The ‘I need more time’ sale

School, new baby, teething, housework, twins, tantrums, appointments, meetings, emails, blog, meals, nappies, laundry, driving, groceries, the gym, family, bills, church, volunteer jobs (can’t believe I volunteered at school too), husband, ironing, quilts for queensland………………that is pretty much my life right now and forget craft or trying to run a store. I just need more hours everyday and finding time to cut up orders and get them out in the post is just killing me right now. So it’s about time for a huge clearout of everything, EVERYTHING on the bolts right now to reduce my stock to the bare minimum and take a little break from my store.
empty bolts
I emptied these bolts in a night!
Don’t worry, I’m not closing up shop as I still have new fabrics on order but I’m just giving myself a breather to refocus on my blog, home, family and LIFE! And the best way I know to clear stock is to reduce it at or below cost and get it out of here in big bundles. So I’ve made up huge 1/2 metre bundles of fabric that are to die for. A mixture of old and new and sorted into girly japanese, linens, floral lovers, greens/blues and reds and I’m sure I’ll come up with some more combo’s. I’ll list them up in my store very late tomorrow night and will give you an ETA tomorrow. There are 3-5 bundles in each category which are identical to make it easier for me and all orders will be posted out at the end of the week…………….phew!


  1. Good for you Corrie. It’s amazing how quickly things pile up. Each thing is either “this is really something I’ve always wanted to do” or “I really should do this because…” or ” this is so small it won’t add that much to the schedule” and before you know it you’re drowning. Especially with kids.

  2. You mean I *HAVE* to buy some fabric to help you out? LOL

    I’m sure my husband will understand, I mean he understands that I want to help out the QLD flood victims, and now the Christchurch earthquake victims…. I’m sure he can’t argue with helping you out too 😉

  3. I’m sooooo helpful Corrie, i just relieved you of some sherbet pips! hope you are having a lovely sunday.


  4. I’m sure I can do my bit to help you out Corrie – you sound crazy busy, and you are very smart to FOCUS.

  5. I will absolutley help you out! Looking forward to making my 1st purchese from you to make my 3rd ever quilt! Life gets busy, and it’s lovely to see you putting yourself up high in your list of important people to care for. Way to go retromummy, much love to you xxx

  6. Good for you Corrie….I don’t know how you do it all but I think a little break is very timely :) Will look forward to your big sale as I have just finished today my Sherbet Pips cot quilt from your jelly roll! So a little purchasing might be in order!!

  7. Phew! You are one busy mama. Good for you for taking stock of things and takling jobs to make things a little easier on you and the family. Looking forward to viewing your fabric (I still need to see if I can squeeze in an order – I’m supposed to be using up my stash – not getting more!!!). Hope your weekend gives you some quality time with the fam – and that you get your ironing done before the week kicks off! :)

  8. I don’t know if I should look, I will be sooo tempted! It’s amazing the amount of things mamas can fit in their days. Oh, but it really is only a short amount of time in the scheme of things. My eldest is not far off 8 and it just seems like yesterday she was so little. My youngest is 2, not sure how he get there either! I think I blinked. My middle daughter turned 5 today, ahhh. Jacinta

  9. I just had a look and looks like I missed out :-( my wallet says thanks, my need for more fabric doesn’t.

  10. I can relate to this. When you have a little one, you just don’t get the chunks of time you often need to get stuff done. Hope everything sells!

  11. Hi Corrie ,
    Have you already listed fabric clearance as I have been keeping an eye out and haven’t seen any as yet or did I miss out.

  12. Wow! You sure do have a lot on your plate! Good on you for deciding to focus :-)
    I’m looking forward to the sale :-)

  13. Oh wait, looks like I may have already missed the sale? I kept stalking your site over the last couple of days, but didn’t see anything new pop up…. Maybe I was too slow! :-)

  14. Corrie you do such an amazing job. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the sale items to come up…. was even checking through the night I am that keen (and it helped that I have a growing baby sending me for loo stops! lol)
    Hope I haven’t missed the sale…

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