last minute preparations

Well thank you for all of the sweet words yesterday! It feels great to get that off my chest. Now, like I said earlier in the week, I do my best work at the last minute. As I write I am sorting fabrics into baskets by colour and will pop them in my huger than huge ikea bags to load up into the car. And I might load up the car later tonight because market day also means getting all 6 of us out of the house bright and early for a 7am set up!

fat quarters
Now normally I would wrap each fat quarter in plastic. But with so many new fat quarters to bring with me, well that would take me a day in itself. So I had a brainwave – cute deco tape. And thanks to my lovely friend Francine we cut, we folded and we taped – in between coffee and biscuits. So glad the biscuit police weren’t out in force because I realised later on that I skipped breakfast and ate biscuits for lunch! Oops.

ready for market

I have a great spot inside the hall on Saturday and as soon as you walk in the door and turn right – I’m there. Stall number 1 to be exact. So I decided a new tablecloth was in order to freshen things up and how about 7m of lilac gingham from spotlight for oh I don’t know…………………….$13.93!!!!!

So I’ll be back here over the weekend for a full debrief and hope customers remember to stop by and also that I don’t forget to vote!


  1. Oh how I want to dive in that pile of fabric!! I so wish I could be there, hope you have a great weekend xox

  2. Thank heaven for Ikea blue bags! I love the fact that they are loved and much used the world over. How did we get by before they were invented?
    Hope it all goes well? x

  3. Oh my goodness! Just look at that fabric! How completely CUTE! It just screams cuteness…I think I’m gonna have to get me some of this… :) I’ve been dreaming of making some fussy cut hexagons..for a kids quilt with all of the hexies with different cute fussy cuts.. so that whenever they wrap up, they are delighted looking at all of the pictures in the hexies..remember wrapping up in grandmas quilt.. looking for your favorite piece of fabric?? Something like that, but looking for your favorite picture :) Just the idea delights me, and this fabric.. well it would be perfect!

  4. Have a great time!!!

  5. Me encantan esas telas,besos

  6. The fabric is gorgeous! But where did you get the cute Babushka tape? I am obsessed with Russian Dolls – I would love some of that tape!

  7. YUMMY fabric heaven!!!

    all the best for a fab market day xx

  8. Hope you have a great market day


  9. Loving those elephants. Wishing you luck for a successful market.

  10. A few things.

    1. I like the fabric with the tape, that way they can have a good look at the fabric without messing with a bag – which would be cheaper for you anyway.

    2. Biscuits are totally good for you.

    3. I love how us crafty ladies think when it comes to tableclothes. Instead of just buying a tableclothe, we buy fabric.

  11. Look at all that fabric….LOVE!!

    Have a great market day :)

  12. IMO, you cannot beat a gingham table cloth. I have fabric in every colour to swap out depending on my theme.

    That’s beside the point. The point is that your gingham cloth and you are going to have the best time tomorrow. Enjoy and I hope you sell the lot! x

  13. Oh Corrie!
    I have been reading but not commenting with my busy growing brood…. but I am just so totally JEALOUS of all the girls who are going to get to attend your stall!!! NO FAIR! I so definitely wish I could be there to un-burden you from some of that delicious fabric. Loved your other moda charm squares the other day (can’t find them anywhere down here) and waiting ever so patiently for your store to open again (though I understand why it’s not right now!)… waiting for you to join me on the #5 business… ours is only weeks away now. Not sure if I will ever have time to sew again! Enjoy your market, I wish you every success…

  14. oh! haw great!

    I could have used that pink elephant print for a quilt I was working on.

  15. Wow! It all looks so pretty and cute. Am thinking of making a trip to the markets, just so I can stock up!

  16. Aren’t those elephants just the cutest!! Have a wonderful market day :) xx

  17. A cute and practical idea with the tape! Have a wonderful fun day!!

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