birthday, and now I NEED (not to be confused with want) some for me….

  334. Hello Corrie!
    I like to sew and to make little presents with cross stitches for my friends :) And for that perposes I’d like to win your give away! It is soooo difficult to have enought fabric and the right color! :)))


  335. My first thought was because I’m greedy and WANT lovely fabric!! It’s such a pretty and cute range of fabrics and I think I could make a very cute dress and matching bag for my sweet little Miss Bee. Thanks for the chance.

  336. I need to win this to make a baby quilt for a friend who is having a little girl. How perfect is the Pips line for a baby quilt?! Just adorable! Thanks for the opportunity to win.=)

  337. Очень хочется таких прекрасных тканей!!

  338. oh, my baby girl would love this. She is becoming a quilt lover like her mama, I really think she needs a reading quilt.

  339. so nice fabric! I ‘d like it !

  340. I think I should win it! Because fabrics are gorgeous, we do not buy these! And in my head a lot of ideas on their application!

  341. Fantastic giveaway Corrie! My daughter saw these beautiful fabrics and asked her to sew a quilt. I am new to sewing, but I really want to please his daughter and try to sew for her. Pick me please!!!

  342. I just love this range.
    Would make great gifts for friends in their time of need and illness.
    To help cheer them up.

    Shabby quilt

  343. This wonderfull sherbet pips is just want i need right now. I’m a beginner in sewing and my husband just bought me a sewing machine. But i have no fabrics yet. So this would be a big luck if i won.

  344. I love the pips. Would love to get my hands on some…

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  345. my girls (13 and 11) and I keep making things for family and friends. Sherbet Pips looks lovely and just our style – we would love to make something to keep for ourselves!

  346. I have to win because I have very little novelty fabric in my stash. Thanks!

  347. I have to win because I have very little novelty fabric in my stash. Thanks!

  348. Oh, I love Sherbet Pips. I have to have this fabric because my almost 2-year-old grandson needs a quilt for his new bed.

  349. I would absolutely LOVE to win the Sherbet Pips fabric. I want to make a first big-girl quilt for my granddaughter (She’s 1-1/2). Her mom hates anything that is to ‘girly.’ I think the Sherbet Pips fabric is just perfect. It is so cute and yet not too cute-sy.

  350. Wonderful giveaway! Today saw my grandniece Eliie who looks like your Elodie. Thanks for the opportunity to win some Pips!

  351. I’ve never seen this line! I’m in love!!

  352. I hope to win it! Because I want for something good to happent in my life! So much bad had happened to me lately. I lost the third pregnancy! And I was near to devorse! (But it’s great that we desided to give chance to our marriage). And I believe that something small, but lucky could start a series of successes in my life!

  353. I have to win because I think this is the most adorable fabric I’ve seen in a while…and, since it’s got a cold-weather theme going, I’d have plenty of time to make something with it that was actually ‘current’. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Friday!

  354. Sherbet Pips are wonderful! I do not yet have any — isn’t that just awful??

  355. This would make and adorable throw quilt for my kids!!

  356. I love Sherbet Pips and I just need some of this delightful fabric to gaze upon.[@]gmail[.]com

  357. I really have to win so I don’t buy anymore fabric and become one of those “dreaded hoarders” everyone loves to watch on television. It doesn’t count if someone gives it to you, only if you spend money, right?

  358. I have to win because I can’t eat sherbet because of the calories and I just LOVE sherbet!!!

  359. I have to win because I am on a spending freeze until further notice. A new roof and dishwasher seems to be more important to the hubs!

  360. I have to win because I don’t have any Sherbet Pips yet! Thanks for the chance to win some. :)

  361. I have to win so I can make another charity quit. Sherbert Pips would be perfect don’t you think?

  362. I need to win because I love em :)

  363. Sherbet Pips is lovely perfect mygrandaughter !

  364. I just LOVE this line! I guess I don’t really HAVE to win, but I never have won anything before even tho I’ve hopped on every blog from here to Timbuktoo. So, if I ever WERE going to win, I’d really love for it to be Sherbet Pips!

  365. Another fantastic giveaway Retromummy. Maybe if I won this, I would finally have the courage to make my first quilt.

  366. Great giveaway :)
    I want to make something for myself with fabrics 😀

  367. Love Sherbet Pips; would use it to make a quilt for a colleague who’s having her first child (a girl!) in August. Thank you for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  368. Очень хочется поучаствовать! Люблю подарки, особенно такие!

    I’d like to participate! I love presents, especially like that!

  369. Happy Easter!
    Thank you for the chance at your fabulous candy.

  370. Ummm que hermosa tela!!
    Mi correo:
    Mi blog:

  371. so sweet sherbet! I {heart} it!))

  372. Why do I have to win? Because these would make a fantastic quilt! I’d do it, too. No sitting on the shelf. Cutting and sewing – just what fabric’s meant for!

  373. Wow! I just found your blog and it is pretty much an answer to prayer! I am dreaming of moving to the country (and back to my very much missed family) and also of finding time for some ‘me’ things. Your blog has inspired and motivated me on both counts! Thank you for your beautiful words and beautiful pictures.

    Oh, and I would love to win the fabric because it would help with those ‘me time’ projects given the budget is save save save to try and move!

  374. I have to win so I can use this adorable fabric to make a child’s quilt for charity. :)

  375. lovely gift, I want to win it!

  376. I would love to win because my husband has been paying attention to incoming fabric and what the UPS guy is dropping off…

  377. Я никогда не шила из такой красивой ткани! Пусть мне повезет и я попробую сделать что-то особенное!!!

  378. I love this line. I think Aneela Hoey has a nice sense of fun with her designs, and I would love to win Sherbet Pips (love the name,too.) I’d make one of those quilts that features the prints without cutting them up too much.

  379. Oh fingers and toes and everything else crossed!!
    Fantastic fabtic!I LOVE it!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  380. А я просто мечтаю научится шить.

  381. I really like the Pips fabricline. It just reminds me of my childhood, riding a scooter around the neighbourhood with my friends. My little niece will get a scooter for her birthday in June and this fabric will make her a great ‘matching’ quilt.

  382. oooooooh, i forgot to write why do i have to win. Because i want to make my quilts. But i worry i couldn’t choose right colours or combinations…

  383. Ahhh, Pips is soo cute. Thanks for the possibility of winning. I don’t have to win, but I would absolutely love it, I love the idea of making a fabulous quilt out of it for my neice. Thanks so much again. Victoria

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