troll dolls

I actually started writing this post about keira and some issues we’ve had with mean girls in her class. I was genuinely shocked that there could be mean girls in kindergarten. Especially to someone as sweet and gentle as keira. Keira gets so much attention from the bigger girls in school, is doing really well in the classroom, has 2 awards from 4 school assemblies this year and is just loving school. And I don’t need to tell you she has the good looks in the family! Thankfully, we got her teacher onto it and she’s happier and avoiding the mean girls.
But a few days ago I opened up comments to everyone to enter my giveaway. There is a reason  I don’t do anonymous comments. Because of my own mean girl. Or as like to call them, ‘troll dolls’. This ‘anonymous’ person comes out of the closet every time I open up comments for as little as 48 hours. People who know me know the history. This isn’t some random person out there in cyberspace who dislikes me. This is someone I was once friends with in craftland. This is someone who has been to my house and knows me. This is someone who thinks she is anonymous and that I will just keep it all quiet and let it get to me. WRONG. This is what trolls want you to do. 

Troll Doll

When the friendship turned sour I was told to never contact her again. That was fine by me. But then straight away the anonymous nasty comments started on my blog. Coincidence. I think not. Unfortunately for her the comments always included her usual phrases and grammar which were quickly traced. At first I was shocked but that’s when I realised that success is the best revenge. Keep focusing on the things I love – my blog, starting craft markets, my store and my family. And do it well. And do you know what it worked. This started almost eighteen months ago and I have moved on and gone on to bigger and better.

Troll Doll

And so to you bloggers out there I need to warn you that a troll may visit you. I’ve seen it happen to other lovely craft bloggers and apparently it goes on in food blogland too. So I am guessing it happens in blogland fullstop. So remember that the problem is with the troll. The insecurities are theirs. The jealousy is theirs. They don’t even own up to their own comments but hide behind them. So keep doing what you are doing and let your success get to them even more. They are only wasting their time. And my very own troll? Well her jealousy and nasty comments have been the ammunition to make me hold my head high, to really put myself out there, grow my blog and just be the bigger person moving on. So take that, troll doll…… are wasting your energy on me. It’s time for you to move on………………

Troll doll images from here because we don’t do troll dolls in our house!


  1. I often feel sorry for trolly people on blogs, thinking them quite bitter and twisted and how yuck it would be to live that way.

    I don’t feel sorry for mean little girls that have a nasty spirit and pick on the other little girls in class. I despise that behaviour.

  2. Well said Corrie -though I do think the comparison is a bit unfair to the cute trolls you pictured! I am sure your troll doll has pursed lips and a sour look. Nil illegitimi Carborundum I say!!!

  3. Very good post and very nicely articulated. Whoever that person is, is a very sad individual indeed and you were lucky to get shot of her when you did! Sounds like jealousy from the little you have said (I dont know the background.) Hopefully she will grow up and move on soon. x

  4. I’ve never been a bully or been bullied, neither have my children, BUT yep, had a couple of mean comments as my blog got bigger – in that “you show off’ kind of way. Um, it’s a blog, about my sewing & family, just showing what i sew & we get up to. Clearly being able to sew & having 4 children is showing off these days!!?? Honestly, if you don’t like it, click the X & move onto the next not-so-nice-blog to enjoy their misery instead, back away from the happy ones if they are going to upset your miserable life.
    Just wonder how you can get so many ‘you’re inspirational’ comments then the 1% of ‘you make everyone else feel less a mother’. Don’t worry, i know my negative commenters too, they’re not hard to track & some are so dumb to NOT be anonymous in their bitchy comments. So that is when i press the big X & pretend people like that don’t exist in my world of happy sewing as a housewife & mother. Stay strong, jealousy is the ugliest of all demons, love Posie

  5. Sorry Trolls have had to be part of yours and Keira’s lives. Grace is not virtue everyone has.

    Well written post.

  6. I’m sorry this person feels that its OK to taint your blog with her opinion when she asked for no further contact. Unfortunately its the veil of Internet that makes some people feel that they have anonymity and can say what ever they please under it. Rhonda Jean at down to Earth did a post about this on her blog recently too.

  7. Go away troll doll. I hope she doesn’t bother you any more Corrie!

  8. Well written and well said.
    It is so sad that someone feels that they have to do this to you. All in an attempt to aid their own self esteem.

    You write a wonderful blog – full of inspiration and delight. Keep up the good work :)

  9. Well said! Success IS the best revenge, and you can certainly hold you head high. Hope the troll trots back under the bridge again soon!

    PS. You were FAB moderating oat AusBlogCon!

  10. Yay for you and Keira Corrie! I dont understand why people are like that and especially someone who used to be your friend too. Obviously they were the ones to end the friendship over jealousy. Goodness I do hope I never have a troll visit my blog!

  11. The fact that she waits around for you to open your comments just proves how much of a life she doesn’t have!

  12. Good job, Corrie, give that troll the boot!!!


  13. Eventually, friends tend to gravitate towards the positive, and helpful and kind people because they know that they can trust them to be just that.. so if your DD always remembers to be true to herself.. it is the best ammunition of all! It worked wonders for all of my kids!

  14. Go Corrie! They are stalkers, its freaky and sometimes makes me want to close my little blog when I hear of this happening to other people.
    Poor Keira, my Lill plays with the boys because of mean girls and it started in grade 1.
    I hope this puts an end to the stalker/bully/troll for good.

  15. Amelia is having a hard time at the moment too :( As for me, I haven’t really had anyone leave yucky posts and I hope they never do. I have had a few “unfollow” me, one in particular suprised me and I must admit that it did hurt my feelings at first because I had actually met her and thought she was just lovely. I got over myself though and soon learnt not to take such things to heart :)
    I’m sorry to hear about your awful experience with this person. I refer to them as “spirit builders”. God must bring them into your life for a reason! x

  16. Good on you corrie for being the better person. Some people just don’t get it that their behaviour is mearly another reason for people to dislike them. It’s taken me nearly 8mths to get past the way some so called friends in the craft world treated me when they saw my success. It drove me to take a break and recover.
    My daughter had the same issues last year with nasty girls picking on her and her two sweet cherub like friends. Then this year one girl who was once a classmate started on them but this time the girls stood up to the nastieness and put a stop to it themselves.

  17. A very interesting post. Thanks for opening my eyes to blog bullies.

    I hope things get better for Keira soon. If she’s anything like her wise mother she’ll be strong and see beyond it. x

  18. Well said Corrie! Love the comparison of nasty people to trolls! Don’t they say that living well is the best revenge? Enjoy your beautiful family and everything you have created. xx

  19. What a shame that people feel they have to go out of their way to be mean. The sad truth is that little girls like the ones being mean to Keira have mums like your ex-friend – bitter, twisted and ugly inside. You’ve got the right approach and you’re a gem!

  20. I have been bullied in my life and was very reluctant to start my blog in fear of who would find it and what they would say.

    Well said Corrie and if I ever come across a troll I will strive to do as you say!!!!

  21. Good for you Corrie.

  22. Wow, imagine being that bored and empty. So funny how it’s done anonymously. Coward.

    Rock on!

  23. Some people are very odd – good for you getting on with it and not letting it get you down!

  24. why do women do this to other women ? you never see men behaving in such a way ! It starts in kindergarten and sadly most of us have to deal with it in some form or another, if not yourself , then through your own daughters. What a shame that you have to deal with it X2 !

  25. Poor Troll, loved your post and well said.
    There are always people out there trying to put others down and I would say it is their own issues.
    Not worth spending time on, enjoy what you do and delete…

    Take care

  26. Well Done Corrie (and Keira)!! I don’t even think a Westfield makeover would help “fix” the troll. Her problems sound like they are a lot deeper. I am glad to hear you have found energy, strength and motivation and turned the negative energy into something positive. Your beautiful daughter has an awesome Mum to look up to! :)

  27. It saddens me that some people cant grow out of that mean girl stage of their life. After all is that what being an adult is about grace for others (surely not just a morgage). Oh Well sighhh

  28. Corrie – thank you so much for this post. I found it really valuable. We have had issues with Farmboy and mean boys at school too and have (cross fingers) sorted it out. Interestingly in the process of sorting it out, a lovely friend of mine who is a primary school teacher advised me to “make sure your child never behaves like a victim” Whilst this is not always easy it was excellent advice and through liasing with his teacher and helping Farmboy defend himself (not physically!) this worked. He too is a gentle soul like your Elodie.

    As for your own troll, I agree that the actions of those sort of people speak so much about them and little about the person they are attacking. I have had this happen in my own life as our business has done well. I think that success challenges the people around you so much more than failure. It is easy to support someone when they are down but I think watching them succeed makes some people look at their own life and feel inadequate, so they strike out.

    So you keep succeeding – Success is indeed the best and only revenge I think.

    Best of luck to you and your gorgeous family.

  29. Well written Corrie, I do think there is something about the internet allowing people to be anonymous, that brings out the worst in some people.

  30. You are being such a great role model for your kids (and everyone else ).

    I don’t understand how people have the time and energy to be negative like this. What a waste.

  31. Gosh it is so hard to fathom that adult women would be capable of such dispicable behaviour…Good on your Corrie for keeping your head held high :)

  32. Im sorry you have had so much trouble, and the trouble your little one is going through is what I worry about when I send my first one off to school next year. Lets hope we can all help each other through it.
    By the way, you have inspired me to start my own blog soon now that Im back into crafting :-) Keep up the good work

  33. Thank you for visiting the issue of mean-spiritedness. I have grown so distressed with the current climate of judging and negatively criticizing other people. Why can’t we just be nice to each other and lift each other up instead of trying to tear each other down?
    You won’t find me writing nasty comments on other blogs and I will delete them if they appear on mine.
    Someone much smarter than me once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world!”
    I am truly happy to be your friend!

  34. Trolls just don’t have a life, and need to find one along with a psychiatrist too. I could have taken lots of pics of troll dolls for you, we have lots of them around here.

  35. I really don’t understand the whole mean spirited thing, especially with comments. If you no are longer friends, do as you did, drop it and move on. I have someone that wasn’t nice to me, a couple of times. It is a bit awkward because we belong to the same moms group. But I just don’t go as often and try to avoid her as much as possible. I’m happier. But I’m cordial when I’m around her – why be mean, it sure doesn’t make me feel good. And if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. Glad to hear that you aren’t letting it get to you and that you have risen above it.

  36. oh, your poor daughter. Glad it she is avoiding them and that she is doing so well at school. You must be so proud! :)

    When I first opened your post, with the heading and picture, it made me want a troll doll, I loved them as a kid…

    I have had a few blog trolls. The first time really upset me, but since then I have realised it is their problem not mine.

    You wrote it really well and its true, success is the best revenge. :)

  37. Honestly, some people huh?! Isn’t the world in such turmoil at the moment and someone consciously does this to you? They need to GET A LIFE and put that energy into something useful and meaningful. The world is full of nasty people, fortunately there are more good than bad folk around. Good for you Corrie, hold your head high!

  38. I don’t know why people want to go around visiting blogs and tearing down their creators?! Good on you for continuing with your gorgeous blog!

  39. Love it.
    You have risen above and reaped the rewards of your hard work.
    Nasty voices are usually small in number, but they’re loud and they niggle away at you. I admire that you were able to make that voice small.

  40. Well you know I’ve been through it too recently and you’re right – it says more about them than you!

    Maybe you should make a troll doll pattern and be super successful at THAT too pmsl!!

    Seriously though – Mean spirited people are everywhere – and you do and will continue to rise above the BS. xxx

  41. I think it must be the week for it.
    The meaness one of mine is experiencing at school at the moment is beyond belief. We are dealing with it but it is still tough. I totally agree with that thing that the best revenge of all is to live a fabulous life. It must drive all those trolls insane.

  42. Well said, Bad Troll be gone!

  43. Being the bigger person isn’t always easy, but you’re doing a fab job. Keep it up :-0

  44. Isn’t it sad to have trolls around but you have handled it all with such goodness and grace and have moved on. Trolls don’t move on it seems…..

  45. It always so sad to hear that there are mean people out there… and little girls too… Your daughter and children are just so beautiful…

    Sorry to hear about the jealousy you are both experiencing too. Just keep remembering how bless you are….


  46. Thanks for the heads up about trolls online. Sad that there are people like this on and offline in our lives. BTW cute trolls pictures.

  47. Well done for speaking out and standing up to this person. It amazes me people can be so petty, it’s definately jealousy. I love your blog and enjoy reading about you and the girls Keep up the good work Corrie
    Big hugs from scotland
    Pene x x

  48. C’est la Vie….
    Good luck to them.. Air theives.

    My mum always said. Hold your head high, and live to your own drum.

    Hugs to Keira, starts early huh? Lessons to learn.

    kath x

  49. Wow I can’t believe someone would actually have the time let alone the notion to be so blatantly nasty! Luckily I have not suffered from it myself yet thank goodness. I love your blog and attitude so keep being the best you you can be!

  50. Take that, horrible trollible!

    I don’t understand nastiness, Corrie. Obviously they were raised to believe that if you make someone else feel bad then you will feel good. Sad for them.

    Happy for you. Success really is the best form of revenge so keep getting out there and loving life and being gorgeous you! x

  51. PS – Poor little Keira. I do think that if a gal is as beautiful and talented and friendly as she is, the Green Eyed Monster will eat her alive if you don’t teach her some coping skills. Sad, but true!! Man, don’t you just hate that! x

  52. Thank you retromummy! I have been dealing with a troll doll myself (only she is an actual family member) and your words have encouraged me to be the better person. Glad it’s not just me. Hold your head high and cuddle your gorgeous children, it makes it all much better!

  53. I am so sorry for both you and Keira – totally unpleasant and unnecessary. It is amazing that little girls can be mean in kindy, I was shocked last year too. Just like you have by dealing with the experience now Keira will be equipped for school later on which although a bit sad is a great tool to have.

  54. Bullying is horrid no matter how and where it happens.
    Corrie, I love your blog and your fabulous attitude to life.
    Give Keira a big hug: she will be confident in the world with a loving family.

  55. God asks us to shine in a world gone mad. You are shining in the blog world and I wouldn’t be surprised if you are exactly the same in person with your circle of non cyber friends. I am so sorry to hear Keira’s experience and so early into her school life. Perhaps this troll is your ‘grace grower’ and is in turn helping you with Keira’s situation – that’s if there can be a silver lining in all this misery. Thanks for sharing. xxx

  56. Why can’t everyone just be nice!!!!

    Love your blog Corrie.


  57. we love you Corrie, you actually have a life, and the troll does not, its not a perfect life (whose is in this not perfect world)? but you make the best of it and share the good an the bad and we laugh with you and cry with you and you know we are all here with you and are proud of who you are and you inspire us to have fun and do what makes us happy! Hooray for Corrie!!!

  58. from my time teaching the littlies i can tell you the mean-ness starts early…

    small children can be very fickle though… one week they’re picking on someone, the next they’re best friends…

    definitely make sure the teacher is aware of it… no one wants to see a little one unhappy in their first year of school…

    i’m wondering, are there any nice little ones you can encourage her to play with? you might not know, but her teacher may be able to nudge her in the way of someone who might make a good playmate?

  59. seriously? there are people that mean?

    You keep going girl. Ignore her, and keep focusing on the wonderful things in your life!!

  60. I read a column every Sunday (well, when said person publishes it!!) in an online newspaper from the UK. It’s just gorgeous and I look forward to whatever he has to say each weekend about his adventures of his life in France. Sure enough, each week, regardless of the context of the column, a troll posts some horrid derogatory comment belittling his words. It leaves me feeling sad and I’m not even the author of the column. Corrie it sounds as though it happens everywhere, all the time. These trolls really are sad, lonely and very jealous. Well done you for rising above such nastiness! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! xx

  61. OH I bet she is grinding her teeth now!!! Well done Corrie :-) I hope Keira has no more nastiness, little love that she is :-) xx

  62. This is what I tell my girls re trolls young and old “Isn’t it sad that they think that is an ok way to behave” and “Isn’t it terrible that they think that is normal”
    Always helps my girls, hope it helps you xox

  63. Sad, sad little troll people.

    Honestly, I may be a bit jealous of you, and what you accomplish & show us on your blog – 4 beautiful children & all the other good stuff. But I’d rather celebrate what you are & what you do than belittle it! You make me want to try harder!

    Thanks Corrie!

  64. I do feel for the “Mean girls” of the world. They are not loved and that can make them bitter and vengeful, seeking out others to visit their own insecurities and feelings of inadequacies. Looks like most successful people have these nasties in their lives…but the cute little trolls are harmless…smile!

  65. Good on you girl!!! Mean people must live a terrible life…imagine all that hatred and mean spirits…I’ve had my share of detractors – and guess what? you have the right idea…just get on with your life and enjoy!!! For no matter what, they don’t get to have fun and laughter..and that’s a shame. So go girl go

  66. Good on you for taking a negative (troll) and turning it into positive motivation for your life.
    And thanks for the flashback to childhood. I had a tiny troll doll as a child and I always thought it looked hilarious. Your pictures today gave me a giggle. :)

  67. It is a tricky world we live in…& yes it often starts in preschool.
    All the best to you & don’t let it get you down. See you soon!

  68. I have or rather had one of those in my life for 18 years it’s great to know that you no longer have a toxic friend and they can’t get at you if you choose to move on and get on with your life. personally l love your blog. i have just started sewing, i’m a stay at home mother of a 15 month old and l can relate to your blog which is great. i don’t feel isolated, i get inspired about sewing and just finished my first oversized play blanket/cot quilt for a mom from my mother’s group who’s due in a couple of weeks. I wouldn’t be so passionate about life if i let a stupid troll doll get me down. Corrie you just move on and celebrate the joys in your life. It’s a blessing really in the end that she’s gone from your life.

  69. Well said – Jelousy is the operative word here……..

  70. Hi Corrie, I almost can’t believe what I’m reading! I am so disappointed that there are people out there like this. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, because as you point out, it happens at all ages, in all parts of the world, to all people. Horrible, yucky troll doing that to you. I think you’re just totally fab and your blog is too!
    P.S. I kinda like your troll doll pics too… I used to collect those when I was little, haha! So cute :o)

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